Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Upcoming Card Show

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Hey everyone, Drew back here. Sure, I wish I could've went to the National, but, the "East Coast National", as they call it, is coming up soon, and I will be attending. The show is in White Plains, the place I always go. All 6 Grading services will be there, including PSA/DNA, JSA, and Beckett.

The show is hosted by JP's Sports and Rock Solid Promotions, and will feature a lineup of multiple Hall of Famers and former stars.

Friday, August 20th

Joe Pepitone: $15 (Free Inscription)
J.R. Richard: $20 (Free Inscription)
Jim Lonborg: $15 (Free Inscription)

The show technically begins August 19th, that Thursday, but no players/former players are scheduled to attend. Friday's lineup is solid, 3 former good players, but it gets much better as the weekend moves along.

Saturday, August 21st
Ron Kittle: Free ($5 Inscriptions, $10 Additional Signatures)
Scott Hall (Wrestling): Free ($5 Inscriptions, $10 Additional Signatures)
Juan Gonzalez: $30 (Free Inscription)
Jesse Orosco: $35 ($10 Inscription)
Sid Fernandez: $35 ($10 Inscription)
BILLY WILLIAMS: Flats/Balls/Over/Equipment: $30, Bats/Jerseys: $50, ($10 Inscriptions)
GARY CARTER: Flats/Balls/Cap/Over: $50, Bats/Jersey: $75 ($20 Inscriptions)
JOHNNY BENCH: Flats/Balls/11x14: $60, other equipment goes up to $105 ($20 Inscriptions)

Saturday may arguably have the best lineup, with 2 free guests (Hall/Kittle), Juan Gonzalez, Orosco and Fernandez, and 3 Hall of Famers, Billy Williams, Gary Carter, and Johnny Bench. Prices aren't overly ridiculous this day too, Billy Williams is at a nice price.

Sunday, August 22nd
Roy White: Free ($5 Inscriptions, $10 Additional Signatures)
Dwight Gooden: $25 ($10 Inscriptions)
Mel Stottlemyre: $35 ($5 Inscriptions)
RALPH KINER: Flats/Balls/Cap/Equipment: $25, Bats/Jerseys: $50 ($10 Inscriptions)
ROBIN YOUNT: Flats/Balls/11x14: $75, others go up to $135 ($30 Inscriptions)
Bernie Williams: Flats up to 16x20/Balls: $159, rest goes up to $229 ($50 Inscriptions)

Well, the prices didn't look ridiculous, until Bernie came along. And no, that is not a typo, he costs $159 for any single autograph with a $50 inscription. Very ridiculous, they say it's his 1st card show appearance in NY, and I have a good feeling not many people will be in line for that guy. I would love to meet him, but my $159 doesn't want to! I'm debating whether to meet Yount or not, $75 is an awful lot too, should I? This is the day I'm going, and I'm meeting White, Gooden, Stottlemyre, Kiner, and maybe Yount. Nice lineup! It's no National, but sure is one of the better shows in the country!

Not only are the lineups stacked with stars, but there are 450+ Tables full of a good mix of memorabilia, vintage, and modern cards. This will make for a great show! My Grandpa Roy, Dad, and friend Mike will all be with me, and it should be an awesome time! I can't wait to go! See Ya!


  1. Wow! That should be a really good show! $159 for Bernie Williams does seem like a lot! You could get 3 or 4 Hall of Famers for the price of 1 Bernie Williams auto. I guess he just dosen't sign very much. I just checked eBay and he only has 4 pack issued autographs up right now. The cheapest was about $130. Have fun at the show!

  2. Yeah, $159 is way too much unless you really like Bernie. Well anyway, have a great time there!

  3. Bernie Williams wife had lunch in my restaurant yesterday (She comes about once a month) I was going to ask her if she could bring Bernie in sometime so I could get an Auto $159 is outrageous.

  4. If I'm spending that much on an auto, it better be Cal, or Koufax or someone amazing like that. Hope you have fun bro.

  5. Ugh, aren't there any NY card shows NOT in White Plains? That's a bit too far for me. Have fun dude!

  6. Kiner at $25 seems like a steal. Why can't Pittsburgh get card shows like this?

  7. I love going to card shows and looking for a great find. Shows are not what they used to be since the internet got big though. We have 2 big shows a year in my area. Also about 1 a month with only about 20 tables.

  8. Thanks everyone, and yeah steve, Kiner seems like a steal, and everyone else, Bernie is a complete waste of $.


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