Tuesday, June 30, 2009

2007 Upper Deck Masterpieces Hobby Box Break

Hey guys, Drew back here, and me and my dad just broke a fresh box of 2007 Upper Deck Masterpieces Baseball. I bought the box from my local hobby shop for $55, rather high priced for this type of box, but supported the shop, always good to do. Here is the review:

18 Packs Per Box
4 Cards Per Pack
72 Cards Per Box
1 5x7 Cabinet Card Box Topper
3 Memorabilia Cards Per Box on average
1 Autograph per box on average

Base Set: 90 Total Cards consisting of rookies, legends, and veterans
Green Parallels: The most common insert, cards with a green border instead of the white
Other Parallels are commonly serial numbered to 99 or less

64 Base Cards (71% of base set)
Jered Weaver 5x7 Box Topper
Carlos Lee Captured On Canvas Relic
Will Clark Captured On Canvas Relic
Brian Roberts Captured On Canvas Relic
Jason Bay Strokes of Genius Signatures
2 Black Bordered Parallels #ed to 99 of the 2004 Red Sox and Tom Glavine
5 Green Parallels of Chipper Jones, Tom Glavine, Andrew Miller RC, Babe Ruth, and Alex Gordon RC

You can see it all here...

Product Review:

I think Masterpieces is the BEST card design Upper Deck has, but does have to compete with Allen & Ginter for all the marbles. I love the canvas feel to them, and the paintings are incredible! One thing also that Upper Deck does well here is the players included. Sure Jered Weaver, Stephen Drew, and Howie Kendrick weren't cool to find but I had no other problems. The legend photos are incredible and this set definitely shouldn't have disappeared from baseball. Grade: A+

The price for this product is a very good one. On Blowout, you can find these for $43.99, a steal for the results. I got my box for $55 at my hobby shop, which wasn't bad but I should've ordered online. Getting 4 hits for $45 is without a doubt a steal. Grade: A+

These hits are decent. If you are a high end collector, these aren't your types of hits. You only get 2 numbered cards (I think) per box, and the hits are either single jerseys or a single autograph. You can get lucky and find a patch or patch auto or something but I didn't. My hits were pretty good. The Carlos Lee jersey was pretty upsetting, and the Roberts isn't great but isn't bad either. Both of those cards are for trade. The Will Clark game used was a nice surprise, but still not really nice enough. But to save the box, we pulled a Jason Bay auto, which probably sells pretty well now considering he is a star in Boston. Well, he always was a great player but he played in Pittsburgh so he didn't get the attention. The hits were pretty good. Grade: B-

Overall, I enjoyed opening the product. I found a lot of very nice cards, and cards I would want to pass down when I'm older. The pictures are incredible, and so are the players. We got decent hits including the Bay auto, which seems to be hit of the box, and is currently not for trade. The other 3 could be traded if you want them, but aren't that bad for me to keep. So, this box was a ton of fun and if you want to spend $50 on 15 minutes of fun, be my guest. Fantastic product. Thanks UD for making it! One suggestion though: I know you did it in basketball UD, but throw in some of these as inserts in your flagship brand. They really are beautiful cards and I don't want to see them leave. Overall Grade: A+

So, I will be leaving for New Hampshire on Friday for about a week, so I'll be missing you guys. After that, I want to buy a 09 Allen & Ginter box, and after that is my birthday and I hope to get some boxes then (and an iPod touch!). Thanks for looking guys, and see ya!


I want to complete this set badly. I need 24 cards, and if you have these please contact me by e-mail, dmihans@optonline.net. Thanks!

12- Ryan Howard, 15- Hideki Matsui, 16- Roger Clemens, 17- Sandy Koufax, 18- Reggie Jackson, 20- Ty Cobb, 25- Carl Yastremski, 27- Dice-K RC, 29- Ken Griffey Jr, 31- David Ortiz, 41- Josh Hamilton, 43- Ichiro, 54- Yogi Berra/Jackie Robinson, 56- Hanley Ramirez, 57- Victor Martinez, 58- Cole Hamels, 67- Ryan Zimmerman, 69- Chien-Ming Wang, 70- David Wright, 71- Ryan Howard, 80- Craig Biggio, 83- Billy Butler RC, 84- Andy Laroche RC, 90- Curt Schilling

To make it easier:

12, 15, 16, 17, 18, 20, 25, 27, 29, 31, 41, 43, 54, 56, 57, 58, 67, 69, 70, 71, 80, 83, 84, 90

See Ya!

