Monday, August 31, 2009


Hey guys, Drew back here. If any of you guys have some Goudey base card short prints (cards 201-230 in the set) from last year, please contact me at

Thanks, Drew

Mail and battle wounds!

Hey guys, Drew back here. Last night I went to a friend's airsoft gun party, my 3rd so far. I don't have a gun yet so I'm borrowing other kids guns and they all suck so I'm basically screwed. I got shot 3 times, one swiped me and barely hit me on the shirt, and the other 2 was an accident. I was behind a huge hay bail and he was slowly moving up. Me with my $5 pistol I borrowed occasionally put a shot up and then he came around the corner, shot me in the stomach and accidentally pulled the trigger again and shot me right smack on the cheek. I'm left with these 2 nasty huge welts and scrapes all over my legs. Tough blow

Anyway, I got some mail in today courtesy of Chris from Baseball Card Nirvana. He is a new blogger, so make him feel happy and subscribe to his blog! We recently made a trade, after he left a comment saying he had cards I needed for my Allen & Ginter set. I sent off a few Cubs cards to him and when I got my package I got these:

I didn't know he would do this, so apparently I owe him a package! That is a beautiful baseball card, one of my favorites, I'm pretty sure my mom's favorite too. Plus 4 cards I needed for the set, I couldn't ask for more! Thanks Chris, and See Ya!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Grandpa Roy Column Answers

Hey guys, Drew back here, with the results of the latest Grandpa Roy Question. Only 3 comments by you fans and all 3 were incorrect. So this question I guess isn't about the contest but is about just trivia in its sake. Here are the questions again:

Since it is the Little League Baseball time of the year, we figured you may be interested in a little league question. Who was the 1st Little Leaguer ever to play in the Major Leagues?

Answer: Joey Jay, Braves, Reds, Pitcher, 1953-1966

As well as being the 1st little leaguer to play in the major leagues, Joey was one of the 1st bonus baby players in the Major Leagues after receiving a $20,000 contract with the Braves.

Who was the 1st Little Leaguer to be enshrined into Cooperstown?

Answer: Carl Yastrzemski, Boston Red Sox, Class of 1989

Yas is one of 8 players in MLB history to have 3000 hits and at least 400 home runs.

So there you have it! No points go to anyone this round, so next question will be interesting. See Ya!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Fantasy Football Draft Results

Hey guys, Drew back here. Last night while hanging out with my friend my dad, him & I did our annual 3 team fantasy football league. Here are the teams and rosters, I got 1st pick and took Adrian Peterson, wish me luck on this year!

2009 DMD Fantasy Football League Draft Board

Giant Jets: Head Coach- Me
1st Pick: Adrian Peterson
2nd Pick: Chris Johnson
3rd Pick: Peyton Manning
4th Pick: Calvin Johnson
5th Pick: Randy Moss
6th Pick: Anquan Boldin
7th Pick: Matt Ryan
8th Pick: Steve Slaton
9th Pick: LaDainian Tomlinson
10th Pick: Antonio Gates
11th Pick: Donovan McNabb***
12th Pick: Dwayne Bowe
13th Pick: Jason Witten
14th Pick: Tony Romo
15th Pick: Stephen Gostkowski
16th Pick: Titans Defense/ST
17th Pick: Clinton Portis
18th Pick: Jets Defense/ST
19th Pick: Ryan Longwell
20th Pick: Thomas Jones

*** Traded to my dad's team for T.J. Houshmandzadeh immediately after the draft

Overall on my team: Planning for a great year, I think I'll do well this year, here are the other teams:

Green Machine: Head Coach- My Dad
1st Pick: Matt Forte
2nd Pick: Larry Fitzgerald
3rd Pick: Maurice Jones-Drew
4th Pick: Tom Brady
5th Pick: Reggie Wayne
6th Pick: Greg Jennings
7th Pick: Steven Jackson
8th Pick: Philip Rivers
9th Pick: Dallas Clark
10th Pick: Marques Colston
11th Pick: Aaron Rodgers
12th Pick: Marion Barber
13th Pick: Dustin Keller
14th Pick: Frank Gore
15th Pick: Steelers Defense/ST
16th Pick: T.J. Houshmandzadeh ***
17th Pick: Mason Crosby (uh, yuck, TAKE HIM!)
18th Pick: Wes Welker
19th Pick: Ravens Defense/ST
20th Pick: Ryan Grant

