Monday, July 13, 2009

drewscards Official Set Cards 25-30

Hey guys, haven't done any of this in a while, but I'm a little behind on these. Here are cards 25-30. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, I have a custom card set with cool pictures of players and celebrities in the 2009 Topps card design. These are cards 25-30 in the set, and when I finish the next 6 cards, I will have a slideshow of 25-36. To see the last 2 slideshows, take a look at this link. The link contains cards 1-24 so far. Here are the next 6:

Card 25- Alex Rodriguez

Card 26- Fernando Martinez (error card)

Card 27- A.J. Pierzynski (my new fantasy catcher)

Card 28- Taylor "Soul Patrol" Hicks (He won American Idol somehow over Chris Daughtry a few years ago. I think he was hiding that he was 80 years over the age limit :)

Card 29- Kosuke Fukudome

Card 30- Ozzie Smith

That'll doozers. See Ya!

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  1. I think you meant to say that card is Fernando MArtinez - not perez - that dudes is a ray

  2. Oh yeah, you're right! Error card. Lets say it books $100 bucks!


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