To see other drewscards Box Reviews go to this page

Sneak Peek of my break

To see a preview of my break, check out this link:


07 Masterpieces

Have the box in hand, and will start busting with Joemama in about 5 minutes. Full box break review by tomorrow. Thanks

Monday, June 29, 2009

Trade on the forum

Hey guys, Drew back here with an update for my blowout forum thingamajigger. I got over the fact that nearly everyone was complaining about me there and talked to a nice 13 year old kid, who I just finished off a trade with. It will benefit both sides, and I won't tell you what I'm getting, but I'll show you the card that will forever leave my collection:

Yeah, I know. It will be tough to lose, even as a Yankee fan. My 2008 UD Sweet Spot Quad Jersey of Soriano/A.Ramirez/Lee/Zambrano is saying goodbye to you all. Here are the reasons I liked this card:

1: It has a nice design
2: It's Sweet Spot
3: Alfonso is on it, a great Yankee for life
4: It is a quad with some good players
5: The swatches are blue and one gray and it looks nice with the jersey color

I probably could say more, but I'm looking forward to the card I will get, which has only 14 other existing copies. Thanks for the trade dude on the forum, and can't wait to get the card in.

In other news of Drew's life, here we go:

- The Yankees swept the Mets! Yay!
- Billy Mays died! NOOOOOOOO!
- I'm digesting an ice cream sundae that tasted really good.
- I'm itching like crazy due to the extreme amount of mosquito bites I got at my friend's airsoft party, and it is really annoying.
- Waiting to get the cards from The Mojo Hand, if you haven't checked out his blog, go ahead and check it out!
- I'm thanking KW from "Core Contrarian" for subscribing. Enjoy the blog!
- I am sweating from rounding the bases so many times playing with kickball with my 8 year old sister.
- I am sitting in the dark.
- I am addicted to this thing!
- I beat the best team in fantasy baseball 6-4!
- I'm going to the shop tomorrow to get some of the 3 boxes for the 4th Quarter Spectacular!


Trip to Target on Saturday, and Sleepover Party Favors!


Congrats to Mariano Rivera for picking up his 500th career save, joining Trevor Hoffman as the only 2 closers to ever achieve this. Although Rivera seems to put every other closer ahead of him, he is my favorite closer of all time and many people would say so as well. His cutter has put him on the top of the game, and he earned it. A great player. A great guy. A great teammate. That's Mariano Rivera, no matter how you put it.

Before I go, I want to thank Sooz from "A Cardboard Problem" and McCann Can Triple from "A Rookie (Baseball) Collector" for becoming my 19th and 20th subscribers. Enjoy the website and feel free to leave any comments on any posts you would like. If you haven't already, check out their blogs here and here. Thanks again, and see ya!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Thanks to 2 bloggers

Max from "Going, Going, Gone!" and Mark from "Mark's Ephemera" for subscribing to the blog. I hope you enjoy the site and feel free to post any comments you have. If you haven't already, check these blogs out. See Ya!

First Ed McMahon, then Farah Fawcett, than Michael Jackson, and now this!


TV will never be the same.

Now availible to trade!

My parents finally agreed to let me trade with you guys, so if you want to trade, I'm a Yankee fan, and my collections are on the sidebar. You can send me an e-mail over to dmihans@optonline.net. Thanks, and look forward to it.


People on blowout forums have seriously bad attitudes. I was new to the place and bumped up some old posts and they acted like it was the end of the world. Why can't the world go round and round peacefully? Well, at least you guys are nice...

Soulja Boy

Hey guys, I just came back from my friend's sleepover, which was a blast. We played manhunt, and we went in the pool. We had some good cake, played video games, and played baseball. He gave out 2 hobby packs of Topps Series 2 to everyone, and we all opened them. Most of the kids there didn't collect, so when my non-collector friend pulled this card...

I made a trade with him because I knew what to do with it! So, next, I will redeem this if they let me yet. Lucky #7, who will it be???

Now, here is the reason that Soulja Boy, a young new rapper if you don't know him, this guy:


We were talking about music at the party this morning, and we mentioned him. Mike pulls out his cell phone and starts playing the song "Kiss Me Thru The Phone" by Soulja Boy. If you haven't heard it, here it is:

In the beginning of the chorus part of the song, rapper Sammie (who is featured in the song) goes: 6 7 8 triple 9 8 2 1 2. Someone in school told me that is Soulja Boy's cell phone number, so at breakfast, I take Mike's phone and dialed 678-999-8212, and I asked who wanted to call him. My friend Matt volunteered, although none of us except for me believed it was his number. Matt hits send, and without even a ring, someone picks up. Matt says hello, and the person on the other line goes "Yo, whaddup boy?" Matt got really nervous, so he hung up. He talked to Soulja Boy on the phone! That was so funny!

