Wednesday, June 24, 2009

TTM #2

My second through the mail was sick! Many of you through the mail people here have this guy's autograph. He just retired recently after his 1st career 20 win season, he almost threw a no-hitter against the Sox in 03, he pitched for my favorite team, and is right on the borderline for being in the Hall of Fame. This is....

Mike Mussina!

and some more...

Mike Mussina!

He took 44 days to successfully return the cards signed, and these weren't the only ones I sent him. He has been known to keep cards, and he did in my case. I sent him a 2009 Topps card to sign, but he kept it. He also sent my index card back un-signed. So overall he was 2/4, an even 50% signing rate. Tip: If you are going to send stuff to Moose to get signed, send cards that aren't rare of really new, he will keep them. I was lucky to get an autograph on his rookie card which is awesome, and he took my new 09 card, I'm thinking because he doesn't have it yet. So thanks a lot Mike if you're viewing, and see you guys later!

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  1. Nice cards. I always was a fan of Mussina. Once I get moved and settled in, I have to send off some cards of my own. In an Orioles uniform of course. :)


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