Thursday, December 31, 2009

The 2009 Blogger of the Year Award Goes to...


Congratulations Night Owl, you are the 2009 Blogger of the Year, according to the voters and myself! Post after post, even if it's a mailday, you make everything so interesting! This is the site that actually makes Dodgers cards look interesting (along with the other Dodgers fans)! Wow! You win a little trophy courtesy of me and Beardy to put on the sidebar of your blog, and show it off with as much pride as possible! Great blog and keep up the great work!

Well, that is just about it.... oh wait whats this??? Another award?

And your winner for best blog of the decade goes to..............

Wax Heaven

When I woke up in the morning, first I think, open my eyes, then stretch, but then it's either walk the dog or read Wax Heaven, the best of them all. All the constant news updates around the blogosphere and wonderful stories shared made this the most popular sports card blog of the 2000's! And now looking back on this last decade card wise, you think about Mario and his fantastic blog. Unfortunately, Mario has kind of moved on from this whole thing but hopefully he reads this. Congrats Mario for everything, Beardy will soon be designing an award for you. Mario left on a somewhat awkward note due to all of us not realizing what happened, so here's to you Mario and your once awesome blog!

Thank you all for being the best people around, I can always count on you guys! Once again thanks for the award, unfortunately I feel uncomfortable accepting it. More about that in the morning, in 2010! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!

The 2009 Rookie Blog of the Year Award goes to...


Couldn't find a picture, but anyway,

Congratulations! How about that for a birthday present! You have won a trophy courtesy of me and Beardy, and you are the 2009 Rookie Blogger of the Year! Although your posts are semi (really) long, they are very interesting, and everyone loves them! Thanks so much for helping out and so much for being a great guy!
Thanks again Beardy for making these

Only a half hour till the year is over! Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! Only 1 Award stands, the blog of the year! Also stay tuned to see what the special bonus award is and who will receive it!!! Drew

The 2009 Trader of the Year Award Goes to....

My Past Time... I Love It!!
aka Wicked Ortega

Congratulations man, you have won a trophy to put on your blog courtesy of drewscards/Beardy! You have become known to impress the readers you trade with, and they like you enough to bring you all the way as champion of the trade! Also thanks for helping out, it was a long struggle but I guess it turned out ok. If you haven't traded with him yet (like me, which should change) TRADE WITH HIM!!!
Thanks to Beardy for putting these together, for the winner only

Only 2 more awards and the very special final award to go, also, in 40 minutes it is the end of the decade!!!! 2010!!! Happy (almost) New Year!!!! Drew

The 2009 Biggest Box Breaker Award Goes to....


I Am Joe Collector

Congratulations, you have just won a trophy to put on your blog courtesy of drewscards! You are the well know box breaker in the community, and the bloggers sure do love your group breaks! This goes to show a lot of appreciation from your readers, so thank them as well! Congrats!
Courtesy of Beardy, only for the winner

So, only a few more left! I spent a good month working on this thing and wow, we're almost done! Congrats to all the winners so far, sorry if you didn't win, but step your game more to try to win next year! Drew

The Coolest Blog Design Award goes to....


No, I did not rig this thing. Condition:Poor should have won in my opinion, I would give it to him but voting went in my favor, sorry dude. You wanna check out the design? Look around, there ya go, it's right here. Thanks everyone who voted for me even though I shouldn't have won, it's pretty cool to be recognized of having a cool blog design. My speech is over, now it isn't an award show without ol' Terry at our side. TAKE IT AWAY TERRY!!!!

There! Life is good, well, after Terry shuts up and finishes singing. This is my prize, thanks Beardy for making it! It'll be on my sidebar, trust me!

We still have much more to come! Check back at around 11:00 to see the winners for Trader of the Year & Box Breaker of the Year, and at around 11:30 Rookie Blogger of the Year, then at 12:00 for Blog of the Year and a very special award that nobody knows about. Stay tuned, have a happy new year!