Before I go, thanks to Night Owl for subscribing to the blog. I hope you enjoy the site and feel free to ask questions or comment. If you haven't checked out his blog yet, here it is.

*UPDATE* I redeemed the card and Topps said it should come by, JANUARY 24th 2010!!!! That is ridiculous!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Gone for the night

I'm going to my friend's sleepover party, so no posts tonight. Continue the trivia if you haven't already! We went to the mall today and got some stuff, which I'll post tomorrow, and we may get the boxes later, because we are going to New Hampshire on Friday and may not have time to get the boxes before we leave, but I will try. See ya.


Hey guys, I will help you with the trivia. You don't need to name them all, but please comment if you know one and I will add it to the post until we get them all. Again, I have all the answers, so I will know. If you don't know what the heck I'm talking about, this is my last night post I made. (link here) I'm ordering the boxes off Blowout today, have to e-mail them about the Fleer Ultra box because it says "email for case price". So, wish me luck, and I'll wish you luck on the trivia.


Thanks to the master of customized sets....

Goose Joak! Thank you for becoming the 16th subscriber to the blog. I hope you enjoy it and feel free to post any comments or anything. If you haven't already, check out his blog over here. Thanks!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Trivia of the Week!

Hey guys, just got off the phone with my Grandpa Roy. He is an avid baseball fan like I am, and certainly knows a TON about the game. It is always fun to talk baseball with him, and he always challenges me to figure out tough trivia questions. Heck, he named 24 out of the 27 guys with 3,000 hits! So anyway, he asked me 3 trivia questions, and by using the computer I found them pretty quickly. I wondered if you guys wanted to try them as well. Go ahead and try to find these out if you want, and post the answers if you want to see if you are right. Here are the questions:

Question #1- Chipper Jones recently hit his 1,000th hit in Turner Field, the Braves stadium. There are 3 current MLB players that have over 1,000 hits in one stadium. Who are they?

For help: These guys needed to have around 11 seasons in the same ballpark to achieve this feat. So, an A-Rod or Ichiro would not yet qualify because neither of them have played 10 seasons on the same team. So think about this while answering the questions.

1: Derek Jeter, Yankees SS provided by Thoughts & Sox
4: Chipper Jones, Braves 3B

Question #2- There are many pitchers that have thrown no-hitters in the past. There are 5 pitchers that have thrown no-hitters in each league (American & National). Who are they?

For help: These guys can't be included in interleague play. This also has pitchers spanning from the beginning of baseball. Only 2 of these pitchers have won a Cy Young award and one of them would have.

1: Hideo Nomo, named by Night Owl
2: Nolan Ryan, named by White Sox Cards
3: Randy Johnson, named by Thoughts & Sox

Final Question- As you all know, Hank Aaron passed Babe Ruth's home run record in 1974 by hitting number 715. Who was the player that Babe Ruth passed to become all time home run kng? Also, what was the home run number Ruth passed him with and what year did he accomplish the feat?

For help: This player retired in 1897.

Answer: Roger Connor (White Sox Cards) who had _____ career home runs. Ruth passed him on _____________ (date) with # ______

Thanks a lot guys for looking, and I hope you try these and have as much fun as I did! See Ya!

Boxes will be ordered tomorrow off Blowout.



2009 Topps Heritage Blaster Box Break

A cool product, not my usual, but I like it.

Sorry for my badness on the microphone, I have to get used to it.

2010 UD SP Legendary Cuts Preview

Here is a preview of the next ridiculous thing Upper Deck will do:

*customized by me*

A Michael Jackson cut autograph! Yeah, who agrees with me that Upper Deck wants to cut up the remaining billion "Thriller" cd's and make these monsters!


Thanks to the 2 Fuji's for subscribing to the blog. I hope you enjoy the site and feel free to ask any questions. I have a question for you if you don't mind. Why did you subscribe twice? I don't really care, I actually like that, but I'm just curious why. Anyway, thanks a lot, and see ya!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

I know I'm a little late on this one

but I was at an awesome airsoft birthday party at Orvis Sandanona!