*** Traded to Giant Jets for Donovan McNabb

Blazers: Head Coach- Mike
1st Pick: Michael Turner
2nd Pick: Drew Brees
3rd Pick: Andre Johnson
4th Pick: DeAngelo Williams
5th Pick: Steve Smith
6th Pick: Kurt Warner
7th Pick: Tony Gonzalez
8th Pick: Terrell Owens
9th Pick: DeSean Jackson
10th Pick: Roddy White
11th Pick: Brian Westbrook
12th Pick: Jay Cutler
13th Pick: Brandon Jacobs
14th Pick: Giants Defense/ST
15th Pick: Jason Elam
16th Pick: Greg Olsen
17th Pick: Nate Kaeding
18th Pick: Roy Williams
19th Pick: Vikings, Defense/ST
20th Pick: Chad Ochocinco

It's always a great thing to round things out with Ochocinco!

Please let me know who drafted the BEST out of us 3, who you were surprised wasn't included, or any other feedback on the newest football season. J-E-T-S Jets Jets Jets! See Ya!

Mailday & Vintage Cards from Pop Popps Pt. 8

Hey guys, Drew back here, with some new additions to my collections and such. Sorry about the lac of posts, I've been busy & lazy, not a good mix as a blogger. Anyway, I am now expecting 2 more packages, after getting the 2nd of 4 trades I recently made. This one is from "pooncha" on the blowout card forum, who is a pretty experienced trader on the site. We made a 1 for 1 card deal, I traded my Jesse Crain Beam Team auto for this:

Sorry for the terrible picture, it looks similar to the one under it.

My best friend Mike slept over last night too and we made a jersey card trade, (he needs them so I hook him up with them in 2 for 1's, just to boost his collection) my 2008 Allen & Ginter Brad Hawpe jersey and a random Jeremy Burnitz Bat card for a 2008 UD Baseball Heroes relic of Rich Harden /200 and a few parallels. I know its not a fair trade but he needs those to boost up his collection.

Lastly, I got some cards from my Pop Popps about a half an hour ago, many vintage base, 62 to be exact, all from the 1970-1975 era, mostly 71 Topps and 73 Topps. Here are the Hall of Famers and other nice highlights:

So, please bare with me as I slowly work my way back to normal blogging. Thanks, and see ya!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Mail from Nachos Grande!

Hey guys, Drew back here. I sent out my 4 trade packages today! Pretty crazy huh, that is the reason I haven't posted too often in the past few days, around 1 a day. The 1st package that came to me was coming from the fanofreds, after we completed a 15 for 15 set filling deal. Here are those cards:

First a nice note...

Then a Red Sox cheater

Then the great future Hall of Famer, Jim Thome

A couple National Prides, one of a druggie

Base to knock off the wantlist: Jason Wong (338), Rick Porcello RC (316), David Price RC (225), Frank Evans (57), Nick Markakis (31), Florence Nightingale (33), Kristin Armstrong (23), Clyde Parris (18), Jorge Posada (4), Matt Cain (8), Jacoby Ellsbury (11)

Thanks for the trade and enjoy your cards! See ya!

For dayf

I needed to do this, but I'm in a rush so I didn't put his name in here:

Thursday, August 27, 2009

The newest contributor to the Custom Card Blog!

Hey guys I am now a contributor on the "Custom Card Blog", hosted by chemgod of Bad Wax! That doesn't mean I am not posting on this blog, because I am not going to be really consistent on the other one. Here are some links that have been pretty dead so far and need a bump:

2009 drewscards Awards
We need many more voters! Send me an email to to vote for your favorites!

The latest Grandpa Roy Question?
3 incorrect votes so far, get em right guys!

