Monday, November 2, 2009

Grandpa Roy Column

Hey guys, Drew back here, trying to push myself to getting back on track on this thing, why not put up another question! Well, today I have 3 QUESTIONS FOR YOU! How about that? Well, they are all World Series related, as the Yankees only need one more game to win it all! So, here goes!

Question #1:

The New York Yankees are now in their 40th World Series in their illustrious legacy. In the World Series, the Yanks have faced 12 out of the 16 National League teams, and they won 10 of those 12. What teams have they not faced, and what 2 teams did they lose to in their only World Series meeting?

Haven't Faced Yet
1: Houston Astros (Hackenbush/Captain Canuck)
2: Washington Nationals/Montreal Expos (Hackenbush/Captain Canuck)
3: Milwaukee Brewers (Hackenbush/Captain Canuck)
4: Colorado Rockies (Captain Canuck)

Lost to in Only Series so far
1: Florida Marlins (Captain Canuck)
2: Arizona Diamondbacks (Captain Canuck)

Question #2:

The Philadelphia Phillies have a (small) chance of winning back to back World Series. If they do so, they would become the 4th team in National League history to win 2 or more World Series in a row. Who were the other 3 and what years did they win it?

1: Cincinatti Reds in 1975/1976 (Hackenbush & Captain Canuck)
2: Chicago Cubs in 1907-1908 (Spastik Moose)
New York Giants in 1921-1922 (Dan)

Question #3

Other than the Yankees, what other American League teams have went back to back? You have to be able to name the years as well, there are 5 sets of teams. Teams can be used more than once.
(Hint: 1 team won 3 in a row)

Set 1: Toronto Blue Jays, 1992-1993 (Captain Canuck)
Set 2: Oakland Athletics, 1972-1974 (Captain Canuck/Hackenbush)
Set 3: Boston Red Sox, 1915-1916 (Spastik Moose)
Set 4: Philadelphia Atheletics, 1929-1930 (Dan)
Set 5:
Philadelphia Athletics, 1910-1911 (Mark's Ephemera)

UPDATE*** You got em all! Post up possibly tonight, see ya!

OK guys, this is a pretty crazy set of questions, but hopefully you understand them and maybe know some answers. This is pretty easy compared to some past questions, but I still want you guys following the rules. Don't use online or book references, use your little minds full of baseball knowledge!!!! Good luck on the questions, on your 1st guess, please only answer once for any question you know (all 3 questions, 2 questions or 1 questions, whatever you know) See Ya!


  1. The Yankees have not faced the Astros the Nationals or the Brewers.

  2. Question 1
    Yankees lost to Florida and Arizona
    Never faced Colorado, Houston, Brewers, or Washington/Montreal

    Question 2
    Reds in '75 and '76

    Question 3
    Yankees in 98/99/00
    Blue Jays in 92/93
    Yanks in 77/78
    Oakland in 72/73/74... I think

  3. Hackenbush: 3 Points
    Captain Canuck: 3.5 Points

    That's so far, you guys named too many at once, but I still gave you half credit. Guess again tomorrow to be able to earn more points.

    Captain Canuck, we're not including the Yanks in Question 3, sorry.

    Thanks guys, keep the answers rollin!

  4. No fair...I was out drinking (lol just kidding..all good).

    Anyways, the Red Sox did it in 1915 and 1916. Woooo gooo Sox!

    NL, the last time the Cubs won a world series they went back to back. I think 1907 and 1908? is that right? Has it really been 101 years since the Cubs won a world series? Hot damn...that's a lonnng tim.

  5. Question 2: New York Giants 1921-1922

    Question 3: Philadelphia A's 1929-1930

  6. I'm late to the party...

    Q3 - Philadelphia Athletics, 1910-1911


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