Monday, November 30, 2009

Today's Mail

Hey guys, Drew back here. I stayed home from school today because I caught the stomach bug at my school. Man, if there was a disease football I'd be the best wide receiver! Pretty sure that's 5 colds, swine flu, and a stomach bug since September. Anyway, at least I had some mail waiting for me, one package from Beckett and another from eBay that my mom almost got in trouble for forgetting to pay, ANYWAY, here's what I got, or at least some highlights:

Beckett Contest Giveaway Prize- My 2009 Yankees World Series Set!
Overall, a pretty cool set, but in a way, I'm a little disappointed. I love that Pettitte card, and the other playoff ones, but the rest of them are THE SAME EXACT CARDS FROM TOPPS' FIRST 3 SETS!!!!!! Not good. But, yeah, some of them are cool, and I got these in the set for my PC:

Now for the second dose of mailage.....

2008 Upper Deck Yankee Stadium Legacy Cano Relic
So far this is one of my favorite Cano cards I own, and I only got it for like 10 bucks! Not too shabby for a 2008 case hit. The design is nice and I'm very happy to add it to the collection!

Thanks Beckett for the prize, and see ya!

Sunday, November 29, 2009


Hey guys, Drew back here, just wanted to make a quick update on the awards. Since some of the panel members haven't responded to my emails, I came to a few decisions. First off, the only panel member so far that really wants to do this is the Troll, so we have one guy in the panel easy, convincing Canuck & Beardy to definitely wanna be part of the panel may be tough. So, I think I'm going to need another panel member, because 3 people picking nominees for you to vote for doesn't sound fair at all. If you have interest in helping out, and are a fast emailer, one I can count on to respond in at least 2 days, please email me at and we can have you pick some winners. Now, I also have thought out another thing, I need some football blogger help with this. We have currently 6 awards that will involve football players. Here they are, in list form:

Athlete of the Year (any sport)
Sports Moment of the Year (any sport)
Coach of the Year (any sport)
Football Product of the Year
Football Insert Set of the Year
Football Autographed Set of the Year

If you blog about football cards and know 2009 products well, please email me and let me know if you wanna pick 5 nominees and a winner for all those awards. Limit of 3 people to vote.

Now, the big news we have is now we've expanded beyond the Blogs, we're going to do Youtube awards as well. Tom the Ripper 407 on youtube has decided to help make videos for our nominees!!!

To bring more voters here, we will do the same awards for the people of youtube as we do for the bloggers. And no, you guys do not have to vote for them, but the people brought here to the awards from Tom the Ripper will be able to vote for their favorites. This isn't a small show here folks.

So, what I'm asking for all of you right now is absolutely nothing.
For the panel (Beardy, Canuck, Troll, possibly Tom the Ripper, any football bloggers, any other dudes interested) I will ask to please pick 5 nominees and your winner for any of these awards:

Athlete of the Year
Coach of the Year
Sports Moment of the Year

Card Company of the Year

Baseball Product of the Year
Baseball Insert Set of the Year
Baseball Autographed Set of the Year

Football Product of the Year (so far)
Football Insert Set of the Year (so far)
Football Autographed Set of the Year (so far)

Blog of the Year
Rookie Blog of the Year
Blog Trader of the Year
Blog Box Breaker of the Year
Most Creative Blogger
Coolest Blog Design

and for the possible Youtubers:

Youtuber of the Year
Rookie Youtuber of the Year
Youtube Trader of the Year
Youtube Box Breaker of the Year
Most Creative Youtuber
Coolest Youtube Channel design

That's 22 awards in total. For the panel, if you don't collect football, don't vote for those. For possible football collectors in the panel, if you don't collect baseball, let me know and you don't have to vote for it. If you are in the panel but are not on Youtube or watch Youtube, don't vote for those. Everyone must pick nominees for the 1st 3 awards, Moment, Athlete, and Coach.

