Thursday, June 20, 2013

MAJOR Addition to the Mantle Project!

Hey guys, Drew back here! I have to tell you all, it sure is nice to be back. Sure, I haven't exactly disappeared this year, but I haven't exactly been very active in the community. To kick off a summer filled with adventures and unforgettable experiences, I made quite the purchase from the good folks at Steiner Sports. Steiner has always represented the high end part of our industry in my opinion, as things are typically overpriced but certainly high quality. I saw one of their recent private signings on their website and I couldn't pass this opportunity up. Take a look:
But it wasn't just any Yogi autograph...
Mission accomplished. Yogi Berra has now signed the 42nd autograph on my Mickey Mantle 16x20! This project wouldn't have felt complete if it went without an autograph from perhaps the greatest and undoubtedly the most quoted catcher of all time on it. However, I came in contact with Brandon Herlihy, the guy in charge of Athlete Signings and Send Ins at Steiner, and he gave me a price and helped me out with preparing and mailing the item. Everything came back in one piece, and although it wasn't exactly cheap by any means, it was an opportunity I would have regretted passing up. Berra signed right above Whitey Ford and Bobby Richardson, and it couldn't have gone over any other way. 
I have a lot of plans for this photo over the summer. As it stands I could possibly add at least 6 more autographs to it by the end of August. Having Yogi on it is a huge relief, considering I've now given up my hopes of meeting him due to his health condition. I wish the best for Yogi and thank him for making my picture so much more perfect! (now if only I could get Larsen on it...)

See Ya!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Mid June TTM Report!

Hey guys, Drew back here! Guess what? My junior year of high school is O.V.E.R., and I could not be any more excited! I completed my final test- the dreaded Chemistry state regents exam, this morning, and I'm now ready for a summer hopefully devoted mostly towards my lovely hobby! So, on that note, here's a look at some of the through the mail successes I've received throughout the first half of June (TTM's 118-120)! Enjoy!

Ed Kranepool: c/o Home, 2/2 in 6 Days
Mr. Kranepool is remembered for being one of the few original, lifelong Mets; which has got to be an accomplishment in itself. All jokes aside, he was a solid contributor to their 1969 World Series team and helped pull the abysmal Casey Stengel-led team out of the ashes. He batted over .300 twice in his career, and his best season was in 1975 when he hit .323 with over 100 hits and 43 runs batted in. He signed a 1968 Topps card fresh from "the binder" along with a 1990 Pacific Baseball Legends card to put towards my ever growing signed set collection. 

Jim Lonborg: c/o Home, 3/3 in 7 Days

Back in January, my dad, my friend Schuyler, and I were at a White Plains card show in which the free signer was none other than the guy above. Schuyler was fortunate enough to get a nice oversized card of his signed, but by the time I was prepared to meet him his signing session was over. I wasn't going to complain since I already got to meet Cal Ripken Jr. and Steve Carlton that day, but I wanted to do something with the card my dad got me to have signed- the 1968 Topps card above. I went home and realized that the 1967 Cy Young winner was a very reliable TTM signer, so I put him on my list and recently got around to mailing to him. He signed my 1990 Pacific card along with the aforementioned 1968 Topps World Series highlight card. He also signed my index card and inscribed his 1967 Cy Young, however his sharpie did appear to be running out of gas. Regardless, these came out great and I'm happy to finally add him to my collection!

Jimmy Key: c/o Home, 1/1 in 8 Days
Key was well, a key piece in the Yankees' World Series win in 1996 to say the least. Over his three season stint with the team, he compiled a 49-23 record, and in the strike shortened 1994 season he was leading the league in wins with 17. His last start as a Yankee came in the 1996 World Series, where he battled to defeat Braves legend Greg Maddux en route to John Wetteland's closing and securing of the Yankees first title since 1978. To say I was excited to get his autograph on this 1996 Score was an understatement, and I'm really glad I took the time out to give him a try. He's a great signer, but keep in mind he only allows 1 autograph per request.

