Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Only 1 More!

So we need 1 more pitcher that pitched a perfect game and no-hitter before. I've credited a few bloggers with points, but there is one more, and heres a hint:

- He has a card in the most famous set of all time, everyone knows 1 card in it, even non-collectors.
- He is in the Hall of Fame.
- He died at age 31 due to a disease.
- He played baseball in Ohio
- Not the Adrian you're thinking of....

So, try to figure that out, and you can enter yourself in a chance to win free stuff at the end of the year. Here's the question again:

After Mark Buehrle's perfect game he recently threw, he became one of 6 pitchers all time that pitched a no-hitter and perfect game before. Who are the other 5?

1: Mark Buerhle (Perfect Game: 7/23/2009, No Hitter: 4/18/2007)
2: Sandy Koufax (Perfect Game: 9/9/1965 No Hitter: 5/11/1963)
3: Randy Johnson (Perfect Game: 5/18/2004, No Hitter: 6/2/1990)
4: Cy Young (Perfect Game: 5/5/1904, No Hitter: 9/18/1897)
5: Jim Bunning (Perfect Game: 6/21/1964, No Hitter: 7/20/1955)
6: Addie Joss (Perfect Game: 10/2/1908, No Hitter: 4/20/1910)

Points go to:
MattR from A Giant Blog (Sandy Koufax)
steveisjewish from the Easy Life (Randy Johnson)
Dan from The Other World (Cy Young)
Mark from Mark's Ephemera (Jim Bunning)

mmosley from Stats On The Back (Addie Joss)

*UPDATE: mmosely guessed Addie Joss and got the final player in the question. So he'll get a point added to the board. Now, Mark Buehrle, Sandy Koufax, Randy Johnson, Cy Young, Jim Bunning, and Addie Joss are the 6 MLB pitchers to ever throw a perfect game and no-hitter in their careers. Thanks for playing and stay tuned for Round 2!

By the way, Joss is the only pitcher of all time to throw a no-hitter against the same team twice. Surprised Nolan Ryan didn't do that!

No, not this Adrian


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