Any questions please feel free to email me, see ya!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Baseball Card Hall of Fame

Hey guys, Drew back here, I just noticed that last post was my 400th, pretty crazy. My 1 year anniversary is 2 weeks from tomorrow, also ridiculously crazy. Today I fought the stomach bug, and my big plans for this weekend posting wise didn't work out too well. Anyway, this leads to tonight's post, the next induction into the BCHOF, the 8th so far. The Troll got into a contest on the best rookie card of the 80's, so that gave me more possible ideas. Here are a list of some cards I have thought of that should be inducted at some point:

1915 Cracker Jack- Joe Jackson
1916 Sporting News- Babe Ruth RC
1933 Goudey- Napolean Lajoie
1933 Goudey- Lou Gehrig RC
1938 Goudey- Joe DiMaggio RC
1941 Play Ball- Joe DiMaggio RC
1948 Leaf- Jackie Robinson RC
1949 Bowman- Jackie Robinson RC
1953 Topps- Mickey Mantle
1953 Topps- Jackie Robinson
1953 Topps- Satchel Paige RC
1954 Topps- Ted Williams
1954 Topps- Jackie Robinson
1954 Topps- Willie Mays
1954 Topps- Yogi Berra
1954 Topps- Al Kaline RC
1955 Topps- Ted Williams
1955 Topps- Willie Mays
1955 Topps- Duke Snider
1955 Topps- Roberto Clemente RC
1956 Topps- Mickey Mantle
1956 Topps- Jackie Robinson
1956 Topps- Roberto Clemente
1956 Topps- Al Kaline
1957 Topps- Ted Williams
1957 Topps- Don Drysdale RC
1957 Topps- Frank Robinson RC
1958 Topps- Ted Williams
1958 Topps- Mickey Mantle
1959 Topps- Mickey Mantle
1959 Topps- Bob Gibson RC
1960 Topps- Carl Yastrzemski RC
1960 Topps- Mickey Mantle
1962 Topps- Hank Aaron
1962 Topps- Roger Maris
1963 Topps- Mickey Mantle
1963 Topps- Pete Rose RC
1964 Topps- Mickey Mantle
1965 Topps- Hank Aaron
1965 Topps- Mickey Mantle
1968 Topps- Nolan Ryan/Jerry Koosman RC
1969 Topps- Reggie Jackson RC
1970 Topps- Thurman Munson RC
1973 Topps- Mike Schmidt/Ron Cey/John Hilton RC
1974 Topps- Dave Winfield RC
1978 Topps- Eddie Murray RC
1979 Topps- Ozzie Smith RC
1980 Topps- Rickey Henderson RC
1982 Topps- Cal Ripken Jr. RC
1982 Fleer- Cal Ripken Jr. RC
1984 Topps- Don Mattingly RC
1985 Topps- Mark McGwire USA RC

1987 Topps- Bo Jackson RC
1989 Fleer- Bill Ripken F**k Face Error
1993 Topps- Derek Jeter RC
1993 SP- Derek Jeter RC
1994 SP- Alex Rodriguez RC
2001 Upper Deck- Albert Pujols RC
2001 Topps Gallery- Albert Pujols RC
2001 Bowman (or Chrome)- Albert Pujols RC
2001 Topps- Ichiro RC

You guys could probably think up more. Please pick ONE card to make it into the Hall of Fame, it doesn't have to be on the list I just made. Leave me a comment on which card makes it as the 8th card in the Hall of Fame. Remember: The card needs 3 seperate votes from 3 seperate people to make it in. If that fails, a poll will be up with the highest voted cards. See Ya!,%20Satchell.jpg

NolanRyan1968Topps177ROOKIEPSA45.jpg PSA 4.5 $239 image by BlueDevilSportscards

Friday, November 27, 2009

Grandpa Roy Question

Hey guys, it's getting down to the wire here at drewscards, almost finished with this year's Grandpa Roy Trivia for 2009! Here's today's question, now every point counts, who wants a prize???

In the NFL, teams who have competed for championships frequently have had strong defenses with colorful names.
What teams do the following names refer to?

