Thursday, November 12, 2009

Update on the Card Awards

Hey guys, Drew back here, nice to see some good feedback on the last few posts, now, there has been some chat going on lately between a bunch of us bloggaz, and we decided to make an ultimate blogging awards. Haven't heard back from the other commissioner of this thing, wicked ortega, but so far we've got a little panel and it's looking good so far. We do need a logo and other stuff to make this shin-dig big but this is the panel:
- Wicked Ortega
- drewscards (Me)

CONFIRMED PANEL (including Wicked & I too):

- Beardy
- Priceless Pursuit
- Collective Troll
- Waxaholic
Mike Ryan (Ripken Pursuit) decided to step down yesterday, so Joe from the Priceless Pursuit joined! I've had some swirling thoughts about it lately, and I figured why not share them with you! So, I don't want any more than 30 awards, but 30 may work if all of us in the panel do 5 seperate awards on our respective blogs. My ideas on types of awards so far:

Product Awards:
Company of the Year (Topps, Upper Deck, Panini, Razor, Tristar)
Baseball Product of the Year
Football Product of the semi-Year
Blog Awards:Blog of the Year
Rookie Blogger of the Year (started January 1 on)
Most Giving (as a trader)
Biggest Box Breaker
Most Creative
Coolest Blog Design
Most Giveaways
Sports Awards:Moment of the Year
Team of the Year
Athlete of the Year
Coach of the Year

Lastly, wasn't sure if it would work or not (most of the panel doesn't like this idea), but I was thinking about Entertainment Awards, like CD of the year, Singer of the Year, Movie of the Year, TV Show of the Year, Actor/Actress of the Year, and Video Game of the Year. I sorta like the idea, mostly because I love that stuff, but not sure about you.

Also, voting has been brought up a good amount of times as well, and I wanted to let you know that voting goes like this:

For Awards that don't involve any of you, polls will take place over all of the blogs
For polls that involve you the bloggers and maybe readers, email me, wicked, Beardy, Pursuit, Canuck, or Troll with a nomination (for the panel, let us all know who voted so we can keep track)

Hopefully you guys follow me so far, be sure to see more of this on here soon,


See Ya!

PS somethings screwed up with the font size, please excuse me blowing your eyes out of your head while technical difficulties take place


  1. Yeah I don't like the entertainment awards. Keep it about card blogging. it's hard enough to get us all to agree on then bring personal music taste and stuff into it would be way too much.

    But as for your blog awards, you definitely need a few more. Maybe funniest, weirdest, strangest collection, best pull by a blogger, best name...that's just a few I just thought of. But there should be ton of blogger awards...make it about us for sure.

  2. I agree with this comment - it should be all about the blogs, with more blog categories instead of random pop culture stuff that nobody wants to hear our opinion on!

  3. Side thing...and maybe this is just me. But for nomination stuff, I think it would be easier to go through one channel/person. Emailing all over the place could get kind of crazy. I think you want to spread yourself thin in terms of contact people, even if the number of admin people is a lot. You can all work together without all having to handle the data and stuff.

  4. I echo the three comments above me... Nominations should go through one person, then that one person can notify the panel through a ballot. I wouldn't vote on the entertainment awards-we're card bloggers, not entertainment writers and our tastes are VERY diverse...

  5. True, even if we announce nominees we might not sound good with our movie or cd tastes. You get the emails Troll? Thanks for the help guys. Drew


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