Friday, July 10, 2009

While I was gone

drewscards ***BREAKING NEWS*** I just ordered my 09 Allen & Ginter Box off Blowout! Can't Wait!!!

I got a blaster box of 2009 Topps Baseball Series 1. I got some cards I needed, including an A-Rod, Mariano, and Carl Pavano base card for the Yankees PC. I also pulled a bunch of rookie cards, including the David Price rookie card that I already owned. My numbered gold card was a Postseason Highlights Matt Stairs Card (#ed 478/2009):

I also pulled a Christy Matthewson Legends of the Game insert, a Garrett Atkins Turkey Red, and many Toppstowns including a gold Alex Gordon. I also got a lot of base, let me know if you need anything. I have a good amount, but I don't have everything. My one per box Commemorative Retired Legend patch card was this one:

LPR-46 Nolan Ryan Commemorative 1985 All Star Game Patch!

I sort of wish I got one of the thirteen Yankee patches, but this guy makes an exception. This is truly an awesome card that I bet pays for the box. For now, this card is not for trade or sale, but could be in the future. I never knew how cool these are in person!

Sports Card Info and I recently noticed this about Topps' 09 boxes:

Not for children under 6 yrs.

This doesn't make any sense what so ever. If anyone knows why the heck baseball cards are hazardous to kids, feel free to let me know. But this just doesn't make any sense!

Lastly, thanks to the person on Blowout Forums for the trade we made. I got my card the day before I left for my trip. Very nice, I hope you liked mine. I'm still waiting for the Mojo Hand's stuff, hopefully it comes soon. See Ya!

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