Fearsome Foursome-> LOS ANGELES RAMS (Answered correctly by SpastikMooss, 2.5 points awarded to him)

Purple People Eaters-> MINNESOTA VIKINGS (Answered correctly by Anthony K, 1 point awarded to him)

Orange Crush-> DENVER BRONCOS (Answered correctly by Troll, 1 point awarded to him)

No-Name-> MIAMI DOLPHINS (Answered correctly by MattR, 1 more point awarded to him)

Sack Exchange-> NEW YORK JETS (Answered correctly by Mark's Ephemera, 2.5 points added to him)

Steel Curtain-> PITTSBURGH STEELERS (Answered correctly by MattR plus 4 players named, 2.5 points awarded to him)

Doomsday-> DALLAS COWBOYS (Answered correctly by Captain Canuck, 2.5 points for him)

Monsters of the Midway-> CHICAGO BEARS (Answered correctly by Spastik Moose, 1 more point for him)

Please leave a comment with your answer, if you can name at least 4 players from that team (along with the team), you will get 2.5 points towards the leaderboard! If you just name the team, you will be credited 1 point. Make sure you leave the team name no matter what though.

OK? Remember, no reference sites, only 1 guess a day, people check at different times of the day so we need to be fair and let them have an opportunity. Thanks guys, and good luck!

Mail from foul bunt!

Hey guys, Drew back here, got some mail a few days back from William of foul bunt, as a little care package. Check out what he sent me:

2009 Topps Updates & Highlights Brett Gardner, Mark Teixeira (All Star), and CC Sabathia
Very cool, love the pictures on all 3, the CC one is unique, and Gardy should be running on every card he has!

2009 Topps Updates & Highlights Jeter/Victorino/Wright/Youkilis WBC, Girardi/Jeter
The one to the left is a little strange, but I really like the one to the right. Sure, I miss Joe Torre, but Girardi is doing a fine job as manager. Too bad Mattingly isn't manager :(

2009 Topps Update Teixeira Propaganda, Rivera, Posada Topps Town, Jeter Ticket to Stardom
The card I've been wanting really bad has arrived, the Tex propaganda! I wish they made a bigger set out of these, can't we do without Ring of Honor until next year??? Or Toppstown, better yet, don't they already have a boring kid's set? The Jeter Ticket to Stardom is nice too.

Thanks William for the cards, make sure you check out his blog, very underrated in the industry. See Ya!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hey guys, Drew back here, just wishing you all a happy thanksgiving! How do you like today's blog design? Anyway, I hope you have some good food cooking right now, enjoy whatever you're having! This year in our community I'm thankful for all the great traders and nice guys that I get to trade with or write to, thank you all so much!

I'll start the crazy posting tomorrow.


Wednesday, November 25, 2009

2009 Topps T-206 Huh?

2009 Topps T-206 100th Anniversary Ed Baseball Hobby Box - Click Image to Close

Hey guys, Drew back here, with another soon to become famous before I touch a single card from the set review! This time, it is 2009 Topps T-206, shall we?

Well, to start off, this is kinda similar to two sets from 2009, Goudey and Allen & Ginter. I say Goudey because, some of the cards are really nice, but some are REALLY ugly. That Gehrig card in the link is, uh, yucky, to say the least. One thing that I don't like is that it is too similar to Allen & Ginter that it gets annoying. In my opinion it looks better than Goodwin & Goudey, but not as good as Allen & Ginter.

Allen & Ginter/T-206 Similarities:
- Old base design
- Mini Relics in frame
- WAY too many mini parallels

There are more, but those are the big 3, that make these too similar. Even some of the base cards have the same picture (allen & ginter, t-206). Really Topps? At least he's not in an Brewers uniform, or even the Indians uniform though.

What makes this a nice product is that the photography (most of it) is fantastic!

Overall without touching any of it: 7/10

But hey, you never know!

P.S., if you're 6 or older you are allowed to open packs of this :)

Monday, November 23, 2009

Free Stuff Mail!

Hey guys, Drew back here. So, continuing this 1 post per day if lucky routine, which will be crazy out of control in just a few days due to break (Grandpa Roy Question, Possible Other Mail, Baseball Card Hall of Fame, Awards), I got a little mail in today, so let's see what I got!