The Most Creative Blogger of the Year award goes to.....


Congrats, you have won the trophy below to put on the sidebar of your blog! You have earned the respect of your peers by putting in the time and effort needed while using humor and promoting a great amount of interest in every single post you have. Congratulations you guys, you are the Most Creative Bloggers of the Year! Drew
Trophies are courtesy of Beardy, thanks to him, and may only be used by the winner of this award. Thanks, Drew

2009 Card Product Awards!!!!

Hey guys, so far, so good, here are your winners for the best products and cards of the year:

Card Company of the Year: Topps

Baseball Product of the Year: Topps Allen & Ginter

Football Product of the Year: Topps Mayo

Baseball Insert Set of the Year: Topps Propaganda Posters

Football Insert Set of the Year: SPX Shadow Box

Baseball Autographed Insert of the Year:

Allen & Ginter Framed Autos

Football Autographed Insert of the Year:

UD Philadelphia On Card Autos

Yeah, that was mine

Well, voting is officially over and I'm kinda glad, that was pretty brutal. The winners for the blog awards will posted at least starting at like 10:00, blog of the year will be announced at midnight! Alright, later! Happy New Year!

Early Bird Awards

Hey guys, the 1st group of awards have nothing to do with the ones you should be voting for, but, check them out anyway. Please vote if you haven't already, follow the steps as shown in the post below this one.

Athlete of the Year: Usain Bolt

Sports Moment of the Year: Usain Bolt breaks 100m World Record

Coach of the Year: Joe Girardi/Ron Gardenhire TIE

There ya go! Products are coming up next! VOTE!!!

Awards Announced Live Tonight Starting @ 8:00!!!

Hey guys, Drew back here, the awards will be announced starting at 8:00 tonight on the blog. We haven't gotten any voters, and while talking to Beardy he says polls would be the best thing to do. Unfortunately there is barely any time left for this so we can not do polls. The voting period is not over yet, so I'll run a how to on voting one more time and hopefully everyone reading this gets their votes in. I may have been a little confusing but I've been so busy and this thing has been a lot of work, and I'm not sure if I'm going to do this next year. Anyway, here is a how to on voting:


Step 1: Go into your email and make a message out to my email ""

Step 2: Cast your vote by picking a winner in each of the following categories.

Blog of the Year:
- Wax Heaven
- Night Owl Cards
- Cardboard Junkie
- Stale Gum
- Beardy's Baseball Blog

Rookie Blog of the Year:
- Beardy's Baseball Blog
- The Mojo Hand
- The Priceless Pursuit
- Ryan's Memorabilia Blog
- The Collective Troll

Blog Trader of the Year:
- My Past Time... I Love It
- Ryan's Memorabilia Blog
- Beardy's Baseball Blog
- Play at the Plate
- Nachos Grande
- The Mojo Hand

Biggest Blog Box Breaker:
- I Am Joe Collector
- Stale Gum
- Wax Heaven
- Sports Cards Uncensored
- The Mojo Hand

Most Creative Blogger:
- Night Owl Cards
- Cardboard Junkie
- Dinged Corners
- Beardy's Baseball Blog
- The Collective Troll

Coolest Blog Design:
- drewscards
- Hey That's Mine
- Night Owl Cards
- Wax Heaven
- Condition:Poor

So, you should be emailing me your 6 votes, 1 for each of the 6 categories. The reason why I decided not to do polls were if let's say I didn't get a single vote for an award I would probably be upset. It's certainly not the end of the world, but it would kinda stink. So, please if you have not done this yet please vote, before 8:00 you partiers! I actually have my uncle and aunt and cousins coming for a few days, so I'm not sure if I'll have time to post the awards one at a time, so maybe at midnight I'll announce them all. We'll see. Happy New Year to all! See Ya!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Breaking News

Got almost no votes for them so the YouTube awards are cancelled, we're only doing blogs, athletes & sports, and products. More on that tomorrow, later.

