Thursday, July 2, 2009

Not all that impressed

I just got done watching the exclusive Beckett Allen & Ginter 2009 Box Busters break, and I am not very pleased with the cards. The base cards don't have any action at all, and look really blank. The hits in the boxes weren't very good from Beckett for a change, their best was a silk #ed/10. They pulled a Ryan Howard jersey, Melvin Mora bat, Yunel Escobar Jersey, and more. The hits look great, but don't have much special to them. Regardless, I will still be in Gint-A-Cuffs, because maybe I'll like them in person.

Link to Beckett Box break



  1. I did this last year. Looked at cards online from '08 Ginter, wasn't impressed, hemmed and hawed and fianlly bought a blaster. Then another. Then another. Then one more.

    Hope you the 2009 version more then you think you will

  2. The checklist didn't really impress me, and I'm none too pleased about there not being a Markakis or Adam Jones relic or auto for me to chase.

    The creatures of myth and legend insert set does look pretty cool though.

  3. I think I'm really gonna like the cards themselves. It's the checklist I'm worried about. Cards of the milky way and some guy who plays yo yo?
    Plus I'm choked about then pulling two Braves hits. Less chance for me.

  4. I've always loved the A&G design and the card stock. I just disliked the non-sports element being in it - make it separate set for us non-sportys!


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