Today I got a package courtesy of Card Corner, which is soon celebrating 10 years in the industry. Congrats you guys by the way! Also, one of our own bloggers, Voice of the Collector, or VOTC for short, the Beckett hater, is a writer for the site and displays it often on his blog. The site just started a social network, similar to what Mario at Wax Heaven did. They recently gave away a FREE game used or autograph to everyone who signed up. Well, I saw the letters F R E & E put together so I hopped on the bandwagon and joined the network. It has lots of cool stuff, and has much potential! Although they are finished with their giveaway, they will have many future giveaways so make sure it's on your blogging To Do List, to check it out and sign up!

So they asked me what teams I collected, and I told them. Unfortunately, due to the billions and trillions of Yankees fans out there they were all out and gave me something different. Way different, I'm talking fattest vegetarian different. Check this sweet card I got:

It's a 2008 Sweet Spot Prince Fielder jersey card! And no, it's not white! It's not even black! It's a nice navy blue, a rarity in today's white & gray jersey card community. Although I am in no way a Brewers fan, this is a cool card, and it's free! It's for trade too if anyone is interested, check my wantlist on the sidebar.

So thanks so much you guys, everyone else be sure to check this network out! See Ya!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Play at the Plate Mail

Hey guys, long time no see, I've been extremely busy lately, no time to post, I signed up for winter track to get in shape for baseball season, and I've been dealing with some sore legs, and an annoying cold (5 since school started, and swine!). Track has been fun, although I never have liked running. My friend is running with me so it's getting fun, running through our trail in the woods is awesome. My dad is out in the middle of the woods right now, and I'm gonna go play Rockband with my sister in a few minutes, but I figured I'd show you some stuff I received (on Tuesday) from Brian, the Play at the Plate. I asked for them and sent them, bing bang boom. Thanks Brian for the stuff, I'll look to find you some stuff soon!

By the way, congrats to Joe (Priceless Pursuit) for getting the last trivia question right! Frank Crosetti is the all time leader in games in the World Series (in uniform). He played a total of 29 World Series games with the Yanks, and 93 games as a coach, adding up to 122 World Series in uniform games! Yogi Berra is 2nd all time, with 119 total games, so you guys were very very close to getting it right. Hopefully Grandpa Roy got you this time! Congrats Joe, you'll get a point added to the leaderboard, good job! Go Yanks! See Ya!

Last thing I promise, I won the Yanks 27 Card World Series set on Beckett's Free Stuff Friday yesterday, can't wait to get it!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

My 3 Top Autographs (well, some of my faves I already have pictures of on my computer)

Wow, that's a long title. Hey guys, Drew back here, showing 3 already taken pictures of 3 of my favorite on card autographs, and some other random ones I may show at the end. Enjoy!

OK, number 3 is.....

2008 Topps Allen & Ginter Jeff King TTM Auto
Well, before I explain why this means so much to me, I must say that Jeff King is one of the best Iditarod racers of all time (sorry Kanye)! He's won a few, and I got to follow his stats last year in English class. So, my second TTM ever (Brad Smith of the Jets 1st, still waiting for that) went out to Mr. King, and he sent back this and an autographed index card, which I cut up around it and put it in a frame (yeah, it did look nice), and gave it to my English teacher. So, my 1st TTM return has to be up there.

Number 2 goes to.....

1994 Nabisco All Stars Bob Gibson Auto
Well, you guys just saw it that I got a few days ago, but how can somebody as good as Bob Gibson NOT get in this top 3? Seriously. Nice auto, cool picture (even without logos, study this Upper Deck), and an amazing pitcher to finish.

And number 1.....

2007 Upper Deck Sweet Spot Ryan Zimmerman Autograph #ed/10!!!
This is an amazing card, one of my favorites, he's an all star 3rd baseman (one I'd like to see in pinstripes), and he has a sweet sig (get it?). Only limited to 10 copies makes this card the coolest!

Some other possible nominees are....

2007 Upper Deck Sweet Spot Signatures Brian Bruney Auto /99
Yeah, still got a man crush on him, don't laugh, he's the man!