More Votes! More Votes! More Votes!

You heard me another 15 votes would be beautiful. The awards are tomorrow night and the winners will all be announced. After that I have a ton to catch up on, like:

- My Awesome Box of Donruss Threads
- My Box of Topps Chrome Baseball
- My Box of 09 Piece of History
- Vintage Cards from Pop Popps
- Trifecta Stuff
- Packs from Christmas & Yanks cards from Dad
- Packs from the Card Shop Yesterday
- The guy who raided all the packs at Target
- The Blind Side Review
- Preparing for the January 16th White Plains card show!

Yeah, that's right, I would stay tuned! See Ya!

The nominees are here

Please email me your votes to


Monday, December 28, 2009

Wow... that was brutal

Hey guys, Drew back here, kinda really disappointed on the recent number of votes for the awards. 10 votes???? Seriously??? I've been working my tail off and I understand it's the holiday but I thought you check my blog 20 times a day, :). I just wish that you guys can vote out of your minds crazy in the remaining 4 short days until the awards. I need more people to send me their nominations for:

Blog of the Year
Rookie Blog of the Year
Blog Trader of the Year
Blog Box Breaker of the Year
Most Creative Blogger
Coolest Blog Design

The nominees for those awards can be found here, and my email is IF YOU ARE READING THIS AND HAVEN'T VOTED YET, YOU ARE VOTING NOW!!!! Please! And for the polls.



Saturday, December 26, 2009

Insert of the Year Award Nominee Pictures

Vote on the poll to the right based on these pictures->->->->->->->->->->->->

Baseball Insert of the Year
Topps Propaganda Posters
Topps Turkey Red
Allen & Ginter Hoaxes, Hoodwinks, & Bamboozles Minis
Topps Legends of the Game
Allen & Ginter Creatures of Legend, Myth, & Terror Minis

Please cast your vote now for that award!

Football Insert of the Year Award
SPX Shadow Box

Playoff Absolute Memorabilia RPM Logo Shields
Topps Mayo Relics

Donruss Limited Material Monikers
Topps National Chicle

Please cast your vote for that award!


Hey guys, Drew back here. I hope you all enjoyed the holiday, it was so great for me. I got 3 boxes, 08 Donruss Threads, 09 UD Piece of History, and 09 Topps Chrome. I opened the Threads as you may have heard yesterday, and I got one heck of a sweet hit. I also opened the Piece of History, and other than one card that is definitely pretty awesome for my collection (doesn't book much though), it wasn't the greatest by any means. I am going to open the Chrome with my dad today, not expecting much hit wise but you never know. So just wanted to let you all know that, I also got 100 bucks from my grandparents, so now I am definitely going to that January show. And my Pop Popps gave me a sweet stack of 70's cards, including some of the best players that ever lived, cool stuff. Grandpa Roy is coming over today, so we're hoping to think up and write down some questions. We are planning on a weak next 2-3 months for the Grandpa Roy Column, until Spring Training starts.

So, for the awards, the last polls didn't go so well but I'll count them anyway, staying on track, the next 2 polls are going up today, so vote on them! They are the insert awards, what inserts did you enjoy the most?

Please vote for the awards if you haven't already, email me your picks for these awards to

Blog of the Year
Rookie Blogger of the Year
Blog Trader of the Year
Blog Box Breaker of the Year
Most Creative Blogger
Coolest Blog Design

and if you know YouTube, the same awards for blogs go for them. The nominees are here.


Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas to all!

Hey everyone, just wanted to wish you all a great holiday, although I'm assuming most of you are with family now so you won't be able to read it yet. I got my 1st airsoft gun with some video games, a PSP, some DVDs, some Yankees stuff, a box of 08 Donruss Threads, mixed Yanks from dad, and some packs, and MUCH MORE!!!! We opened the box of 08 Donruss Threads already and let me tell you it was awesome. But that's all I'm tellin ya, so stay tuned to see what my amazing Christmas present was! Plus some pictures of other things! After the awards, I'm going to catch up and start showing off mail, plus all these great gifts from the family!

