Thursday, July 16, 2009

Gint-A-Cuffs Packs 9 & 10

Alright, time to score some points. One quick thing, I have not yet pulled a short print card in the base set. Trader Crack says they are 1 in 2 packs, so I guess I got all the other one's without them. Here are packs 9 & 10:

Pack 9

John Danks- 0 (Always good to start out with John Danks)
Bobby Abreu- 0 (What a nice card this is)
Dexter Fowler RC- 0 (This is a good guy to get, a good rookie)
Felix Hernandez- 0
Jason Jaramillo RC- 0
John Higby- 0
Jair Jurrjens National Pride- 0 (Great Pack!)
Total: 0

WTF??? Count how many cards that is... 7! Let me read the pack to you guys, "8 Cards per pack", "7 Cards in packs with framed inserts". What is wrong with this box???

Pack 10

Miguel Tejada
(ahem, roids)
- 0
Denard Span- 0
Travis Snider RC- 0

Ryan Perry RC- 0 (who is this dude???)
Kerry Wood- 0
Gary Sheffield SP- 5 Points (1st one!)

Philippines Jose Rizal National Heroes Mini- 5 Points (Here we go!)

Victor Martinez National Pride- 0 (Way to end it, a Indians Player)

Pack 10 Total: 10 Points (Finally, a decent pack!) So Far: 49 Points through 10 packs

Finally, a short print! Gary Sheffield, Card #319! I will remember this day forever! I can't believe that pi and a phillipine guy gave me some of my only points!

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