Monday, August 3, 2009

Introducing The Newest Segment to drewscards!

Hey guys, Drew back here with the newest segment to drewscards: Grandpa Roy's Baseball Questions. One time I did a post of some questions and you guys got a good amount of the players. You can find that post here. Only this time you guys have one day to figure this out, and it is going to require some research. Obviously, you could just go to Wikipedia, but maybe you guys could try the question before looking. So my Grandpa Roy called me today, and he asked me this question: (White Sox Cards, you'll like this)

After Mark Buehrle's perfect game he recently threw, he became one of 6 pitchers all time that pitched a no-hitter and perfect game before. Who are the other 5?

1: Mark Buerhle (Perfect Game: 7/23/2009, No Hitter: 4/18/2007)
2: Sandy Koufax (Perfect Game: 9/9/1965 No Hitter: 5/11/1963)
3: Randy Johnson (Perfect Game: 5/18/2004, No Hitter: 6/2/1990)
4: Cy Young (Perfect Game: 5/5/1904, No Hitter: 9/18/1897)
5: Jim Bunning (Perfect Game: 6/21/1964, No Hitter: 7/20/1955)

Points go to:
MattR from A Giant Blog (Sandy Koufax)
steveisjewish from the Easy Life (Randy Johnson)
Dan from The Other World (Cy Young)
Mark from Mark's Ephemera (Jim Bunning)

Every time he calls and asks me one, I will ask the fans. Now, please only name 1 or 2 unless we desperately need help, because people check the blogs at different times each day. At the end of the year, whoever has the highest percentage of naming a correct player will get a prize. So, again, 1 or 2 names if you know it, no cheating, and please give everyone a try. The answers will be posted tomorrow. Thanks, Drew


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