The BCHOF Card # 6
Only 1 vote for the next card? Please leave a comment stating the card you think belongs next in the Baseball Card Hall of Fame!

And a few blogs that need to be checked out! Brand new to the business!

Cardboard Heaven


Baseball Card Hot Spot

Thanks for reading, and please check their blogs out! See Ya

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

2009-10 drewscards Yearly Award Nominees!

Hey guys, Drew back here, and we are about to start off a brand new Award Show for the end of the year! I want to get as many voters as possible, so please shoot me an email at to vote. I'll explain more later.

*click to enlarge*

Here are this year's awards and nominees openings I'm hoping to fill by you the fans!

Nominee 1:
Nominee 2:
Nominee 3:
Nominee 4:
Nominee 5:
This award goes to the all around blogger MVB (most valuable bloggers). To put it in good perspective, who would be the blogger you would cry over after announcing retirement. Last year mine had to be Dave from Fielder's Choice. When I heard he left, I didn't necessarily cry but I was sad. Who's your choice?

Nominee 1:
Nominee 2:
Nominee 3:
Nominee 4:
Nominee 5:
The best new bloggers in town! (within the past year joined)

Nominee 2:
Nominee 3:
Nominee 4:
Nominee 5:

This award goes to the best new card product of the year. And no, its not a real product. It's custom! Whether it's Goose Joak Originals, or Capewood's Collections, or even Bad Wax Creations, it is any custom card set. Which is your favorite?

Nominee 1:
Nominee 2:
Nominee 3:
Nominee 4:
Nominee 5:
This award goes to the best player collector out there. It could be Rickey Henderson Collectibles, or Mike Pelfrey Collectables, or Mario from Wax Heaven's Andrew Miller collection, but its your choice. Who buys the biggest load of their players? Your choice

Nominee 1:
Nominee 2:
Nominee 3:
Nominee 4:
Nominee 5:
This award goes to the best set collector, the one who buys a ton of cards to build sets. Some sets like Topps & UD flagship, Heritage, and Allen & Ginter have that feel, who is that guy you see buying 10 cases of a high end product just to get all the base cards from the set? I'll even include the crazy Yankee Stadium Legacy collectors, anybody! Even some hobo you saw on the street yesterday buying packs of O-Pee-Chee!

Nominee 1:
Nominee 2:
Nominee 3:
Nominee 4:
Nominee 5:
This award goes to the person that gives the most news. No, Beckett isn't included, after all, they steal all the previews from Wax Heaven! It could be Mario as I mentioned, or maybe Sports Card Info? Maybe Chris from Stale Gum? Maybe Trader Cracks Card Blog or 30 Year Old Cardboard wins this one, again, your choice. I could be forgetting people here!

The Autograph Hound Award (not in a bad way)
Nominee 1:
Nominee 2:
Nominee 3:
This award goes to the person who compiles many autographs via through the mail or at spring training or minor league games. I think the My 2008 Topps Set Blog has a good shot, or omgautos, they both get a lot of that stuff. Your choice again though

2009 Mother Teresa Award
Nominee 1:
Nominee 2:
Nominee 3:
This is a special award given out every year, and it is based on the person who is the most giving. Whether its The Mojo Hand, again Mario, or any other blogs I'm forgetting. You're all generous for crying out loud!

2009 Adam Sandler Award
Nominee 1:
Nominee 2:
Nominee 3:
My favorite actor of all time needs to represent this award. Who is the funniest blogger around? I get a kick out of a lot of things, but dayf & night owl always crack me up! There are many others I love reading. You can say this is not just the funniest, but the most entertaining award!