Well, the news that has shocked the world. The King of Pop has fell asleep on the throne, never to wakened again. If you are a major bone head and you don't know who I'm talking about you seriously need to get a life. Michael Jackson passed away today at the age of 50, from what says to be a heart attack. He leaves 3 children behind. I never was a huge fan of Michael's, and always say him as a scary man. That's because I wasn't alive in the 80's. I like some of his music, and one of my best friends is a huge fan, and I feel bad. Many terrible things have happened to the guy and I wish his family the best. My friend actually had tickets for his up-coming concert, and they delayed it due to stage issues. Many people thought the stage thing was not true and that Michael had been sick. They were right. They said he needed a lung transplant but he was too weak to do it. He also had many other bad symptoms involved.

There are many great things to remember about Michael. The fact that his album "Thriller" stayed at #1 album for 37 weeks is incredible! The fact that he has 9 platinum songs, and how he sold over 750 million albums around the globe. Also, the fact that he is #1 album on iTunes right now is pretty amazing. So many people supported the guy, and this is definitely tragic news.

Also, other sad news around the sports world:

1: Geovanny Soto of the Cubs was caught tested positive for marijuanna during the World Baseball Classic, and feels ashamed. One of my favorite catchers too. What a bummer.

2: Vince Carter was traded to the Magic! Are you kidding me? I'm a Nets fan, and my favorite basketball players were Vince and Devin Harris! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

So, an overall sad day. Farah Fawcett also died as well.

Blowout Forums

Today I signed up for Blowout Forums on blowoutcards.com. I wrote my 1st thread on there, basically the introduction. Someone responded and gave me a great idea, to maybe get a P.O. Box. Since my parents don't want me to give out my address, this may help out, and maybe I could finally trade! I'm not sure what the price range is to rent one, do any of you? I think this is a great idea, and thanks to wreckingballsc for the idea. See Ya!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Click on picture to enlarge

TTM #2

My second through the mail was sick! Many of you through the mail people here have this guy's autograph. He just retired recently after his 1st career 20 win season, he almost threw a no-hitter against the Sox in 03, he pitched for my favorite team, and is right on the borderline for being in the Hall of Fame. This is....

Mike Mussina!

and some more...

Mike Mussina!

He took 44 days to successfully return the cards signed, and these weren't the only ones I sent him. He has been known to keep cards, and he did in my case. I sent him a 2009 Topps card to sign, but he kept it. He also sent my index card back un-signed. So overall he was 2/4, an even 50% signing rate. Tip: If you are going to send stuff to Moose to get signed, send cards that aren't rare of really new, he will keep them. I was lucky to get an autograph on his rookie card which is awesome, and he took my new 09 card, I'm thinking because he doesn't have it yet. So thanks a lot Mike if you're viewing, and see you guys later!


Funny how both of these legends have almost the exact same stance. Even funnier that Upper Deck decided to use them both!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Steroids Thoughts

I have been thinking. Since Manny Ramirez was supposedly caught for using women HGH garbage, I think I have an idea. The Red Sox were NEVER caught for using a drug like that, and you know what, I think that John Henry, the owner, is covering something up. I just finished reading the book: Cover Up by John Feinstein, which was a great book, and it has given me some ideas. Here they are:

Manny's HGH he used is a post steroid substance, something only players use after steroids. My guess is that he has used a steroid or two before, maybe even in Cleveland, but most likely in Boston. Now, David Ortiz lifetime as a Twin, hit 58 home runs in 6 seasons, with 238 runs batted with 393 hits total. The next year he was dealt to the Red Sox, with Manny already on the team, and he finished 5th in MVP voting (2003). He went on to finish in the top 5 in MVP voting 5 years in a row starting in 2003, and the next year he started a streak of All Star Games played until this point, which doesn't look good for Papi. Manny finished 6th in the voting in 2003. Now take a look of Ortiz in 2002 and Ortiz in 2003.

The card on the right is from 2004, but shows a picture from 2003.

