Wednesday, August 5, 2009

My 1st Custom Card!

Using the free GIMP program Bad Wax set us up with this morning, I made this pretty nice custom card. I would want this, would you?

1964 Topps Jorge Posada Custom Card

The Original was a card of Elston Howard, so I didn't need to change the team name or position!

Thanks chemgod for telling me about this, and guys, lmk what you think about this.


  1. Welcome to the custom card world! Nice job for your first one!

    Remember when using existing card designs, to pay attention to the little details. I have definitely learned the hard way on my custom cards.

  2. Most '64 cards had the head coming out of the top of the frame slightly, but with the picture you used of Posada, I think you made the right choice to shy away from that.

    Great photo choice and the font is excellent.


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