And other questions that don't need explanation, here's the long list:

The Products
Baseball Product of the Year:
Baseball Low End Product of the Year:
Baseball High End Product of the Year:
Baseball Company of the Year:
Football Product of the Year:
Football Company of the Year:
Football Low End Product of the Year:
Football High End Product of the Year:

Through the Mail Current Baseball Signer of the Year:
Through the Mail Current Football Signer of the Year:
Through the Mail Retired Baseball Signer of the Year (non-HOF):
Throught the Mail Retired Football Signer of the Year (non-HOF)
Baseball Hall of Fame Signer of the Year:
Football Hall of Fame Signer of the Year:

Other Baseball or Football Card Awards:
Best Youtuber:
Best Trader:
Best Box Buying Store (Blowout, Dave & Adams, Local Shops):
Best Baseball Card Website:
Coolest Blog Design:

The Card Blogosphere's
Movie of the Year:
Actor of the Year:
Actress of the Year:
TV Show of the Year:
CD of the Year:
Song of the Year:
Solo Artist of the Year:
Band of the Year:
Video Game of the Year:

So there is the extremely long list of awards. So we can keep a suprise with the winners, please email me your list (just copy and paste this list) into an email and fill it out. You can definitely break it up into a few pieces but please vote. I'm not forcing you, but I think you'll have fun with this and I want to make this a great show! Again, my email is, so shoot me an email with your nominees. I don't mind if you comment, because only the winners are the big suprises. Also, the "The Products" question set on this post is not availible to answer yet until the releases expected to come out for 2009 have came out for each sport!!!!

I don't want to make this seem really early to prepare but I need as many bloggers as I can rattle up to help me out with voting for these awards. If you have any ideas for more awards (although there is a boatload already), please feel free to contact me! Thanks a lot and go out and vote!!!!!!

Grandpa Roy Column

Hey guys, Drew back here, with an all new question courtesy of Grandpa Roy, here it is:

Since it is the Little League Baseball time of the year, we figured you may be interested in a little league question. Who was the 1st Little Leaguer ever to play in the Major Leagues?


And we have another question too about the Little League World Series

Who was the 1st Little Leaguer to be enshrined into Cooperstown?


Please try to name them off the top of your head, trivia is a fun thing in which people are meant to share answers and create a conversation about it (in Grandpa Roy's words). If you cannot do that then it isn't going to be any fun for any of us. Please be aware of that, and anyway, thanks, and see ya!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I got Cereal!

Hey guys, Drew back here, after going to stores preparing for school all day, I went to a card shop and Modells, and I picked up a Topps Series 2 Lou Gehrig Cereal box at Mo's and a pack of 09 Allen & Ginter at the shop. First up is the Allen & Ginter pack:

Roy Oswalt (235) Need it
Jason Motte RC (157 I think) Need it
Chien Ming Wang (27) Have it, For trade
Carl Crawford (251) Have it, for trade
A.J. Burnett (312) Have it, for trade
David Price Baseball Sketch (AGHS21) Need it
Johnny Damon Regular Mini (136) I'd rather keep it but if you really need it for a set I'll trade it
Dice-K National Pride (NP51 or 52, sorry, don't have the numbers with me)

Here are some pics:

The cereal box was a bargain indeed. I followed the word of collectors and bought it using a gift card at Modells, a Gehrig just cuz. I'll just list the notables, if you need anything just let me know, I'm not sure if I'll have what you need or not, but I have a good selection, here's some pictures of my favorites:

My favorite base of the bunch. Just a cool shot of Sheff. I also pulled a Swisher & Cano for the Yankees collection.

Lovely, the future of Yankee shortstops


Double, for trade, just holla

You want it? You got it!

And the big hit I was expecting was a.........

Gold Lou Gehrig!!!!

That is a beauty in every sort of the word. This was a great deal, I got only 5 or 6 doubles, and I was overall very impressed. Go Topps! See Ya!

2 Maildays!

Hey guys Drew back here, today I got some mail in. Tonight I am posting the latest Grandpa Roy question but for now its time for you to enjoy my mail!

Here is everything I got:

The 1st package I got was courtesy of M. Ryan from "Ryan's Memorabilia Blog". I sent him a 2007 Bowman's Best Autograph of Erik Bedard, something that looks like this:

He sent me a 2009 Topps Allen & Ginter Mark Teixeira relic, and it is sweet! He also included 3 2009 Bowman cards, 1 of Xavier Nady, 1 of Robby Cano, and 1 gold insert of Mark Teixeira. Thanks dude!

