Thursday, January 28, 2010

2009 UD Philadelphia Box Break Review Part 1

Hey guys, Drew back here, with a box break review of 2009 Upper Deck Philadelphia football. Still typing on Microsoft Word due to Internet connectivity issues, but its OK. I just found out how to add scans, click to enlarge them if you'd like! Sorry about the font, it'll be fixed in the next post, it's just because of Word copy and paste. Thanks again to my dad for the box, and let’s get cracking! But first, the very important Product Expectations!


20 Packs per Box

8 Cards per Box

160 Cards per Box!

1 5x7 National Chicle R311 Box Topper

15 Base Set Short Prints Expected per Box

4 National Chicle Inserts

2 Memorabilia Cards per Box!

1 On Card Autograph per Box!

Chance at buybacks from original Philadelphia Sets!

Upper Deck gave this retro set a try this year, after Topps said they would release Magic, and of course, Mayo. The cards are simple, but have a pretty nice design. More on that when I get to the review. Here is what I got in my box:


Full Set: 144/300

Base Set: 139/200

Base Set Short Prints: 5/100

- Rookies: 3 (Peria Jerry, Patrick Chung, Malcolm Jenkins)

- NFL Legends: 2 (Barry Sanders, John Elway)

Other Short Prints: 10/100

- The Story of Barack Obama: 3 (305, 307, 320)

- Woodstock 40th Anniversary: 1 (328)

- Vietnam War Bulletin: 1 (U.S. Involvement in Vietnam War Ends)

- The Election Years: 1 (1960: JFK vs. Humphrey)

- Stars of Action: 4 (Drew Brees, Julian Peterson, Ronnie Brown, Derrick Brooks)

5x7 National Chicle Box Topper: 1 (Hines Ward)

National Chicle Minis: 4

(William Miller NC9, George McGovern NC17, FG-1D Corsair NC33, Hines Ward NC58)

Memorabilia Cards: 2

- Steve Smith (CAR)

- Darren Sproles

Autographs: 1

- Jerricho Cotchery

1965 Philadelphia Buyback: 1

- Lenny Moore (Baltimore Colts HOF!!!)

In my opinion, this was a great box! I got a very old card in decent shape of a Hall of Famer, and the game used are of players I have always liked. The autograph, is of course a Jet. Unfortunately, I bought the Cotchery auto at the show BEFORE we opened the box, before I knew he got me a box that is. So, I have 2 now, 1 is for trade I guess, but I'm only looking for my PC stuff in return. Thanks, and See Ya! Stay tuned for Part 2, the grading!


  1. love, Love, LOVE these cards.... I soooo want a box or ten of these. But as a set collector, I know I should stay away from them.
    Someone was going to send me these from their blaster break or something, but I can't remember who now. I'll have to go read my email now............

  2. Hey, would you want to trade for that vietnam war card? And if you have any other world war 2 or vietnam cards, im extremly interested!


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