Max Scherzer: c/o Detroit Tigers, 0/1 in 51 Days FAILURE
Max Scherzer just won his 10th game of the season yesterday, and is well on his way to Citi Field for the All Star game. He used to be a phenomenal TTM signer, but now that he's become a pivotal part of the Tigers contending roster, the team requests a $10 donation to their team foundation in order for the card to be signed. $10 isn't bad compared to the apparent $40 they ask for Miguel Cabrera and Prince Fielder, but he isn't quite that caliber of a player yet so it's understandable. I don't believe I'll take part in this, but I figured it could be helpful in case anyone else wanted to send him (or any of the Tigers for that matter) a request.

What do you guys think of my recent haul? Happy Summer!

See Ya!

Monday, June 10, 2013

One from the Museum Collection!

Hey guys, Drew back here! Finals week is underway, as I was required to take a written final for Gym today to kick off the 2 weeks of torture. The test was a complete joke, and I was very aggravated for having to come in for Gym. Oh well. I picked this card up the other day from the new Topps Museum Collection!
I was watching some YouTube box breaks of the new product one day, and someone came across one of these beautiful quad relics featuring 2 young stars and 2 legends from Oakland and Pittsburgh! The Pirates are undoubtedly my favorite National League team, and Andrew McCutchen is one of my current favorite players throughout all of baseball. The A's are another one of my favorite teams, and you know how much I love a nice Reggie Jackson card when I see one! So, immediately following the YouTuber pulling this card, I jumped onto eBay and added one to my own collection for around $20 give or take. It's numbered out of 99 and has 3 jersey swatches and a beautiful 3 color patch on the McCutchen! I didn't expect to see a combo with 4 players I really like, so it was a nice addition for me for sure.

What do you all think of the new Museum Collection? Better/worse than past years?

See Ya!

Sunday, June 2, 2013

May TTM Wrapup!

Hey guys, Drew back here! I didn't receive too many TTM successes since my last update, but the few I did get back were pretty sweet! Take a look at my 115th, 116th, and 117th successes!

Wade Boggs: c/o Home, 3/3 in 10 Days
Boggs is currently signing autographs like his pants are on fire, and I had to get in on the action! I sent him $3, a dollar for each card essentially, and he returned the 3 back signed beautifully! I met Wade back in March of 2012, and he was a really generous, all around great guy. Eventually, I hope to send him a ball after I soon receive an order of balls I made. The 2009 Topps insert smeared a little bit but the other 2 definitely made up for it!
Mahlon Duckett: c/o Home, 2/2 in 13 Days
Duckett is one of the very few remaining ex-Negro Leaguers living today, so I had to reach out to him with a  letter. He was a smooth fielding infielder with a decent bat, and he played for the Philadelphia Stars and Homestead Grays during his career. I wrote him a nice letter, and he kindly signed both items I sent him: a 2010 Allen & Ginter card, and a beautiful 5x7 photo that my good friend William took at Rickwood Field in Birmingham, Alabama! Rickwood Field was home of the Birmingham Barons during its hey day, and he had the privilege of visiting it a year or so ago. He sent me a copy of the photo, and my plan is to fill it with former Negro League players' signatures! One down! He inscribed the photo "Phila Stars, 1940-1950".
Jason Kidd: c/o New York Knicks, 2/2
This success was a great way to cap off my week. Future basketball Hall of Fame point guard Jason Kidd signed 1 8x10 and 1 5x7 photo for my collection, and both came out beautiful! He's been known throughout his career for being a very good signer for his fans, and he sure did pull through for me. The 8x10 he signed was his celebration after nailing the game winning three against his former team, the Brooklyn Nets! I remember vividly watching the game and jumping up and down when he made the shot. It's cool to have that to remember him by. Secondly, he signed a 5x7 of him and Dirk Nowitzki hoisting trophies after winning the 2011 NBA Finals! I'm planning on sending it over to Dirk next season for him to sign it, and I sure hope it comes back!
Well, that's all I have for now; have a great day everyone! See Ya!