The next package is coming from Brian, a brand new blogger from the blog "Play at the Plate". He hasn't posted yet, but here is a link to his blog. I sent him around 13 Rangers cards, all from 08 & 09 and a Michael Young 2008 UD relic, and he sent me a ton of 2009 Allen & Ginter and 2008 Goudey, knocked them off my wantlist. He also sent "bonus material" to me, some nice Yankees and Jets cards, including a Curtis Martin relic from Fleer Ultra a few years ago. Thanks a lot dude, too much! If anyone wants to see these cards just click the play button on the video and watch!

So thanks guys, I owe you one! See Ya!

If anyone wants to trade with me check out my wantlist right here. On the bottom of the page are tabs that you can switch around just to let you know there is more. Thanks!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Trip to Maine Card Shop Recap Video!!!

Hey guys, Drew back here with the cards I got from Maine. Overall I was impressed with the shop please check it out, here's some info:

223 Post Rd Rte 1, Moody, ME‎ - (207) 646-8234
Category: Baseball Sports Cards & Memorabilia

Here's the recap! After we went to Maine, we went to see some family and we are back! See Ya!

Another Contest Link

Here is to the Collective Troll's contest, go out and join it!

Watch this video if you like Great Autographs

By the way, I'm back!!! Recap is later, peace out!

Friday, August 21, 2009

For Ginters sake

Here is the link you want Card Cache,thanks for the contest! I'll explain how I did this when I get back!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Gone for the week!

Hey guys Drew back here, but I won't be back until Sunday. I'm going up to Maine, just when the weather gets nice over here, we're going up north to see family and the beach! So don't expect me back until late Sunday/Monday. Another great thing about the trip is that there is a card shop there, and that is the place I went to last year, and the guy there taught me and my dad about the hobby! I was a collector then with about 5,000 cards, but not nearly as heavy as what I am now. I can't wait to see if its still there, it didn't look like it got much business, but it is his house, and its very small, so it shouldn't be out of business. If it is, it will be sad. So, I'll see you guys later, and please please please vote for your card for the Baseball Card Hall of Fame in the post below this. It is NOT a poll, so just leave a comment. Maybe I can induct 1 or 2 cards by the time I get back! See you later, Drew

funny09.jpg image by commentsjunkie

no comment

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

BCHOF Card #6

Hey guys, Drew back here. You guys did a good job of putting this next card in fast, here it is:

1951 Bowman Willie Mays Rookie Card

One of the best baseball players of all time at his finest. Willie was an unbelievable player, hitting 660 home runs, and a 12 time gold glove winner. He made the all star team 20 times, won a World Series, 2 NL MVP's, and sits in our baseball hall of fame. You could own his finest piece for a couple grand.

So guys, let's vote for the next card, but no polls this time! Pick a card and leave a comment, that way we don't forget any. Thanks, and see ya!

Grandpa Roy Column Answers

Well guys, good job with that question! There were so many different guesses, but only a few guys got the answers. Here's the question again:

To be a successful pitcher, you need to have good control, because as Yogi says, "Good pitchin' stops good hittin', and vise versa". 4 pitchers in MLB history have recorded over 3000 strikeouts while issuing less than 1000 bases on balls, or walks. Oddly enough only 1 of the 4 is in the Baseball Hall of Fame. Who are they?

Ferguson Jenkins is the only Hall of Famer that ever accomplished this, making him the best control pitcher in the Hall of Fame. The other 3 that ever accomplished this are Pedro Martinez, Greg Maddux, and Curt Schilling, 3 future hall of famers. The trick of this question was the other 3 weren't in the Hall of Fame, but they will be. If Greg Maddux started 1 MORE GAME, unless he didn't walk anybody he be out of this question. He walked 999 guys in his career, and Fergie Jenkins walked 997 batters.

Here is the list of everyone's correct answers:
Hackenbush said...

Can I start with two? I promise they're off the top of my head. Fergie Jenkins and Greg Maddux.