But, if you are on the site now, VOTE FOR THE AWARDS TO THE RIGHT OF THIS POST!!!!!


Alright, so I'll see you all later and have a great holiday!


Thursday, December 24, 2009

Quick Awards Update

Hey guys Drew back here. Combined with the panel we got over 40 votes for each so that's good. 2 new polls are up, even if you sent me your nominees please vote on the polls. Baseball Product of the Year and Football Product of the Year. Panel members please do not vote on the poll as that will effect the results of the category. Email me your votes if you haven't already, got a ok amount so far but could use more.

Nominees can be found here

My email is


Wednesday, December 23, 2009


4 Hours left, everyone must VOTE!!!! I want at least 40 votes!!!!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Small Award Update

Hey guys, Drew back here, just a quick announcement on the polls. First off, we've gotten around 10 votes so far, including most of the panel, so not many others. Take the time out and please vote!!! About the polls, there will be 2 different polls that will run for 2 days until the 31st, so we are going to have polls for these. Anyone in the panel, please don't vote for the poll, since you are emailing me them. So, everyone not in the judges panel, you will vote for these in a poll:

Athlete of the Year/ Coach of the Year- December 21st-23rd
Baseball Product of the Year/ Football Product of the Year- 23rd-25th
Baseball Insert of the Year/ Football Insert of the Year- 25th-27th
Baseball Autographed Set of the Year/Football Autographed Insert Set of the Year 27th-29th
Sports Moment of the Year- 29th-31st

If you sent me your votes already, vote for the polls because I'm not counting your votes through email for those awards, although I am counting your YouTube/Blog voting, just do the poll.

And, for the people that haven't sent me an email yet, please pick winners for as many of these as you can:

Blog of the Year
Rookie Blog of the Year
Blog Trader of the Year
Blog Box Breaker of the Year
Most Creative Blogger
Coolest Blog Design

YouTuber of the Year
Rookie YouTuber of the Year
YouTube Trader of the Year
YouTube Box Breaker of the Year
Most Creative YouTuber
Coolest YouTube Channel

Nominees can be found here

Please email your votes to, and do the polls on the sidebar! See Ya!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

2009 Card Awards Nominees!!!

Hey guys, Drew back here, tonight we are announcing the final nominees for the 2009 Card Awards, and they came out pretty darn good. We'll be seeing a lot of big names on this list and I hope you like it. There will be 2 polls going up tonight and we'll see how to go from there. The awards that involve YouTubers or blogs will ONLY be voted for via email, so please send me an email to, and pick 1 winner for all the blog and YouTube awards.

If you are a YouTuber and don't have experience with blogs, only vote for Youtube

If you are a blogger and don't have experience with YouTube, only vote for blogs

If you do both, vote for all of them!




Well, I hope you didn't just skip this important information to see if your name is on the list, so if you see this and you are caught skipping, please read the information above!!!

Here are the nominees:

2009 Card Awards


Athlete of the Year:

- Usain Bolt
- Albert Pujols

- Kobe Bryant

- LeBron James

- Adrian Peterson

- Joe Mauer

Coach of the Year:

- Joe Girardi

- Sean Payton

- Phil Jackson

- Ron Gardenhire

- Mike Tomlin

Sports Moment of the Year:

- Nick Adenhart’s Tribute

- Mark Buehrle’s Perfect Game

- Hideki Matsui’s Game 6 World Series Performance

- Usain Bolt sets new 100m World Record

- Steelers Win Super Bowl after James Harrison’s 100 Yard Field Goal Block Returned TD

Baseball Product of the Year:

- Topps Allen & Ginter

- Topps Flagship

- Topps Chrome

- Topps 206

- Topps Heritage

- Upper Deck Goodwin Champions

Baseball Insert Set of the Year:

- Topps Propaganda Posters

- Topps Turkey Red

- Allen & Ginter Hoaxes, Hoodwinks, & Bamboozles

- Topps Legends of the Game

- Allen & Ginter Creatures of Legend, Myth, & Terror

Baseball Autographed Insert of the Year:

- Allen & Ginter Framed Autos

- Topps Chrome On Card Autos

- Goodwin Champions On Card Autos

- SP Legendary Cuts Cut Autos

- SP Authentic Manufactured Patch Autos

Football Product of the Year:

- Topps Mayo

- Topps Chrome

- Upper Deck Philadelphia

- Playoff Absolute Memorabilia

- Donruss Certified

Football Insert of the Year:

- SPX Shadow Box

- Absolute Memorabilia RPM Logo Shields

- Topps Mayo Relic Cards

- Topps National Chicle

- Donruss Limited Monikers Relics

Football Autographed Insert of the Year:

- Donruss Limited Slideshow Autographs

- Donruss Gridiron Gear NFL Teams Autos

- Philadelphia on Card Autos

- Topps Magic Autographs

- SP Signatures America’s Team Signatures

Blog of the Year:

- Wax Heaven

- Night Owl Cards

- Cardboard Junkie

- Stale Gum

- Beardy’s Baseball Blog

Rookie Blog of the Year:

- Beardy’s Baseball Blog

- The Mojo Hand

- The Priceless Pursuit

- Ryan’s Memorabilia Blog

- The Collective Troll

Blog Trader of the Year:

- My Past Time… I Love It

- Ryan’s Memorabilia Blog

- Beardy’s Baseball Blog

- Play at the Plate

- Nachos Grande

- The Mojo Hand

Biggest Blog Box Breaker:

- I Am Joe Collector

- Stale Gum

- Wax Heaven

- Sports Cards Uncensored

- The Mojo Hand

Most Creative Blogger:

- Night Owl Cards

- Cardboard Junkie

- Dinged Corners

- Beardy’s Baseball Blog

- The Collective Troll

Coolest Blog Design:

- drewscards

- Hey That’s Mine

- Night Owl Cards

- Wax Heaven

- Condition: Poor

Youtuber of the Year:

- chri5784

- Thundering 24

- TheTruth17

- TomtheRipper407

- Stale Gum

Rookie Youtuber of the Year:

- BobGibsonFan

- boxgrader

- GSN Cards

- TheTruth17

- TomtheRipper407

YouTube Trader of the Year:

- PDazzle1010

- 3rdMillSportsCards

- Thundering24

- BobGibsonFan

- AdamJAiello

YouTube Biggest Box Breaker:

- chri5784

- armyatc22

- Stale Gum

- TheTruth17

- arplatinum

- Thundering24

Most Creative Youtuber:

- devs30

- TomtheRipper407

- kingofsteak

- Stale Gum

- Thundering24

Coolest YouTube Channel Design:

- armyatc22

- squeepa21

- Thundering24

- BobGibsonFan

- chri5784

VOTE VOTE VOTE!!!! Polls will be up for the awards featuring athletes, and the ones featuring products!!! See Ya!!!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Yesterday's (and the day before) Mail

Hey guys, Drew back here, next time you hear from me hopefully I will be trapped in snow and posting the final nominees for the blog awards, something I'm working on now. So, I got some mail in the past few days, and why not share with you, like always? I'm also buying a junkload of cards from check out my cards for trades and for my friend, and for me. You'll see soon.

Both of these maildays were courtesy of the Sports Card Forum, they were my 4th & 5th trades on the site, still waiting on 2 more from SCF and one from Blowout Card Forum. The 1st one had some mixed Yankees, including a very shiny one, and a game used for the PC that is non Yankee related. Here they are:

Some Mixed Cano/Yankees:
Needed a couple of these and boy will I miss Matsui, that mini is nice. A couple Mattingly's I didn't have and some nice Bowman's Best Cano's!

