Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Grandpa Roy Column Answers

Well guys, good job with that question! There were so many different guesses, but only a few guys got the answers. Here's the question again:

To be a successful pitcher, you need to have good control, because as Yogi says, "Good pitchin' stops good hittin', and vise versa". 4 pitchers in MLB history have recorded over 3000 strikeouts while issuing less than 1000 bases on balls, or walks. Oddly enough only 1 of the 4 is in the Baseball Hall of Fame. Who are they?

Ferguson Jenkins is the only Hall of Famer that ever accomplished this, making him the best control pitcher in the Hall of Fame. The other 3 that ever accomplished this are Pedro Martinez, Greg Maddux, and Curt Schilling, 3 future hall of famers. The trick of this question was the other 3 weren't in the Hall of Fame, but they will be. If Greg Maddux started 1 MORE GAME, unless he didn't walk anybody he be out of this question. He walked 999 guys in his career, and Fergie Jenkins walked 997 batters.

Here is the list of everyone's correct answers:
Hackenbush said...

Can I start with two? I promise they're off the top of my head. Fergie Jenkins and Greg Maddux.

FanOfReds said...

I think Pedro Martinez is one.

Don said...

I know off the top of my head that Fergie Jenkins is one of them. I will guess that Greg Maddox is another.

Hackenbush said...

Hey Drew,

Is the 4th one Curt Schilling?

mmosley said...

i'm going to make 2 guesses: Smoltz or Schilling.

Anothetr great question. Most strikeout pitchers rack up the walks as well.

dkwilson said...

My first guess was Greg Maddux and I was right. 3371 strikeouts and 999 walks.

So here is the point breakdown:

1st 4 Points:
Hackenbush: Jenkins, Maddux, Schilling (3 Total Points!)
Fanofreds: Martinez (1 Point)

Also credited .5 a point:
Don named 2 (1 Point)
mmosely named 1 (1/2 a point)
dkwilson named 1 (1/2 a point)

Thanks for playing, and see ya!


  1. I was at Native New Yorker having dinner last night and saw this one used as the AFLAC trivia question on the Diamondbacks/Phillies game. I thought of this blog. :)

  2. Oh wow that's pretty funny! What a coincidence!


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