Monday, July 20, 2009

Gint-A-Cuffs Packs 15 & 16 Opened at Yankee Stadium!

Hey guys (and some ladies...) Drew back here with Gint-A-Cuffs packs 15 & 16. These packs were opened in Yankee Stadium and hopefully we got some mojo going, here we go:

Pack 15
Justin Upton: 0 (yawn)
J.J. Hardy : 0 (yawn x2 Can we get multipliers on the yawn factors???)
Jeremy Hermida: 0 (I think I hit jackpot on the yawn meter, x 100!)
Jeff Francouer: 0 (I am so bored right now that I noticed that everybody's name so far has started with a J in this pack)
A.J. Burnett SP: 4 Pts. (SP - Yankee, Awesome Card pulled live during the old timer's game!)

Adam Eaton Now Useless Crack the Code Card: 2 Pts.

Jeff Francouer Mini: 0
Miguel Cabrera National Pride: 0

Pack 15 Total: 6 Pts. (yawn x 1000!)

Pack 16

Chase Utley: 2 (Favorite Player, Great way to start!)

Scott Rolen: 0
David Wright: 2 (Favorite Player, one of my favorite non-Yanks!)

Chipper Jones: 2 (Favorite Player, this is Awesome!)

Lastings Milledge: 0
Christian Guzman SP: 5 (AWESOME, I've never liked this dude this much!)

Jason Motte RC Allen & Ginter Back: 2 (Cool!)

Adrian Gonzalez National Pride: 4 (What an awesome pack!)

Pack 16 Total: 17 Points
So Far: 158 Points

So, that 2nd pack was really good, but still pretty disappointed about the 1st one. I did pull an awesome Burnett for the Yankee PC, but that was a boring one. So, Packs 17 & 18 coming soon to drewscards!

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