2009 Finest Mark Teixeira Blue Refractor /399
I have a few base cards from this set, and let me tell you this may be my favorite base card design of the year, add a refractor touch and a shining blue border and you have one heck of a card. I didn't have any parallels yet so I joined in the parade and I'm happy I did!

2007 Sweet Spot Classic Al Oliver Game Used
It was one of those days where all you do is go around sites looking for stuff to put in your collection, and I saw this and wanted it right away. I met Al Oliver if you remember, back in August, and now I just need the rookie card to get the trifecta for him! Sweet!

And trade 2....

2009 Topps 206 Robinson Cano Piedmont Jersey Relic
Well, I want to get all 3 types of this card as soon as I can, I have 2 now, the Polar Bear & now this. The card is spectacular, and although I am yet to get anything else I must say this is a great set. I'm up to 14 special Cano cards in my PC, not bad, although two of them are just numbered inserts from Baseball Heroes. A 1/1, 6 swatch, jerseys, YSL jerseys, Triple Threads, and more. Go Cano!

2009 Topps Career Best Cano Dual Bat
I've seen this card a million times and I thought I should although it looked really ugly. Boy was I wrong. This card is awesome! Love it!

Thanks to the two of you that made this happen, kyleb & markinca! See ya!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Busy Plans

Hey guys, Drew back here. I kinda wanted to post yesterday and today's mail but really don't feel like it. Instead I'm gonna work on my new and improved Zistle account, I'm putting my entire Yankees PC on there! I'm going to try to get the blog sidebar an update and hopefully I'll have time to post that mail! If I get anything tomorrow I will definitely post, got some cool stuff to show you.

Other than that I have a busy weekend. I gotta work on a science project, do some community service for my conformation next year by sweeping floors at my rec center after the town basketball games, and other stuff I know will be planned for me in between. I went out to eat just now at a new sports bar in my town and it was pretty nice, they had that New York Sack Exchange picture I used for the last Grandpa Roy trivia post signed by all four, and they had a partially signed team photo of the 1971 Alexandria High School Titans. Kinda interesting, because I just got finished watching "Remember the Titans" in my Social Studies Film Class that I'm in, so it was cool to see. Any of you know any living members from that team? I want to try to get some stuff signed through the mail by maybe the coach if he's still around, Herman Boone. Leave me a comment if you know anything about it.

The Yanks signed Nick Johnson today, which hopefully doesn't end the Johnny Damon era. Johnson has the 2nd best on base percentage since 2006 in the MLB (to Pujols), so that's always good, but don't we already have Nick Swisher? And Curtis Granderson? And Melky Cabrera? And Brett Gardner? And weren't we trying to get Damon back? Guess what? The Yanks can care less! I'm kinda wondering why they are doing this, this basically means either they are getting rid of Swisher :(, or they are getting rid of Damon. Tough call. Damon hit 25 homers last year!

Wow, already a studio photo of Johnson in a Yanks uniform? Nah, that picture was from years ago! At least I have his rookie card for the PC!

Anyway, I'll get you back to your normal, without Drew kind of lives :). I'll try to get around to posting over the weekend, but for now, see ya!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

TTM #5- The New Highlight of my Collection!!!

Hey guys, Drew back here, I have been psyched to own this piece in my collection and I couldn't wait to show you all. I took a chance at getting charged 30 bucks for this through the mail, but after a nice letter explaining (and highlighting) that I'm only 13 and my grades are great, I got this back for free, signed by one of the greatest living baseball players right now. Here it is!

First a little pamphlet that he included...

Those are the 8 good reasons, click on the picture to read them (you also need good eyes)

Well, here is the big thing....







