Friday, July 31, 2009

New Blog, and a follow up to last post

Hey guys, Drew back here, before I talk about last post, I just wanted to advertise for my new blog, Top Lists on the Mountain Top, which can be found here. This blog is a countdown list blog, and the 1st countdown will be the Top 50 Most Influential Musicians of All Time! So please check out the blog, the beginning of the countdown will start soon. I am truly a fan of new music, whether its hip hop/rap, rock, pop, or R&B, I always keep myself in the music no matter what.

Anyway, I wanted to follow up on last post a little bit. Especially after I read the huge comment from Offy defending his team. First off I want to say sorry for acting jerkish about that, I was just really excited that I thought I sniped out a couple players, especially on the Red Sox. Since nothing has happened with them, and a Red Sox employee made this list and sniped out Yankee players consistently, I wanted to proove that my team wasn't the only one cheating. Of course, the Rangers and Athletics are also up there (especially with Canseco in town, sorry Mario), but there is NO proof at all whether these Yankees caught used them while on the team. Here is a list of who is on and where they used them (apparently):

Alex Rodriguez: Used while on the Texas Rangers, caught in 2003.
Andy Pettitte: Caught using HGH while on the Houston Astros in between his 2 Yankee stints, reportedly to heal an injury.
Roger Clemens: Used while on Blue Jays, although hasn't admitted, this is close enough:

Jason Giambi: I don't remember off hand, but I'm pretty sure he used while on the A's.

So, really, none of the Yankees caught were caught while on the Yankees. You never know though, the only tests shown are from 2003 and that time stint. Some of them may have used with the Yankees, I'll admit. But Offy, that was the one part I saw that really stuck out in that comment, and I wanted to address it. Maybe they didn't say Ortiz and Manny used steroids, but they did fail the test, obviously meaning that they used. That's all I got with me right now. See Ya!


  1. Hey Drew,
    One big issue I take (and plenty of Orioles are on the 'list') is that ALL teams did it. You can't say 'Well, the Red Sox are cheaters, etc etc...' All teams had players juicing. So, that being said, if all teams had players on the juice, no team was made better. As far as a 'Performance Enhancer', well, if everyone is doing it, then shouldn't it be a 'Performance Leveller?' You know that I'm no Yankee fan, but I definitely haven't called them on the carpet for any of the 'roid use. I, myself, am upset over the Orioles usage... Anyway, I did find your previous post to be very good, BUT, keep in mind that the Sawx weren't the only team that had or will have players named. You will most likely see a decent number from all 30 I believe when the list is finally made public. (Which it shouldn't because it is being held under a court seal, which happens to get leaked- and that itself is a crime, leaking court-sealed information...)

  2. I agreed with your first post way back when you made it about there having to be some Sox on something. I still think the top two guys were probably Nomar and Mo Vaughn. I'm also a Sox fan, and just like you, there are plenty of times that I wish that Mr. Schilling would just shut his mouth. I'd rather hear about his video game company than his views on baseball or politics.

    I apologize if I was snippy in reply as well. To me, stuff like this takes all of the fun out of baseball both as a sport and the hobby of collecting. I'd hate to think that little kids who are fans of guys like A-Rod and Ortiz have to sit and watch as their favorite players have their names dragged through the mud. At times, it looked like Ortiz was close to tears when talking about this after the game yesterday. Whether he juiced or not, I hate seeing a guy who has been amazing for this team and this city being treated like that.

    What I really want to see are the lawyers who are supposedly leaking this list get locked up. Release the whole list along with the substances that were detected. It's not fair to the people who aren't on the list, but who are suspected and it doesn't really matter since players can just take HGH if they want to cheat and that's not detected in any test that the player's union allows.


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