FanOfReds said...

I think Pedro Martinez is one.

Don said...

I know off the top of my head that Fergie Jenkins is one of them. I will guess that Greg Maddox is another.

Hackenbush said...

Hey Drew,

Is the 4th one Curt Schilling?

mmosley said...

i'm going to make 2 guesses: Smoltz or Schilling.

Anothetr great question. Most strikeout pitchers rack up the walks as well.

dkwilson said...

My first guess was Greg Maddux and I was right. 3371 strikeouts and 999 walks.

So here is the point breakdown:

1st 4 Points:
Hackenbush: Jenkins, Maddux, Schilling (3 Total Points!)
Fanofreds: Martinez (1 Point)

Also credited .5 a point:
Don named 2 (1 Point)
mmosely named 1 (1/2 a point)
dkwilson named 1 (1/2 a point)

Thanks for playing, and see ya!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Nice little pack recap!

Hey guys, Drew back here, after taking a trip to a local mall today, I found some packs at a sports store and got a nice card! I'm giving you a little more time on yesterday's question, you gotta still get the last player!

So I found a binder full of some random inserts and such, most from one of my sets I need to complete, 2008 UD Goudey. I found 5 cards, and I didn't notice I already had one (the Tony Perez card, FT) but the other 4 I needed for the set (30- Youk, 32-Billy Williams, 145- Ashburn, 162- Cepeda). So they are crossed off now. If you want to see what I need from that set, check out this link.

I am a stupid kid at times. I have not had any luck with this next set all year, except earlier when I pulled a nice Victor Martinez patch (Red Sox-Jo!). Today I bought 2 packs of the aftermath of one of my favorite sets, A Piece of History, here's the recap:

Pack 2 (non hit pack, I bought it after I pulled the nice card, this isn't as sweet)
-Brandon Webb (the 1st card in the set)
-Carlos Zambrano (a fat dude that likes to knock over water coolers)
-Hanley Ramirez/Dan Uggla/Hermida Franchise Members 3 Blue #ed/999

-20th Anniversary Kentucky beats Syracuse (I have so many stinkin Kentucky Wildcats 20th anniversary cards!)
-Josh Geer RC (He looks 40 already)
-Historical Moment Elevator Invented (I wish I had an elevator in my house, I'd go up and down all day!)
-Luis Cruz RC (scrub)

The Good Pack
-Jake Peavy (Why is he in the American league?)
-Alex Rodriguez (NICE, I need it. You don't)
-Ian Kinsler (NICE, you need it. I don't)
-Historical Moments Discovery of New York (A pizza guy named Giovanni found it)
-Travis Snider RC (Slowly and steadily I end up with one of all his cards!)
-Historical Moments Pearl Harbor (Yawn, I feel like I'm in Social Studies)

And the big mojo hit of the day:

2009 UD Piece of History Michael Bowden 15/25 Rookie Auto!

Yeah more Red Sox-Jo! I could always use a card of the next Yankee killer! Seriously though this is a pretty nice pull, very low numbered, and it books from $25-30 bucks (I'm assuming). Thanks for reading, and vote on that poll! See Ya!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Grandpa Roy Column

Hey guys, Drew back here, with Grandpa Roy's next question:

To be a successful pitcher, you need to have good control, because as Yogi says, "Good pitchin' stops good hittin', and vise versa". 4 pitchers in MLB history have recorded over 3000 strikeouts while issuing less than 1000 bases on balls, or walks. Oddly enough only 1 of the 4 is in the Baseball Hall of Fame. Who are they?

1: Ferguson Jenkins, 3192 K, 997 BB
Pedro Martinez, 3122 K, 753 BB (as of 8-17-09)
Greg Maddux, 3371 K, 999 BB

Points so far are awarded to:
Hackenbush- 2
fan of reds- 1

One More!

Please try to name them off the top of your head, no reference charts please. If you know someone, please leave me a comment and I will get you on the scoreboard for a chance to win a cool prize at the end of the year. Good luck!