2007 Upper Deck Masterpieces Jason Bay Auto
Yeah I hate him, and actually, yeah, this is for trade, but it is an awesome card, plus a nice autograph. It is a "Stroke of Genius" indeed.

2007 Upper Deck Sweet Spot Adam Lind RC Auto
Love the helmet, and another sweet signature!

2008 Donruss Gridiron Gear Dexter Jackson Pull Out Auto
Very unique card to finish it out. You pull the side piece and the piece of jersey with the auto drags out. Nothing special about Jackson but the card is cool.

Thanks Dinged Corners for the great idea, and I hoped you guys enjoyed it! See Ya!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Grandpa Roy Question

It's getting towards the end of the year, not many opportunities to get points on the scoreboard. The entire leaderboard can be found on the sidebar above the blog list, Hackenbush currently in 1st with 9 1/2 points. If you don't know any of the answers, take a look at my Robinson Cano or Nick Swisher wantlists, if you have anything I don't have let me know and you'll get half a point for each new addition you make to my collection. So, anyway, here's today's question:

I have appeared IN UNIFORM in more World Series games than anyone in history. Who am I? How many games?

1. Name

So, please don't cheat, work out the problem yourself, hmmm... what teams were they on, what years were that team in the World Series, etc. You get the point. Good luck with the question, the person who answers it correctly gets 1 point on the leaderboard. Every point counts!
No, the picture doesn't have anything to do with the question.

Couple packs from Target

Hey guys, finishing yesterday's stuff with a couple packs I got from Target before the movie. So, I got a pack of Updates & Highlights, SP Authentic, Ticket to Stardom & O-Pee-Chee, here's the results:

2009 O-Pee-Chee:
- Randy Winn
- Jhonny Peralta
- Jacoby Ellsbury
- Josh Willingham Black Border
- 2008 NL Home Run Leaders (Howard/Dunn/Delgado)
- Miguel Cabrera
- Josh Bard

Thoughts: Now I have the black border and regular stinkin Josh Bard mugshot card. Want it? All for trade, no intentions of building the set.

2009 Topps Updates & Highlights:
- Guillermo Quiroz
- Ivan Rodriguez
- Lance Broadway
- Ichiro All Star
- Ted Lilly All Star
- Matt Cain All Star
- Michael Young All Star
- Daisuke Matsuzaka Turkey Red
- Zach Greinke Topps Town
- Ken Griffey Jr. Season Highlights
- Ryan Hanigan
- Javier Vazquez

Thoughts: Not bad, I hate Dice-K after drafting him as my ace in fantasy last year, and he sucked, man, if I didn't have Cliff Lee & Justin Verlander. The Greinke is decent but the insert is not, the Ivan Rodriguez is nice, the Ichiro & Griffeys are cool too.

2009 Topps Ticket to Stardom:
- Hunter Pence
- Carlos Delgado
- Alex Gordon
- Andy Sonnanstine Perforated
- Alex Rodriguez Seasoned Veterans
- Jorge Posada
- Hanley Ramirez
- Felix Hernandez

Thoughts: Awesome pack, likin Ticket to Stardom so far. The funny thing is before I left to go to the movies, I was working on my wantlist, and I just put on the Posada & A-Rod seasoned veterans when I left. The A-Rod is nice, cool insert, but the only flaw in this is the stupid perforated cards. If this is a ticket brand then every card should have a ticket feel, not just one card per pack. I like the perforated's a little more because of that, but every card should be like that. Nice pack though

2009 SP Authentic:
- Matt Holliday
- Ryan Zimmerman
- Kevin Slowey SP Authentic Signatures Autograph!!! :)
- Tim Lincecum
- Alex Rodriguez

Thoughts: This was some steroid usin/free agent/pot smokin/horrible team good player pack! And an autograph! The A-Rod is cool to have, and the Slowey is an awesome pull, although it probably only sells from 5-10 bucks. It doesn't say the odds on autographs on the Upper Deck packs, so that stinks, but it isn't too easy to pull an autograph in retail!

Overall a pretty good purchase, happy with the results, I opened them in the movie theater. For $10 or so it was a steal. I beat the packsearcher!

