Saturday, August 15, 2009

A day I'll never forget Part 1

Hey guys, Drew back here, just getting back from the huge card show I went to, and I had a blast. I went with my dad and we met a bunch of players, spent a lot of $, and had a lot of fun! So, since I got SO much at this place, I decided to break this up into a couple parts. This is the 1st part

The Introduction
Hey guys, its a beautiful day to be indoors! Nice and sunny and very hot, here in NY, the tropical rainforest award winner for this year! I'm at a card show in White Plains, NY, one that someone went to, and I jumped on the bandwagon after her ad. So, right when I walked in, we got our tickets, and they gave me a little pack of cards. Some mixed 07-08 Fleer Basketball, some SP Rookie Threads football, some Chirography football, a Jason Bay Goudey 2007 Card, and a jersey card of Sam Cassell, which is for trade! Here are some of those cards:

Hey, they're free! Everything in this lot is available for trade, so jump in and snatch them out!

Next I got prepared for meeting the players that were there: Al Oliver (freebie), Bill Madlock (freebie), Steve Carlton, Dave Winfield, Dave Parker, Orlando Cepeda, & Cecil Fielder. Whitey Ford was signing tomorrow, but I figured to get an 8 x 10 of him so I could send it through the mail. He charged about $100 an autograph, which is crazy considering I could get it signed ttm for $25! So I picked an 8 x 10 of Cecil Fielder to get signed, the picture has him in a Yankee uniform. I think I may start to get 8 x 10's autographed by Yankees, I have 4 already!

So, I'm about to enter the cathedral of cards! Next post has pictures and details on the stuff next!


  1. Ohhh, awesome! I didnt recognize you, I was kinda in a rush because we were supposed to go visiting because all my family is from white plains/westchester and I live on Long island. LOTS of traffic today....and yes, It was hot, and it only helped that I had horrible allergies! I still had an awesome time though! Al Oliver seemed like a very nice guy, and my little brother was on the nathans line in front of Dave Winfield! All he said was Hi and dave said hi, how you doin? My bro didnt have anything to get signed so he didnt bother. still pretty cool though!

  2. Wow, I was right behind Winfield and I shook his hand! It was awesome!


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