Thursday, December 31, 2009

The 2009 Trader of the Year Award Goes to....

My Past Time... I Love It!!
aka Wicked Ortega

Congratulations man, you have won a trophy to put on your blog courtesy of drewscards/Beardy! You have become known to impress the readers you trade with, and they like you enough to bring you all the way as champion of the trade! Also thanks for helping out, it was a long struggle but I guess it turned out ok. If you haven't traded with him yet (like me, which should change) TRADE WITH HIM!!!
Thanks to Beardy for putting these together, for the winner only

Only 2 more awards and the very special final award to go, also, in 40 minutes it is the end of the decade!!!! 2010!!! Happy (almost) New Year!!!! Drew


  1. Thanks to all my peers that saw fit to vote for me. I will keep on trying to make great trades without even thinking about "book valve".... Thanks again And a big shout out to Drew for all his hard work in putting this together!!


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