Drew: 1
Packsearcher: 0

Lastly, you know the Topps complete sets they sell at Target with the Mickey Mantle memorabilia card staring at you in front of very thin plastic? Well, some idiots stole them all at my Target! I don't buy full sets but you must be kinda desperate if you're stealing baseball cards. Arg! See Ya!

*click to enlarge, sorry for bad pic*

All For trade except Yanks

Cool New Additions

Last Night's Recap- THIS IS IT!!!!

Hey guys, Drew back here. After going in town and buying a few sweet singles (you'll see later), and going to church, my mom took me out to the mall so we could see "This is It". Since Michael's surprising death I have gained more interest in his music, and even started to feel bad for the guy! My mom got the Essential CD right after he passed away, I loaded it to my iPod, and now I'm listening to him! Now, this movie shows some of the great last moments Michael had on Earth, rehearsing for songs he would perform for his final concert "This is It". Director Kenny Ortega, most recently know for the High School Musical Series, and many many others put together an amazing show, all the dancers were great, the girl guitarists were great, the lighting was great, and the effects were amazing! For some of the songs (ie: Thriller, Smooth Criminal, They Don't Care About Us, Earth Song) they made videos on the screen for that were really cool, especially Thriller, where they re-created a zombie graveyard which was awesome. All in all, Ortega did a phenomonal job making a tribute to Michael Jackson, and Michael still had the dances, I couldn't believe he was 50!

I learned a lot about MJ since his death. He seemed like a good man all in all, he may have made his mistakes, and may have been partly feminine, but he was probably a great father to his kids. He seemed so caring and loving, and he really showed that he loves our planet Earth, and he doesn't want it destroyed (2012). I thought this movie was great, if you are a Michael Jackson fan (or were) today or 20 years ago, this is a movie for you! Rating: 10/10

P.S. In the movie they NEVER said anything about Michael passing away, absolutely nothing, which is nice.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

More Clear Award Update

Hey guys, so this is how we will run these awards, check it out

We are NOT doing entertainment awards, it'd be too much of a pain and are any of us here for that sort of thing?

Instead, these are some confirmed awards for this year:

Sports Moment of the Year (panel chooses nominees, poll will be up on any blog)
Athlete of the Year ("" "")
Coach of the Year ("" "")
Card Company of the Year (Topps, Upper Deck, Panini, Tristar, Razor)
Baseball Product of the Year (panel chooses nominees, poll)
Football Product of the Year ("" "")
Insert Set of the Year ("" "")
Autographed Insert of the Year ("" "")

Blog of the Year (you will email me,, or wicked ortega,, with your nominee when we tell you to do so)
Rookie Blogger of the Year ("" "")
Trader of the Year (email whatever member in the panel is running the award with your nomination)
Biggest Box Breaker ("" "")
Most Creative ("" "")
Coolest Blog Design ("" "")

Rules for blog voting:

2. You can vote for whoever you like, but don't tell anyone who you voted for, this must be confidential.
3. It's between me & you, no one in between (other than wicked & I)
4. You can vote for us, but if you do, you cannot vote for the person running the award (example: if I am in control for blog of the year nobody can vote for me for that award, but, however, you can vote for me in the award let's say Captain Canuck is running, get it?)
5. The Panel's vote counts for 2 votes, yours counts for 1, so I suggest if you want your friend to win start voting (when we tell you to of course)

Got it?

Now, there could possibly be an exception for Rule #1, I had an idea that we could do a PC contest, Team or Player (maybe both), for a chance to win an award. If that comes true, email us with either a link to a photobucket or zistle or anything (must be a real PC, don't cheat), youtube, whatever. Let me know what you think on that too.

Beardy elected himself to make little banners that you can show off on your blogs if you win too, so you do get a semi prize

Alright, if you have any suggestions, questions or comments feel free to let me know, but for now, think with your dipstick!

