Monday, August 10, 2009

Going Link Crazy!!!

Here's some great links to some sites and blogs, enjoy!
Your regular baseball card forum, just better
A great site for purchasing cards!
Want autographs, come here to find out how to get them!
As they say, your cards never looked so good!
Want to customize cards! Come here! And check out this blog entry for a walkthrough:
Your crazy card TV show!
Your best source for buying wax!
My countdown blog!

Blogs that definitely deserve links! (in no particular order)

Wax Heaven 30-YOC White Sox Cards I Am Joe Collector Nachos Grande Priceless Pursuit Cardboard Junkie Waxaholic Stats On The Back Capewood's Collections Trader Crack Will Work For Cards Bad Wax Grand Cards Core Contrarian Sports Card Info Night Owl Cardboard Icons The Easy Life Dinged Corners Paul's Random Stuff Achiever Card Blog Mark's Ephemera The Hamiltonian Collective Troll A Cardboard Problem foul bunt Beardy The Mojo Hand A Pack to Be Named Later CAN'T HAVE TOO MANY CARDS Mike Pelfrey Collectibles Crackin Wax bdj610 A Rookie (Baseball) Card Collector Goose Joak Flipping Wax My 2008 Topps Set Blog A Giant Blog Saints of the Cheap Seats Hey That's Mine Old School Breaks Stale Gum Offy's Sport Site Wax Pack Relapse Dropped 3rd Strike Hand Collated Box Opener BoxBusters The Pursuit of Baseball Card Wisdom I Heart Halos

Good luck finding your blog in that mess. If I forgot about you, I'm sorry, and please tell me and you'll go on the sidebar list. Lastly, I want to make one more link:

Thanks to Voice of the Collector for giving away all that stuff he got at the National! I was lucky enough to win this poster:

Well, I gotta go, a huge storm is attacking us right now, here I am typing away. What a terrible weather summer! Today was supposedly the best day, getting over 90 degrees for the 1st time, but now its pouring, thundering, and lightning! :( See Ya!

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