Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Let's just say April Fools! OK, I would like to say that, but I just embarrassed my self on my own blog!!! I somehow made a different account a long time ago and didn't remember it. Before I started the league, I didn't know I had an account already so I made a new one, adding "12" to the end of the profile name. So, I was stupid enough to log into my old account accidentally (same password) and it told me I didn't play fantasy baseball, and I was ticked off, as you can see from my last post. I noticed after looking around the site, looking for options to try to fix it, that I signed into my old account stupidly. So, I signed into my real new account and lived happily ever after. Sorry ESPN for the harsh words. I don't want to face you guys in a stone circle death match.

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