Grandpa Roy Column

Hey guys, Drew back here, with Grandpa Roy's next question:

To be a successful pitcher, you need to have good control, because as Yogi says, "Good pitchin' stops good hittin', and vise versa". 4 pitchers in MLB history have recorded over 3000 strikeouts while issuing less than 1000 bases on balls, or walks. Oddly enough only 1 of the 4 is in the Baseball Hall of Fame. Who are they?


Please try to name them off the top of your head, no reference charts please. If you know someone, please leave me a comment and I will get you on the scoreboard for a chance to win a cool prize at the end of the year. Good luck!

BCHOF Card #6 Poll

Here is the next matchup...

What will the BCHOF Card #6?
1955 Topps Sandy Koufax RC
1916 Sporting News Babe Ruth RC
1951 Bowman Willie Mays RC
2008 USA Bryce Harper Triple Relic Auto (just wanted to see)
1993 Topps Derek Jeter RC
1915 Cracker Jack Joe Jackson

Or Other (state in comments)

Who Will Win?

BCHOF Card #5

Hey guys, Drew back here, I posted the wantlist for Allen & Ginter under set wantlists under my PC's on the sidebar. Everyone should be able to be able to view it now, no more technical difficulties! Here is the next card in the series:
1954 Topps Hank Aaron Rookie Card

Well, it was during the time that he was known as Henry, or other racist names to most people. Today, he's the king of home runs. Say what you want about Jackie Robinson but I think this guy is the one that really ended the issue of being prejudice and opened the gates to all types of players! Hank hit 755 home runs in his career, and should still be known as the home run king, instead of Bonds. This is Hank's most legendary card and it sells for close to around $1000. I'd love to get my hands on it, but I'd have to get my hands on Bill Gates' wallet first!

So guys be sure to remember that there will be a different poll for the next card now. What will card #6? Will Shoeless Joe finally get the nod, or will Sandy Koufax prevail? What about the 1951 Bowman Willie Mays? It's your decision. See Ya!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

A day I'll never forget (Part 6)

Hey guys Drew back here, and this is the final part of our mini-series, What did I win???


So, my dad & I walked by a free raffle thing to win a Joba Chamberlain auto baseball which would be given away at 3:00. There were 3 raffles going on that day, it was 1:15 at the time, 15 minutes after the last raffle should have been chosen. But it wasn't and we didn't know it. We needed to see Dave Parker and Cecil Fielder still, so we headed over there. On our way there we heard on the announcements "Drew M. has won a box of 2009 Topps Heritage, please report to the front to get it!" My dad & I were psyched, but we were in line to see the guys and if we didn't get the box immedietely it would be given to someone else. Well, they gave it away, and we didn't hear about it, so after we met the players we went back for the prize, and the guy told us "We had to give it away earlier, but I'll give you a $50 gift card for any one vendor for today only. So I knew what to do: bust a box!

So we went back to the vender I bought packs from earlier, and I checked out the boxes. They had mostly just 2009 stuff but the packs spanned the last couple years. I decided to get a box of 2009 Topps Allen & Ginter! (no Gint-A-Cuffs this time) I got it for a total of $25, the best deal you can get on that stuff. There starting price was only $75 too, a better price than Blowout Cards! So when we got home, Joemama and I broke the box, here's the recap:

Base Cards: 119/300 (39%) 67 DOUBLES FROM LAST BOX!!!
Short Prints: 12/50 (24%)
Base Mini Cards: 9/300 (less than 3 %) No SP's
A&G Back Mini Cards: 8/300 (2.6 %)
Mini Black Borders: 3/300 (around 1%) Phil Coke RC, Clayton Kershaw, Hunter Pence
World's Biggest Hoaxes, Hoodwinks & Bamboozles: 2/20 (10%) Anna Anderson, Ferdinand Demara
National Heroes Mini: 2/40 (5%) George Washington, Haile Selassie I
Brian Kong Sketch Cards: 4/25 (16%) Yankees Final Game, K-Rod, Ichiro, David Wright
National Pride: 24/75 (32%) 1 Double from 2 Combined Boxes (NP41)
Crack the Code Cards: 2/100 (2%) Jake Peavy, Andrew Miller

