Sunday, November 1, 2009

Hey look it's a business man!

Hey guys, Drew back here. Well, after pondering for about a week or so, I decided to go trick-or-treating last night, could be the last time! BTW, how'd you like yesterday's Halloween theme, it's gone now, hopefully you didn't miss it! Anyway, I have a real annoying neighborhood, so I said if I don't go with a friend I'm not going. So, I called my friend Ethan, and we decided to trick or treat in his neighborhood and in mine. He dressed up as a nerd (although he didn't need to dress up :P, just messing if you're lookin at this!) and I dressed up as a baseball player. Well, I wore my customized Yankee jersey with baseball pants, a hat, cleats, and long socks. The reasons for this were: A) I had no idea what else I could wear, and B) I wanted to get updates from Game 3 of the World Series from house to house easy. Well, the game started by the time I got back.

So, Ethan & I went to his neighborhood 1st. It is a dark neighborhood, not much light at all, and I swear we were the only ones on that road that went trick or treating! So here we are, going from house to house, Ethan happening to only remember them because of their dogs, and we walked up this really long driveway to no prevail, no candy, but some kid tried to scare us by sneaking around the side of the house.

Then, there was this one house, with a 20 something year old kid, and here is exactly what was said at this house then: (by the way, Ethan is 6'1 in 8th grade and hasn't seen some of his neighbors in a really long time)

Before he opens door
Ethan: Drew, don't say anything at this house
Drew: Why?
Ethan: Just shut up

Ding dong

Us: Trick or treat
Kid: Hi guys, how you doing
Ethan: Pretty good
Kid: (asks Ethan) You from around here?
Ethan: Yeah, I'm Ethan from down the street
Kid: Ethan? That Ethan that lives down there?
Ethan: Yeah
Kid: Really, you're Ethan?
Ethan: Yeah
Kid: Wow! Mom, come over here! Remember Ethan from down the street?
Mom: Little Ethan? (then comes to the door) Oh, not little
Ethan: Yeah... I'm... pretty.. tall
Drew: Yeah, taller than me
Kid: Wow, alright there

It goes on and on, but you get the point! I guess if you didn't find that funny you sorta had to be there to think it was funny. So, we kept going until we heard an extremely loud "crack" in the woods! We hoped it wasn't a bear, so we slowly and quietly started walking towards his house. We started going past this one guy walking his pitbull, and we asked him, "You hear that noise?", and he didn't answer. Instead of answering, his pitbull started growling at us, and we started walking faster and faster, until when we got to his driveway, we sprinted up! They must have followed us halfway up the road, and we were scared!

So, after we waited for Ethan's mom to get home from work, we went to my neighborhood. See, I've got this huge circle, maybe around 50 houses around it. We went to a good amount of them, and got a ton of candy. We also found out the Yanks were in a rain delay, we had at least a 5 minute chat with some neighbors I don't even know, very nice people, but they could on and on. I had to tell them we should be going by the time they started talking about how docksons get stomach problems when they get older! One of the funniest things that happened with us last night was at this one house, here's another dialect thing (again Ethan is dressed as a nerd):

We go up to the house, and the lady is staring at me through the window. She has a dark skin color, and she has like a Jamaican accent.

Me: Hi? Trick or treat?
Her: (looking at Ethan), Hey look, it's a business man!
Guy standing next to her: You guys are troopaz, you deserve a lotta candy.
Girl gives us at least 15 pieces of candy then
Ethan: Yes, I'm a business man!

So, all in all, the business man and I had a fun time last night, got a lot of candy! More to come later.............. and Go YANKS!

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