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2008 Donruss Threads Baseball Box Break Review Part 2- The Grades

2008 Donruss Threads Baseball Hobby Box - Click Image to Close

Hey guys, Drew back here, after a LONG day of 8 hours of community service. Boy am I tired! Anyway, I'm watching the Jets game now, hopefully they can win this one. Darrelle Revis just picked off a pass, so that's awesome. So, part 2 of the review is my grading on this box, and, these Threads boxes in general, to tell you if it is a good buy or not. Here goes:

Design: When this set originally came out in 2008, I wasn't a big fan of the design. Donruss could not do much else with the set after losing their license, and got sued for using MLB logos on some of the cards in the set. Everyone began to like the set though due to the great use of MLB legends and prospects. The base card design is decent, some of the cards are not great looking, but most are passable. The thing that makes this product's design special are the Diamond Kings inserts. They are amazing looking, with a Masterpieces canvas feel to them and great photos, Donruss can make a set out of these cards and I'd buy it. I miss Masterpieces! The rest of the inserts are decent, I like some of the Baseball Americana inserts but some people don't like seeing legends on cards as 60-70 year olds. The hits are pretty cool, but sticker autographs do affect the niceness of the set. My new Mattingly autograph is so nice but it is on a sticker so it isn't as awesome as it would be. Overall some of the cards are completely awesome looking but some are just ok. Design Grade: B

Price: When the set originally came out the price was a little high but it is very cheap and affordable now, you can find it on Blowout Cards for $49.95, a great deal for 4-5 hits and plenty of numbered inserts. You will get most or all of the base set, unfortunately I got 7 base doubles and still needed only 2 cards to finish the set. This is one of the better deals in the hobby right now though. Price Grade: A+

Hits: There are a lot of things to say about the hits. First off, if you despise sticker autos (ahem... Beardy) do not buy the product. But if you don't mind, buy it. You will most likely get maybe 3 or 4 autos and a game used, but every box is different. The game used I got of Dennis Eckersley is awesome looking and certainly is Hall of Fame PC for me. The Mattingly auto certainly helped things as I can see it selling for close to $100 although he's not a hall of famer. You can get game used or event used memorabilia from stars like Pete Rose, Shoeless Joe Jackson, Hank Aaron, Willie Mays, Cal Ripken Jr, Marilyn Monroe, George Bush, and many more. There is a ton of potential in this set and you will be happy with at least one of your hits. Hits Grade: A-

Overall: This set has a great value to it, and certainly is perfect for someone interested in prospects or Hall of Famers, and even a mix of celebrities. The hits are nice, the design is fairly decent, and the price is outstanding. Although this was a Christmas gift, I certainly made the money back on this box, it was certainly one of my best. It was such a coincidence pulling a Mattingly auto right after deciding I was going to meet him right after. I still will, because I really want to meet him, and get another Yanks 8 x 10 picture autographed. Let me know if you are interested in anything, you can look at the break recap right under this post to check it out if you haven't already. Overall Grade: A

See Ya!

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  1. And I thought my box was good. Well, it was, but not Mattingly auto-level good (more like Madison Baumgarner jersey that might be a patch-good). Just curious, were there any condition issues? Two of my autos and one of the parallels came out of the packs a little dinged up.

    Which two base cards are missing? If I have em, I'll send 'em along with everything whenever we get to the Ramiro Pena jersey trade.

    Also, are the Diamond Kings and regular Baseball Americana inserts available?


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