Thursday, August 6, 2009

The next Question!!!

Hey guys, Drew back here! As you can tell, the logo and name for Grandpa Roy's column has changed. It is now the "Grandpa Roy's Trivia Corner", because he will cover all types of sports! Here's today's question, Guess Who:

I hit a homerun in my very first at bat in the major leagues. My career was spent playing for 9 different teams appearing in almost 1100 games but I never hit another homer. Still I managed to make the Hall of Fame Who am I?

Well, well, well today's question is a guess who and if you know who this is please e-mail me at and tell me who. This way whoever knows emails me and I will randomize the winner on and they will be credited a point towards their final score. Who is it? Please let us know!

*UPDATE* 3 People are already included in tonight's random drawing, you can too! Answer the question above via e-mail and have a chance to enter to win free cards! You can do it!

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