Big difference. But my theory is that Manny Ramirez may have been a steroid supplier to David Ortiz, and someone else, one you will hear about in just a minute. Ortiz's home run totals went from 20 in 2002, to 31 in 2003, to 41 in 2004, to 47 in 2005, and to 54 in 2006! His weight has stayed the same throughout his career at 230, but may not mean anything in the long run. When Manny left Boston, in 2008, Ortiz struggled. I can't find his 2nd half stats from last year, but lets say that he hit 20 home runs total, and his batting average dropped 68 points! This year, Ortiz has 6 home runs and a current .213 batting average, and only 30 RBI! It's not like he didn't get the run support! Dustin Pedroia ahead of him, and Kevin Youkilis and Jason Bay behind him. Youkilis came in 3rd in MVP voting last year, and Dustin Pedroia won the MVP! If he can't live with that than that is emmbarressing! Now I want to throw a curveball at you, Kevin Youkilis. Look at his changes from a 2006 card and a 2009 card:
Again, it looks like a lot but he did stay the same weight. Barry Bonds may have been the only player other than Canseco and Giambi that gained a LOT of weight during steroids. Sammy Sosa and Rafael Palmeiro stayed relatively the same size, but did grow for sure. The stats with Youkilis. Before 2008, Youkilis had 38 home runs and 199 runs batted in. In 2008 his average went up 24 points from the year before and set career highs in every category imaginable! The only time he has ever been an all star was 2008 and soon to be 2009. He's not cooling off, but who knows, maybe he is taking women roids too!

Alright, that pretty much sums this up. I know Offy will reply to this and I'm expecting some ugly comments from this, but I think I have a point and I'm sick and tired of Curt Schilling pointing out Yankees doing roids and I think his team has to be looked at. We'll end this post with something happy. And this is your 2008 AL MVP!

No 3rd Box

Well, I talked to Mike and he is sick of 2008 cards and wants 2009, and there is nothing significant except 2009 Legendary Cuts, but we agreed that it was too much $ and if we split it it would be $45. If we didn't get anything it would be a waste, so we are going to delay a box break for sometime during the summer. So, its going to be 2009 Topps Allen & Ginter and 2007 UD Masterpieces. I may include a very cheap 3rd box, and I'm considering 2007 Fleer Ultra SE. See Ya!

Cards 13-24 Slide Show

Cards 19-24

Here they are:

#19- Daniel Murphy

Card 20- Kevin Youkilis

Card 21- Hip Hop Magician

Card 22- Carlos Lee

Card 23- Milton Bradley

Card 24- Prince Fielder

Hope you liked them!

Funny picture

Just a thought...

I was thinking, there would be no way for me to manage to buy 2 close to $100 boxes. So, as you guys vote to eliminate 2007 Sweet Spot Classic, which 9 of the 15 wanted to do, I would be left with 2009 Legendary Cuts, 09 Allen & Ginter, and 07 Masterpieces. So, because my family and I aren't moneybags, I will also eliminate Legendary Cuts. So, unless I reconsider, I think I'll go for 2007 Masterpieces and 2009 Topps Allen & Ginter. On Blowout, that comes out to $119, and on Dave & Adams, it comes out to $135. So, yeah, I'm ordering off Blowout. Now, I have to talk to my friend Mike about our split that we have done every quarter, see here, here, and here. We want a baseball box from the past 2 or 3 years that has 4 "hits" on average, and is considerably cheap ($40-$75). Any ideas??? He wants a 2009 box, but there is barely anything good to get. Piece of History only has 3 even though it says 4, O-Pee Chee (which I haven't gotten but I like) has a chance of 1 hit, Bowman is terrible, Finest doesn't have enough, Topps has nothing unless you want jumbo, Goudey is boring and only has 2 hits, and all the other UD products are either too expensive or just plain "meh". So, let me know if you have any good ideas. Thanks

Also, today was my second to last day of school, and tomorrow is field day for half-day, so I'll be ready for the summer! I gave the Jeff King autographed index card to my teacher inside a nice frame and in front of a picture of him. Sorry I didn't take a picture, but it looked really nice, and he was very appreciative of it. More Official Set cards to come!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Cards 13-18 in my set

OK, so continuing my awesome set, the 2009 drewscards Official Set, here are the next 6:

Card 13- Troy Tulowitzki

Card 14- Classic Combos: 300 Game Winners
Tom Seaver, Nolan Ryan, Randy Johnson, Gaylord Perry

Card 15- Nick Swisher

Card 15 Variation- Nick Swisher
Can you notice what is different about this card from the one above it? It's not very hard!

Card 16- Jackie Robinson Legends SP

Card 17- Matt Kemp

Card 18- Carlos Gomez

Stay tuned for more!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Thanks, ah, this is becoming daily!

Thanks to Mike from Offy Sports Cards for subscribing! I hope you enjoy the site!

