Saturday, November 14, 2009

More Clear Award Update

Hey guys, so this is how we will run these awards, check it out

We are NOT doing entertainment awards, it'd be too much of a pain and are any of us here for that sort of thing?

Instead, these are some confirmed awards for this year:

Sports Moment of the Year (panel chooses nominees, poll will be up on any blog)
Athlete of the Year ("" "")
Coach of the Year ("" "")
Card Company of the Year (Topps, Upper Deck, Panini, Tristar, Razor)
Baseball Product of the Year (panel chooses nominees, poll)
Football Product of the Year ("" "")
Insert Set of the Year ("" "")
Autographed Insert of the Year ("" "")

Blog of the Year (you will email me,, or wicked ortega,, with your nominee when we tell you to do so)
Rookie Blogger of the Year ("" "")
Trader of the Year (email whatever member in the panel is running the award with your nomination)
Biggest Box Breaker ("" "")
Most Creative ("" "")
Coolest Blog Design ("" "")

Rules for blog voting:

2. You can vote for whoever you like, but don't tell anyone who you voted for, this must be confidential.
3. It's between me & you, no one in between (other than wicked & I)
4. You can vote for us, but if you do, you cannot vote for the person running the award (example: if I am in control for blog of the year nobody can vote for me for that award, but, however, you can vote for me in the award let's say Captain Canuck is running, get it?)
5. The Panel's vote counts for 2 votes, yours counts for 1, so I suggest if you want your friend to win start voting (when we tell you to of course)

Got it?

Now, there could possibly be an exception for Rule #1, I had an idea that we could do a PC contest, Team or Player (maybe both), for a chance to win an award. If that comes true, email us with either a link to a photobucket or zistle or anything (must be a real PC, don't cheat), youtube, whatever. Let me know what you think on that too.

Beardy elected himself to make little banners that you can show off on your blogs if you win too, so you do get a semi prize

Alright, if you have any suggestions, questions or comments feel free to let me know, but for now, think with your dipstick!

Don't just watch the video READ!!!! Bye


  1. I think I'm a little confused - so if Troll ran a Trolliest award, we wouldn't be able to vote for him because he was running it? I think we should be able to vote for anyone regardless of their affiliation with the awards.

    Also...I don't see why your votes are worth two. I know this is kind of nitpicky...but shouldn't we all get the same say?

  2. Yeah, both things are debatable, if more people complain about that we can change it, we need more than 1 person to ask for a change. I'm on the borderline on both of these. Thanks dude, Drew

  3. Sounds like fun. Lets do it!!! Why not do a 'blog post of the year' as well?

  4. Nice picture William! We'll talk about it, it would be a pain to go through so many posts though. We'll see, Drew


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