Monday, December 14, 2009

Grandpa Roy Contest Stuff!!!

Hey guys, Drew back here, I wanted to post again today to share the prizes for the Grandpa Roy prizes, unfortunately, we are finished for the year, unless in packages in late December I receive new Cano or Swisher cards I needed. So, I'm going to give the title to....

This dude definitely has a right to win this thing. Not only did he get a bunch of questions right, but he also gave me a few cards, and bought me a few cards, for my collection! He is a great guy, please go out and get subscribed to this guy! Congrats!

The rest of my Top 5 is as follows...

Second Place: Hackenbush
Third Place: The Collective Troll
Fourth Place: Mr. Scott (Contributor on Wax Heaven)
Fifth Place: Captain Canuck

Now, a question for the winners, other than Spastik Moose, who will get to possibly choose a prize, more on that sometime else.

Hackenbush, Troll, Mr. Scott, Canuck, do you want to random it (on with some prizes I will soon announce, the prizes will not be PC related most likely so would you want to take a chance, or take the prize in order???

Please let me know, they will be relatively nice, all valued from 5 to 15 dollars, I know nothing special but I am tight on money.

Thanks to all who participated in this contest, still thinking about doing it next year. Let me know, later! Drew


  1. woohoo! When I first stumbled upon your site I was worried I was too far behind (I think the top guy had like 4 points). But I just kept plugging away and posting when they came up and there ya go...feels good!

    Can't wait to see what my prize package is! Winnings are awesome! Thanks for the contest dude!

  2. whatever works for you drew... I do this for the fun, not the prize.
    If you want to send something, fine... but continue the questions regardless of prizes...

  3. Doesn't matter to me either Drew. Just to let you know now that Wax Heaven I've started my own blog.

  4. I think we will random Spots 2,3,4, & 5 for the contest. I'll pick a secret prize for each one and mail them off along with a few cards of their favorite team. Sound good?

  5. Random is just fine with me too. I've had fun with your questions.


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