Don't just watch the video READ!!!! Bye

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Update on the Card Awards

Hey guys, Drew back here, nice to see some good feedback on the last few posts, now, there has been some chat going on lately between a bunch of us bloggaz, and we decided to make an ultimate blogging awards. Haven't heard back from the other commissioner of this thing, wicked ortega, but so far we've got a little panel and it's looking good so far. We do need a logo and other stuff to make this shin-dig big but this is the panel:
- Wicked Ortega
- drewscards (Me)

CONFIRMED PANEL (including Wicked & I too):

- Beardy
- Priceless Pursuit
- Collective Troll
- Waxaholic
Mike Ryan (Ripken Pursuit) decided to step down yesterday, so Joe from the Priceless Pursuit joined! I've had some swirling thoughts about it lately, and I figured why not share them with you! So, I don't want any more than 30 awards, but 30 may work if all of us in the panel do 5 seperate awards on our respective blogs. My ideas on types of awards so far:

Product Awards:
Company of the Year (Topps, Upper Deck, Panini, Razor, Tristar)
Baseball Product of the Year
Football Product of the semi-Year
Blog Awards:Blog of the Year
Rookie Blogger of the Year (started January 1 on)
Most Giving (as a trader)
Biggest Box Breaker
Most Creative
Coolest Blog Design
Most Giveaways
Sports Awards:Moment of the Year
Team of the Year
Athlete of the Year
Coach of the Year

Lastly, wasn't sure if it would work or not (most of the panel doesn't like this idea), but I was thinking about Entertainment Awards, like CD of the year, Singer of the Year, Movie of the Year, TV Show of the Year, Actor/Actress of the Year, and Video Game of the Year. I sorta like the idea, mostly because I love that stuff, but not sure about you.

Also, voting has been brought up a good amount of times as well, and I wanted to let you know that voting goes like this:

For Awards that don't involve any of you, polls will take place over all of the blogs
For polls that involve you the bloggers and maybe readers, email me, wicked, Beardy, Pursuit, Canuck, or Troll with a nomination (for the panel, let us all know who voted so we can keep track)

Hopefully you guys follow me so far, be sure to see more of this on here soon,


See Ya!

PS somethings screwed up with the font size, please excuse me blowing your eyes out of your head while technical difficulties take place

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

What is Book Value anyway?

No, I know what it is, but to you, what is book value? To me, it's a baseline to a card's value. Sure, all the guys do is say to each other "this is a 10 dollar card, right?," but still, companies like Beckett get the job done well enough to give us a general idea of how much something sells for.

I don't sell at all, I think it's a good idea to do if it's a business for you, but it's a hobby to me. I honestly don't care about what a card books for if I have it, ok I care because they're fun to show off, but it's not like while I open boxes I'll be like "ooh, that's a 30 dollar card, better sell it now".

I mean, I hate getting ripped off in boxes, but if I get anything Yankees I'd be happy. One thing that always determines if I got ripped off is the fun factor, how much fun it is to open a certain product.

I'm skipping all over the place in this post, but, really, how do you use "book value". I use it as a baseline, but really "book value" should be what it sells for, not what a group of guys determine a 10 dollar card. I hope you understand this post, and I'd really like to know what you think. Thanks, Drew

Vintage Cards From Pop Popps

Hey guys, Drew back here, Pop Popps gave me some new cards a few days ago and I scanned them last night to show you guys. Now, not sure about why one of the cards books for so much, you'll see in the video, enjoy!

Let me know about that Miggins guys, later

Sports Lots & Check Out My Cards Question

Hey guys, I want to order a few cards on sportslots, and also on COMC. I was curious if you order from multiple sellers if you will get all the cards in one package, which both applies for those sites. Let me know, if so, I can get farther in that Goudey set! Drew

Tons of new cards

Yeah, I'm behind, but I'll be ahead after today, enjoy the video!


I love that Torre triple and the Swisher jersey, plus all those Cano's, awesome! See Ya!

Congrats to Jeter & Tex!

Hey guys, Drew back here, and I'm proud to say we got some award winners in. Now let's just hope Jeter gets MVP and Sabathia gets Cy Young, and I'll be happy! So, Derek Jeter and Mark Teixeira were recently awarded with gold gloves. Both of them had phenomenal seasons in the field, especially Jeter, the one that those ESPN dudes couldn't lay off of before the season. Some have said that he would be the worst defensive shortstop in the American League this year. Well, whoever said that was off by a mile. I'm very glad we picked up Teixeira. He has been so key, and there's no way this guy doesn't get an award here. He played excellent in the field and always made smart plays whenever we needed them.

