Thursday, July 23, 2009

Gint-A-Cuffs Packs 19 & 20

Hey guys, Drew back here. Thanks for all the feedback on yesterday's posts. Glad to know you're all back (even though you never left)! Here are packs 19 & 20:

Pack 19

Matt Garza: 0
Raul Ibanez: 0
Samuel Morse: 0 (Awesome, Morse Code dude!)

Yadier Molina: 0
Sigmund Freud: 0
Chris Young SP: 5 Pts.

Vladimir Guerrero Mini A & G Back: 2 Pts.

Albert Pujols National Pride: 0 (HOW HIS HE NOT ON THE FAVORITES LIST!)

Total: 7 Pts.

Not too bad, could've been worse.

Pack 20

Andrew Miller: 0
Trevor Cahill RC: 0
Simpson/Bunker: 0
Adam Dunn: 0
Carlos Pena: 0
Jorge Posada Crack the Code: 1 (Useless piece of garbage: 2 - 1 Yankee)

Extinct Creatures Xerces Blue: 11 (Thank you, a butterfly SAVES MY PACK!!!)

Jorge Cantu National Pride: 0 (How does he make this set???)

Pack 20 Total: 12

Well, butterflies are now AWESOME! And no, I'm not a hippie!

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