I am shocked to have this signed. It is going in a frame in my room, but I don't know if I should get it authenticated first. Any way to get it authenticated without sending it in the mail? I don't really want to risk it, but I want something to ensure it's real so I can brag about it even more. I might be going to the White Plains show next month and at the August show I think there were authenticators, but I wasn't sure. Let me know what you think, through the mails are only going downhill for me from here, which kinda sucks, well, I still have another 8 x 10 of a Yankee legend heading in the mail. I'll let you know how that goes. If you want Yogi's address please email me ( or go to this site: Thanks Yogi, and see ya!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Mail from Tristar... er... Topps, and an eBay purchase... again

Hey guys, Drew back here, I got a few things in yesterday. Tomorrow I will have a very special post, a few people I have told this to already. First though, I have to post the 2 other things I got yesterday, and a quick update on the contest. The winner, Spastik Moose gets to choose any card for about 10 dollars off and I will buy it and send it to him. The other 4 will get a random game used/autograph plus some cards of their favorite teams. I gotta pick the prizes tonight before I do the random, but the random will be shown on here as soon as I can get around to it. Now, on with the mail.

The 1st thing I got yesterday was from Topps.... wait... what??? Tristar?

This isn't the first time I've gotten a Topps redemption, in fact I got one of these last year too.

This one is a Red Hot Rookie Redemption of Mat Latos, a Padres Rookie, who I've never heard of, but hopefully he's good. In the minors it says on the back of the card that he was 15-6 last year. Not bad! Last year was Chris Dickerson, this year Mat Latos!

I also got some nice eBay mail yesterday, a sweet Cano I needed, here it is:

Yeah, it doesn't look like anything special, but it is one of the short prints in the relic set, along with the Swisher, and only one of those has been on eBay so far. I got it for 15 bucks, but I could've gotten it for better prices in the past, but have been busy whenever they would end. I knew I had to get it soon before the prices go even higher.

Can't wait to show you guys my mystery mail! See ya!

Mail from Saints of the Cheap Seats!

Hey guys, Drew back here, I got a package from Dan, Saints of the Cheap Seats. He decided to send me some stuff, after I made the decision that I needed to trade with my 1st subscriber in this blog history! So, he sent me some mixed stuff from the 70's to now. I love me some 70's cards, I'm pretty sure all we do is reflect on the previous in today's industry, ahem, Allen & Ginter, Goudey, 206, Heritage, it goes on and on. Or we go futuristic, in Upper Deck's case the future is supposed to be filled with x's. Blah. I'm talking Topps Finest or Topps Chrome like future, boy I'd love that. I'm gonna stop babbling now. Here's the video, watch it, NOW!!!!!:

Please check out this dude's blog! See Ya!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Grandpa Roy Contest Stuff!!!

Hey guys, Drew back here, I wanted to post again today to share the prizes for the Grandpa Roy prizes, unfortunately, we are finished for the year, unless in packages in late December I receive new Cano or Swisher cards I needed. So, I'm going to give the title to....

This dude definitely has a right to win this thing. Not only did he get a bunch of questions right, but he also gave me a few cards, and bought me a few cards, for my collection! He is a great guy, please go out and get subscribed to this guy! Congrats!

The rest of my Top 5 is as follows...

Second Place: Hackenbush
Third Place: The Collective Troll
Fourth Place: Mr. Scott (Contributor on Wax Heaven)
Fifth Place: Captain Canuck

Now, a question for the winners, other than Spastik Moose, who will get to possibly choose a prize, more on that sometime else.

Hackenbush, Troll, Mr. Scott, Canuck, do you want to random it (on with some prizes I will soon announce, the prizes will not be PC related most likely so would you want to take a chance, or take the prize in order???

Please let me know, they will be relatively nice, all valued from 5 to 15 dollars, I know nothing special but I am tight on money.

Thanks to all who participated in this contest, still thinking about doing it next year. Let me know, later! Drew