Bob Crowley "Survivor" Champion Relic
Carlos Beltran Jersey
Nate McLouth Relic

Overall Opinions: Well this box was kind of a let down but I still can't complain for the price I got it for. The 3 hits were all decent, although I'm pretty sure the Crowley is a short printed relic. The Beltran & McLouth are definitely up for trade and the Crowley I will trade for a Yankee or something but other than that I will probably keep it, not because I care for Survivor at all but because it's different, and thats what this product is all about! No matter what this is always a fun break, good or bad, you'll still get some beautiful cards and some strange and interesting, even humorous cards! If you are looking to have 30 minutes of fun (if you're slow like me with box breaks) get this stuff. Right now, it's my product of the year. Although I didn't get a good box, I still have it graded the same way, A. This box break deserves a B, so that is what this box gets!

Well, I had a great time at this card show. I appreciate all the comments and feedback, and I can't wait to go back! Sometime tomorrow I'll have my Allen & Ginter wantlist posted, so I can dump away those 67 doubles! See Ya later!

A day I'll never forget (Part 5)

Hey guys, Drew back here with my favorite part all day! Here is the next chapter in my 6 chapter mini series!


Al Oliver. Bill Madlock. Dave Parker. Cecil Fielder. Steve Carlton. Dave Winfield. Orlando Cepeda. An all star lineup indeed, including 3 hall of famers. Also WWE superstar Rick Flair and TV Reality Show "Hells Kitchen" contestant Chef Robert Hesse were there signing, but I didn't bother with them. The hall of famers were more expensive, $100 for Winfield, $45 for Carlton (which I wish I did), and $30 for Cepeda (I wish I did this one too). Instead I bought my tickets for Fielder, Oliver (freebie), Madlock (freebie), and Dave Parker! So no Hall of Famers for me, wait hold up on that!

My dad & I were walking around looking for the next vender to hit when all of a sudden I spotted out a HUGE guy in the crowd, sticking up at least a foot above everyone one. Even from the back side, I recognized who it was! Dave Winfield! So he was going to Nathans to get a hot dog, and I hate to say it but we stalked him there. Although we weren't ordering food, we walked behind him in line, and my dad called out "Mr. Winfield! I'd like you to meet my son!" He turned around saw me, and we shook hands, my favorite moment of the day. I asked to get at least a picture taken with him, but he told me "Hang on, I gotta get me somethin to eat!" I'm still hanging on apparently. Heres a picture of him getting mustard on his hot dog. This picture will be a moment in my life I'll never forget!

We left him alone after that, so we didn't bother him while he ate. So, we left Mr. Winfield in the Nathans room and we went to meet Al Oliver next! So after a pretty long line, talking to a guy that was dropping f bombs every second right in front of my face! But eventually we got to see Mr. Oliver, and he was an awesome guy. Here is a quick slideshow of me & him:

Next up was Bill Madlock, and eventually we got to get to meet him and get his autograph! He was a cool guy, and he signed both of our cards. This was truly a Pirates week, and I met another one later that day! Here's a slideshow of me & Mad Dog: (not my bat)

Well the next guy I saw was a little later, after picking up some singles, was Dave Parker. I only got 1 picture with him, so here is me & Mr. Parker, along with the picture of the cards I got signed!

He was a nice guy too! Although I only had 1 ticket for him, he still signed both cards! Man, if he didn't use drugs heavily, we could've had another 500 homer run hitter and a new Hall of Fame member!

Lastly, was my favorite guy of the day, Cecil Fielder. Mr. Fielder was kind enough to sign 2 cards and an 8 x 10 with 2 tickets (1 ticket was given to me after he found it on the ground and he didn't feel like waiting in line)! So I now have 4 8 x 10's of Yankees (Bruney, Roy White, Chris Chambliss, Cecil, all 4 have certificates)! Here are the pictures with Cecil!

So obviously my favorite part of the day. Thanks for looking and see ya!