Thursday, August 13, 2009

BCHOF Card #4

Hey guys, the poll is now done because we got 3 votes on a card to put in the Hall of Fame, and here it is:
1933 Goudey George Herman (Babe) Ruth

So some babe is in our hall of fame now, great! No, this is a legendary card of the Babe, more famous than his secret rookie card and other goudeys. This is the Babe Ruth crown jewels, and is a card I will forever want in my collection. The Babe hit 714 home runs in his career, only to be beaten by Hank Aaron*

So guys, let's get an idea of Card #5 in the Hall of Fame! See Ya!

*Hmmm, why did I use an asterisk? Hank Aaron is the king


  1. 1955 Topps Ted Williams--not one of his more famous ones (41 playball and 54 bowman are more famous), but just a cool looking card.

  2. Maybe I'll include it next, you voted for the Aaron though right or was that someone else?


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