Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Steroids Thoughts

I have been thinking. Since Manny Ramirez was supposedly caught for using women HGH garbage, I think I have an idea. The Red Sox were NEVER caught for using a drug like that, and you know what, I think that John Henry, the owner, is covering something up. I just finished reading the book: Cover Up by John Feinstein, which was a great book, and it has given me some ideas. Here they are:

Manny's HGH he used is a post steroid substance, something only players use after steroids. My guess is that he has used a steroid or two before, maybe even in Cleveland, but most likely in Boston. Now, David Ortiz lifetime as a Twin, hit 58 home runs in 6 seasons, with 238 runs batted with 393 hits total. The next year he was dealt to the Red Sox, with Manny already on the team, and he finished 5th in MVP voting (2003). He went on to finish in the top 5 in MVP voting 5 years in a row starting in 2003, and the next year he started a streak of All Star Games played until this point, which doesn't look good for Papi. Manny finished 6th in the voting in 2003. Now take a look of Ortiz in 2002 and Ortiz in 2003.

The card on the right is from 2004, but shows a picture from 2003.

Big difference. But my theory is that Manny Ramirez may have been a steroid supplier to David Ortiz, and someone else, one you will hear about in just a minute. Ortiz's home run totals went from 20 in 2002, to 31 in 2003, to 41 in 2004, to 47 in 2005, and to 54 in 2006! His weight has stayed the same throughout his career at 230, but may not mean anything in the long run. When Manny left Boston, in 2008, Ortiz struggled. I can't find his 2nd half stats from last year, but lets say that he hit 20 home runs total, and his batting average dropped 68 points! This year, Ortiz has 6 home runs and a current .213 batting average, and only 30 RBI! It's not like he didn't get the run support! Dustin Pedroia ahead of him, and Kevin Youkilis and Jason Bay behind him. Youkilis came in 3rd in MVP voting last year, and Dustin Pedroia won the MVP! If he can't live with that than that is emmbarressing! Now I want to throw a curveball at you, Kevin Youkilis. Look at his changes from a 2006 card and a 2009 card:
Again, it looks like a lot but he did stay the same weight. Barry Bonds may have been the only player other than Canseco and Giambi that gained a LOT of weight during steroids. Sammy Sosa and Rafael Palmeiro stayed relatively the same size, but did grow for sure. The stats with Youkilis. Before 2008, Youkilis had 38 home runs and 199 runs batted in. In 2008 his average went up 24 points from the year before and set career highs in every category imaginable! The only time he has ever been an all star was 2008 and soon to be 2009. He's not cooling off, but who knows, maybe he is taking women roids too!

Alright, that pretty much sums this up. I know Offy will reply to this and I'm expecting some ugly comments from this, but I think I have a point and I'm sick and tired of Curt Schilling pointing out Yankees doing roids and I think his team has to be looked at. We'll end this post with something happy. And this is your 2008 AL MVP!


  1. Very informative Drew, thanks, great posting

  2. I wouldn't be surprised if Manny used while in Boston. It would surprise me if any team were completely clean. There are some teams that seem to have had a lot more users than others such as the Texas Rangers, but every team has to have had some players who were juicing.

    I would be surprised if it were discovered that Big Papi juiced. It would be disappointing because he's been one of the players to really speak out about it. I was a fan of his even when he was still in Minnesota. He was always one of my top fantasy sleepers and just when it seemed like he was going to break through, he'd get injured. He stayed healthy in Boston, got a hitting coach that he loved and hit like he was supposed to. Once injuries popped up again, he numbers have dropped. It finally looks like he may be back on track.

    I think the main piece of evidence that one could point at for Youk is the fact that his numbers always seemed to drop towards the end of the season before last season. Steroids supposedly boost stamina and reduce recovery time. Maybe that had something to do with it or maybe he just improved his conditioning regiment. I doubt we'll even know the truth unless the whole list eventually gets leaked.

  3. I was listening to an interview with Donald Fehr (now ex-head of the players union) on the radio today, and he said they can't legally release this list of 104 names. No, it's not fair to the guys whose names have been released, but actually releasing them would be even worse.

    As for who else used steroids with Manny, obviously more people have. It's almost at the point where these guys are guilty until proven innocent...

  4. I think you pretty much now have to assume everyone did it, sad to say. This is definitely not fair to the ones who are clean, but we have no way of knowing. I wish the news media would quit blowing all of this up, though, you never hear as much time devoted to the NFL players who get suspended. Also, I think it would be nice, if from time to time, they let us know some who PASSED their drug test...

  5. Thank you, thank you, thank you! It's about time someone said these things about the Sox. I am so sick and tired of hearing how "tainted" the Yankee championships are from Boston fans. ALL the championships from 1990 on are "tainted". I still think it's "funny" how George Mitchell, a Red Sox employee, got to do the investigation and reporting on steriod use. Low and behold, no Red Sox appeared on that report. Hmmmm?The whole thing stinks from top to bottom, MLB should be ashamed of itself. I agree whole heartedly with William, it's a shame the clean players have to suffer through all of this.

  6. I hate that people make a bigger deal out of baseball's issues than any other sports, but I can sorta understand.

    In baseball, we can actually SEE the effect steroids has had. Home runs are farther and more frequent, and pitchers throw harder longer. But in football, we can't really tell what the PEDs are doing. Are guys running faster? Are they hitting harder? Even without PEDs guys hit increcibly hard, so its tough to notice a difference.

    Just my opinion...

  7. thanks a lot for the feedback guys!


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