Saturday, August 29, 2009

Fantasy Football Draft Results

Hey guys, Drew back here. Last night while hanging out with my friend my dad, him & I did our annual 3 team fantasy football league. Here are the teams and rosters, I got 1st pick and took Adrian Peterson, wish me luck on this year!

2009 DMD Fantasy Football League Draft Board

Giant Jets: Head Coach- Me
1st Pick: Adrian Peterson
2nd Pick: Chris Johnson
3rd Pick: Peyton Manning
4th Pick: Calvin Johnson
5th Pick: Randy Moss
6th Pick: Anquan Boldin
7th Pick: Matt Ryan
8th Pick: Steve Slaton
9th Pick: LaDainian Tomlinson
10th Pick: Antonio Gates
11th Pick: Donovan McNabb***
12th Pick: Dwayne Bowe
13th Pick: Jason Witten
14th Pick: Tony Romo
15th Pick: Stephen Gostkowski
16th Pick: Titans Defense/ST
17th Pick: Clinton Portis
18th Pick: Jets Defense/ST
19th Pick: Ryan Longwell
20th Pick: Thomas Jones

*** Traded to my dad's team for T.J. Houshmandzadeh immediately after the draft

Overall on my team: Planning for a great year, I think I'll do well this year, here are the other teams:

Green Machine: Head Coach- My Dad
1st Pick: Matt Forte
2nd Pick: Larry Fitzgerald
3rd Pick: Maurice Jones-Drew
4th Pick: Tom Brady
5th Pick: Reggie Wayne
6th Pick: Greg Jennings
7th Pick: Steven Jackson
8th Pick: Philip Rivers
9th Pick: Dallas Clark
10th Pick: Marques Colston
11th Pick: Aaron Rodgers
12th Pick: Marion Barber
13th Pick: Dustin Keller
14th Pick: Frank Gore
15th Pick: Steelers Defense/ST
16th Pick: T.J. Houshmandzadeh ***
17th Pick: Mason Crosby (uh, yuck, TAKE HIM!)
18th Pick: Wes Welker
19th Pick: Ravens Defense/ST
20th Pick: Ryan Grant

*** Traded to Giant Jets for Donovan McNabb

Blazers: Head Coach- Mike
1st Pick: Michael Turner
2nd Pick: Drew Brees
3rd Pick: Andre Johnson
4th Pick: DeAngelo Williams
5th Pick: Steve Smith
6th Pick: Kurt Warner
7th Pick: Tony Gonzalez
8th Pick: Terrell Owens
9th Pick: DeSean Jackson
10th Pick: Roddy White
11th Pick: Brian Westbrook
12th Pick: Jay Cutler
13th Pick: Brandon Jacobs
14th Pick: Giants Defense/ST
15th Pick: Jason Elam
16th Pick: Greg Olsen
17th Pick: Nate Kaeding
18th Pick: Roy Williams
19th Pick: Vikings, Defense/ST
20th Pick: Chad Ochocinco

It's always a great thing to round things out with Ochocinco!

Please let me know who drafted the BEST out of us 3, who you were surprised wasn't included, or any other feedback on the newest football season. J-E-T-S Jets Jets Jets! See Ya!

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  1. I don't know what the scoring stats are for your league, but initially, I'm leaning towards your dad's team.


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