Today we salute you, Mr. Gold Glove Winning Dudes

Mark Teixeira and his wife Leigh pose for a photo during his signing to the New York Yankees at Yankee Stadium on January 6, 2009 in the Bronx borough of New York City.  (Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images) *** Local Caption *** Leigh Teixeira;Mark Teixeira

And also, to Torii Hunter, Ichiro, Mark Buerhle, Adam Jones, Placido Polanco, Joe Mauer, and Evan Longoria, for also winning this award.

Sammy Sosa

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Here's a newbie to the blogging community, he's been a frequent visitor to the blog, and I gotta give em a nice shoutout. He's a also a Yankee fan, but remember to save some Yanks for me :) Give Nico and his Nr Mt blog a nice little subscription, everything you usually do when I announce new blogs.

See Ya!

Monday, November 9, 2009

The Best Song!

Here is a totally unrelated post, mostly due to a few tests tomorrow and not much free time. I will tell though that I have to post more new vintage cards from my Pop Popps, plus 2 new singles I got recently, one very old school and sweet! So, without further due, the best song around right now, the pump up song for the 2009 World Series Champs, NEW YORK!!!!

Watch Jeter at 2:36! Lol, it's pretty funny

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Trade with Beardy!

Hey guys, Drew back here. I've been working on my wantlists for 2009 Yankees cards I don't have plus the Cano wantlist, and Swisher will be started once Cano is finished. My Yankees PC is pretty big now, with at least 25 hits, 15 numbered cards, rookie cards of almost every current Yankee, 100 + 2009 cards, and over 75 cards of A-Rod & Jeter. It's pretty good looking right now, and now it looks even better. Beardy and I have been planning a big trade for an awful long time now. A lot of "hits" were involved, you'll see on his blog those "hits". But I got some awesome stuff, I traded him a few mixed 60's and 70's Orioles and he really liked them. Here are the 23 scans of every single one of those 85 cards Beardy sent me yesterday. Enjoy!

PS, Beardy got 2.5 points on the contest leaderboard!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Trade on the Sports Card Forum

Hey guys, Drew back here, with a trade post, this one from a guy on the sports card forum, here's some pics:

2 Cool 2009 Mini's, nice Sabathia black border & A-Rod Goodwin (I picked these out)

2 Ticket to Stardom's, Cano, and Swisher, both needed for PC, sweet!

A lot of O-Pee-Chee, tons of Black Borders and then a Damon Walk off Winners, but this was one of the O-Pee-Chee Kings of the day

*click to enlarge*
This is the Swisher mini black border, which he just happened to have, and wa-lah, it's now mine!

Lots of awesome Yanks rookie cards, including a Phil Hughes Bowman Blue Refractor /399!

Well, every awesome card addition post must come to an end, but I made sure this end would be awesome, but it is. I picked up both of these from him for that Michael Bowden Red Sox autograph, and got the O-Pee-Chee triple relic with Cuddyer and Willingham, and a Ticket to Stardom bat ticket relic card /2 hundred something. I actually like this card quite a bit, and I need the dual to finish off Swisher's Ticket to Stardom hits, but I'll still need a ba-jillion parallels. Got another sweet trade with Beardy too that I need to scan, I'll have it up tonight or tomorrow. See Ya!

Well... I wasn't there, but I guess the TV was enough

Hey guys, Drew back here, after sleeping over my friend's house last night, I'm back. I watched a ton of the YES encore of the Yankees parade (my mom said if she wasn't working that day we could've been there) and I wanted to just put some pictures up. One thing I don't get is how Nady & Chien-Mien Wang still get keys to the city and most of the year they were out. I don't know. Enjoy the pics, especially you Yankee hater (yes, all of you)

Yes, A-Rod's hat did look pretty funny, I will say

Yes, it's a topic of discussion

All From

Yeah, I should've been there

See Ya!