Sunday, November 15, 2009

Last Night's Recap- THIS IS IT!!!!

Hey guys, Drew back here. After going in town and buying a few sweet singles (you'll see later), and going to church, my mom took me out to the mall so we could see "This is It". Since Michael's surprising death I have gained more interest in his music, and even started to feel bad for the guy! My mom got the Essential CD right after he passed away, I loaded it to my iPod, and now I'm listening to him! Now, this movie shows some of the great last moments Michael had on Earth, rehearsing for songs he would perform for his final concert "This is It". Director Kenny Ortega, most recently know for the High School Musical Series, and many many others put together an amazing show, all the dancers were great, the girl guitarists were great, the lighting was great, and the effects were amazing! For some of the songs (ie: Thriller, Smooth Criminal, They Don't Care About Us, Earth Song) they made videos on the screen for that were really cool, especially Thriller, where they re-created a zombie graveyard which was awesome. All in all, Ortega did a phenomonal job making a tribute to Michael Jackson, and Michael still had the dances, I couldn't believe he was 50!

I learned a lot about MJ since his death. He seemed like a good man all in all, he may have made his mistakes, and may have been partly feminine, but he was probably a great father to his kids. He seemed so caring and loving, and he really showed that he loves our planet Earth, and he doesn't want it destroyed (2012). I thought this movie was great, if you are a Michael Jackson fan (or were) today or 20 years ago, this is a movie for you! Rating: 10/10

P.S. In the movie they NEVER said anything about Michael passing away, absolutely nothing, which is nice.

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