If you haven't checked out his blog yet, here it is... link

drewscards Official Set


The next 6 from the drewscards Set


This is getting crazy right now. Guys are subscribing by the minute! I want to thank Steve from White Sox Cards for subscribing to the blog. Again, I hope you enjoy it and feel free to ask me any questions or leave a comment. Thanks a lot, Drew

He's Barack Obama!

Try JibJab Sendables® eCards today!

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Some rookie collector...

Go check out this blog please to help her out:


Preview- drewscards 2009 Official Set

Hey guys! I am starting the 1st Edition drewscards Official Set. I am making custom cards using the 2009 Topps designs on mytradingcards.com. Go check that site out, it will help you with this sort of thing, here is the product preview:

Stay tuned for more!

Thanks to boxbusters & some ebayer...

Today, a drewscards World Record was set. The most card mail for me in one day. Also, another record has been set! This is the 6th post for me today! 2 subscribers in one day, which is tied for the record, let's break it! So, today, I got a package from Ross from Boxbusters for his birthday contest that I won 1st place in, and a package from eBay for one of my better steals of all time. So, let's get started!

Mail from Boxbusters

1st: Joba Chamberlain, Topps 2008 Trading Card History # TCHC2, Reprint of 1955 Bowman
Very nice card. The design is spectacular, especially in chrome, and it features one of my favorite pitchers, Joba Chamberlain!

Sorry for the dark pics :(

2nd: Alex Rodriguez, 2008 Topps Allen & Ginter Base Card #1 in the set
Very nice card. Of course I'm a huge fan of Allen & Ginter, and this is normally a card I wouldn't want in this product because the head shots are really nice often, but definitely an exception. A great photo of A-Roid.

3rd: Ross Ohlendorf, 2008 Topps Allen & Ginter Rookie Card Card #157 in the set
Ohlendorf really didn't get a chance to prove himself on the Yankees, and now on the Pirates, Ohlendorf is pitching very well.

4th: Mickey Mantle, 2008 Topps Allen & Ginter Base Card Card #7 in the set.
One of my favorites current Mantle cards, and has to be one of my favorite Allen & Ginter cards from the set. Very nice card!

5th: Robinson Cano, 2008 Topps Allen & Ginter Base Card Card #135
Hands down my favorite Cano card. It is the best picture of him you can find and an amazing job of putting the card together! Topps, you get a pat on the back!

6th: Bobby Abreu, 2008 Topps Allen & Ginter Base Card Card #145 in set
Looking at this card makes me think about how much I miss Bobby in NY. He's playing well on my fantasy team though. A very good picture in this one too!

7th: Andy Pettitte, 2008 Topps Allen & Ginter Base Card Card #138 in the set
A nice shot of Pettitte in this card. Man, out of the bucketload of cash we spent on pitching, who would've thought this guy is 7-3!

8th: Mark Teixeira, 2008 Topps Allen & Ginter Maryland State Card Card #US20 in the State Card Subset
Maryland's flag is so cool! Mark is the hottest hitter alive in terms of baseball. He has 20 homers right now (in case you haven't heard about the Yankees :) and has gotten his average from below .200 to almost .300 in a little more than a month's span. A fantastic looking card in all, although he's wearing Braves stuff.

9th: Mickey Mantle, 2007 Topps Turkey Red Base Card #34 in set
You'd be very suprised to know that this is my 1st 2007 Turkey Red card! The border is amazing, and you can't beat the painting! This is a fantastic product in terms of design, but does fit better as an insert set in Topps.

10th (last one!)- 2008 Topps Chrome Rookie Signature, Ross Ohlendorf
Card #232 in set
Well, I mentioned before how well Ohlendorf is doing on the Pirates right now and I'm happy I got his autograph. Although many of you box breakers are probably sick of getting him in your boxes, I am happy to have this card. Hey, I like underdogs, how about that Bruney guy?

So, thanks a lot to Ross for the great cards! If you haven't already, go check him out at boxbusters.net!

How about extra innings?

This is from a seller on the bay...

Yeah, that's right! A Johan Santana #ed 48/49 Autograph Jersey Card from 2007 UD Elements! After getting the inspiration from Mike Pelfrey Collectibles, I decided to go out and get one! I got mine for more than his, for about $23 shipped! I think its a steal, and when it is all said and done for Johan, he will be a 1st ballot hall of famer, and while you guys go chasing his autographs after that, I'll be relaxing with my Johan auto in my hand. If you have 20 bucks to spend, spend it on this guy!