Saturday, December 26, 2009

Insert of the Year Award Nominee Pictures

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Baseball Insert of the Year
Topps Propaganda Posters
Topps Turkey Red
Allen & Ginter Hoaxes, Hoodwinks, & Bamboozles Minis
Topps Legends of the Game
Allen & Ginter Creatures of Legend, Myth, & Terror Minis

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Football Insert of the Year Award
SPX Shadow Box

Playoff Absolute Memorabilia RPM Logo Shields
Topps Mayo Relics

Donruss Limited Material Monikers
Topps National Chicle

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  1. VOTE goshdarnit, VOTE!!! Everyone, please VOTE!!! It is your right and responsibility as a card collector!

  2. Propaganda & Mayo Relics.

    Though I do not possess any SPX Shadowbox, but they seem to be extremely popular. What's their appeal?

  3. Hi... I found your blog tonight and like what I see...good luck.

    Anthony (

  4. To answer your question Roy-Z, shadow boxes have an excellent design and they are case hits. I'm pretty sure some of them are autographed but collectors are paying high prices for even the regular ones. Drew


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