Friday, January 1, 2010

Awards Recap & Mailday

Hey guys, Drew back here, last night was a long one but it seems that everyone is happy with the outcome of our awards. We didn't get that many votes, so that part wasn't great, but for the most part everything went well. Thanks to all who voted and made it (somewhat) possible, and thanks to all the nominees for providing an awesome source of entertainment in my life. I think the awards went to some of the best in the business, even though they don't wanna admit it. So, thanks for everything guys, and now it is time to move on!

What better way to move on than posting some mail I got quite a while ago, from reader John. I've seen his name in trades a few times now, and he certainly impressed me! Due to all the holidays and awards I will have yours shipped Monday if you're reading. Also, I got 3 packages in from the Blowout Forum and Sports Card Forum. I made a mistake on the video saying only 2 from those sites but it's really 3, sorry about that. I've now made 5 trades on Blowout and 6 on SCF. Not bad. Check them out!

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