Friday, June 26, 2009

Trivia of the Week!

Hey guys, just got off the phone with my Grandpa Roy. He is an avid baseball fan like I am, and certainly knows a TON about the game. It is always fun to talk baseball with him, and he always challenges me to figure out tough trivia questions. Heck, he named 24 out of the 27 guys with 3,000 hits! So anyway, he asked me 3 trivia questions, and by using the computer I found them pretty quickly. I wondered if you guys wanted to try them as well. Go ahead and try to find these out if you want, and post the answers if you want to see if you are right. Here are the questions:

Question #1- Chipper Jones recently hit his 1,000th hit in Turner Field, the Braves stadium. There are 3 current MLB players that have over 1,000 hits in one stadium. Who are they?

For help: These guys needed to have around 11 seasons in the same ballpark to achieve this feat. So, an A-Rod or Ichiro would not yet qualify because neither of them have played 10 seasons on the same team. So think about this while answering the questions.

1: Derek Jeter, Yankees SS provided by Thoughts & Sox
4: Chipper Jones, Braves 3B

Question #2- There are many pitchers that have thrown no-hitters in the past. There are 5 pitchers that have thrown no-hitters in each league (American & National). Who are they?

For help: These guys can't be included in interleague play. This also has pitchers spanning from the beginning of baseball. Only 2 of these pitchers have won a Cy Young award and one of them would have.

1: Hideo Nomo, named by Night Owl
2: Nolan Ryan, named by White Sox Cards
3: Randy Johnson, named by Thoughts & Sox

Final Question- As you all know, Hank Aaron passed Babe Ruth's home run record in 1974 by hitting number 715. Who was the player that Babe Ruth passed to become all time home run kng? Also, what was the home run number Ruth passed him with and what year did he accomplish the feat?

For help: This player retired in 1897.

Answer: Roger Connor (White Sox Cards) who had _____ career home runs. Ruth passed him on _____________ (date) with # ______

Thanks a lot guys for looking, and I hope you try these and have as much fun as I did! See Ya!

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  1. I always have to look up stuff like this, which I don't have time to do right now. I do know Hideo Nomo is one of the pitchers to throw a no-hitter for both leagues (Dodgers and Red Sox).

  2. great pictures! Babe and Chipper. Beautiful.

  3. Night owl is right with hideo nomo

  4. 1. Jeter
    2. Randy Johnson, Roger Clemans
    3. No idea

  5. 1. Frank Thomas
    2. Nolan Ryan
    3. Roger Connor

  6. thank you, randy johnson is one of them, clemens isn't though, and jeter is too. white sox cards, you are right with them all!

  7. Wait are you sure about frank thomas, I don't have him in my answers, but wait, I know. He retired right so he can't be considered a current player.


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