Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A Mistake.... In My Card!

Tell me if you know anything about this card:

My Mark Teixeira Game Used from 2008 UD Series 1 apparently may not be a "Game Used" card.

Right above Game?Jersey it says 100% Authentic Memorabilia!

What the heck! Upper Deck is secretly sucking!

This is my th Post!!!

What a good 100th post! (sarcastic, if you didn't notice)

And, the Yankees didn't draft a pitcher in the 1st round! They had to draft little Brett Gardner +++ Jr! Slade Heathcott is said to be a 5 tool player with very good speed! Although he had surgery on his ACL last November, they say the only problem is his character, and everything else about him is a +. Unlike some of you I don't really follow the college and high school players, but this guy sounds good!

Slade Heathcott 2008 AFLAC Bowman Rookie Card

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