Thursday, December 31, 2009

The 2009 Blogger of the Year Award Goes to...


Congratulations Night Owl, you are the 2009 Blogger of the Year, according to the voters and myself! Post after post, even if it's a mailday, you make everything so interesting! This is the site that actually makes Dodgers cards look interesting (along with the other Dodgers fans)! Wow! You win a little trophy courtesy of me and Beardy to put on the sidebar of your blog, and show it off with as much pride as possible! Great blog and keep up the great work!

Well, that is just about it.... oh wait whats this??? Another award?

And your winner for best blog of the decade goes to..............

Wax Heaven

When I woke up in the morning, first I think, open my eyes, then stretch, but then it's either walk the dog or read Wax Heaven, the best of them all. All the constant news updates around the blogosphere and wonderful stories shared made this the most popular sports card blog of the 2000's! And now looking back on this last decade card wise, you think about Mario and his fantastic blog. Unfortunately, Mario has kind of moved on from this whole thing but hopefully he reads this. Congrats Mario for everything, Beardy will soon be designing an award for you. Mario left on a somewhat awkward note due to all of us not realizing what happened, so here's to you Mario and your once awesome blog!

Thank you all for being the best people around, I can always count on you guys! Once again thanks for the award, unfortunately I feel uncomfortable accepting it. More about that in the morning, in 2010! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!


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