Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Big Catch Up Mailday- foul bunt, Troll, and Tunguska!

Hey guys, Drew back here. I am very disappointed that not one person (other than William) has went out of their way to vote for me and try to win cards. I guess I won't win, which isn't a big deal I guess, I am happy I was nominated in the 1st place, but since we're still in March, I was hoping to be the Cinderella story of the awards, I guess that won't happen though. Well, moving on. Here are 3 recent packages I got in. The first one is my group break loot from the Troll. Marck almost forgot about mine, but since he included extras than I don't care, and I really enjoyed the package. Here is what came out of package #1:

Since I got in late in his group break, the Yankees were already taken by Nico (where are you by the way?), so I took the Twins and Angels. I've always sort of liked both of these teams plus they had some good players. In the picture above there are some of my favorite Twins in the package, 2 sweet Winfields, a Molitor, a Knoblauch, a Todd Walker rookie card, and a Marty Cordova.

Here are a few of the Angels I liked. There is a really cool looking Darin Erstad insert, a Chili Davis, a Bo Jackson, a Chad Curtis, Eddie Murray, Garret Anderson, and a very nice Jim Edmonds rookie. I never knew some of these guys even played for the Angels, so it's cool to see them in different uniforms.

Here are a few more recent-ish Angels (all except one) that he included. 3 2008 Heritages, Willits, Napoli, and Mathis. The colors in the 2008 set made the cards look very nice. Next is a 2007 Topps Heritage Juan Rivera. Juan is a very underrated player and should be good this year. My favorite one in this picture is the mini of Vlad, which looks nice with my similar Joba Chamberlain mini. Those are some cool looking cards!

Here are some Yankees he threw in. A few needed Mattinglys, a 2010 Peak Performace Rivera, and a Goodwin Damon. Awesome!

This last card completely took me by surprise. It's a 2010 Peak Performace jersey card with a small pinstripe sign of Nick Swisher! I've been close to buying these before and have gotten sniped, maybe by the Troll, haha! This is a very nice card and looks good in the Swisher collection. But, I am a little uncomfortable that these are part of his pants. I may not wanna touch it!

Thanks so much Troll! Everyone not only check out his regular blog, but also his new blog the Nitty Gritty! On to the next one, as Jay-Z says, this one from William of foul bunt. Yeah, he seems to make some sort of appearance on my blog every single week. He sends me so much stuff and I appreciate everything that he's done for me. He's trying to help me get some votes too, although we are a little too late. Here are the cards he sent me that I got on Saturday:

He put in some non Yankees stuff of guys that were/are Yankees, some old school Paul O'Neills, an Abreu, and a Sabathia all in different unis. The Al Leiter card is cool, haven't seen it before.

Next are some A&G National Prides. I have the complete set of those plus some of the extra Yankees too, so that's nice. I like the Mantle mini from 09 A&G, it's a very nice picture, one of the better ones I've seen.

And the best for last! Some 2010 Heritage, A-Rod SP and Damon, awesome! A 2010 Upper Deck Jonathan Albaledejo, someone I barely even know is on the team, and a 2009 Topps Updates and Highlights Grandy Gold /2009. I have big expectations for Curtis, and I hope he does well. Lastly, a card I actually needed for the Cano PC, a mini from 2009 Allen & Ginter! Just the regular one, which makes me only need the A&G back and the No Number mini. Are the no numbers extremely rare or something because I hardly ever see them out there?

Thanks again dude, I really appreciate it! On to the last one.... from Tunguska of Long Fly Ball to Because. I never traded with him before until I asked for some 2010 Topps inserts. We worked out a deal and he came through! Here are the inserts, although you've seen them all 100 times already:

I only need 3 more History of the Games now, with 1 more coming soon, numbers 9, 14, and 19 are needed. For Tales of the Game I need 8 more cards, numbers 4, 7, 10, 14, 22, 23, 24, 25. I really like the Reggie Jackson hitting the light tower card, that's a really cool story. I did pull the Roberts When They Were Young yesterday so I'm going to offer it up first to anybody that has any of these players from this set that I need: Aaron Poreda, David Wright, Gordon Beckham, Jason Berken, Justin Verlander, and Russell Martin. If nobody is interested than a certain O's fan may get it if he doesn't have it yet.

My Momma Never Threw Out these cards, but I do have 2 of the actual cards! I still need quite a few of these, check my wantlist on the sidebar and let me know if you have any I need.

2 base cards I needed at the time were Mets. I pulled the F-Mart yesterday so that's for trade, but I did need the Niese, so that's good. I am closing in on the base set, someone is trading me the rest of them so that'll be good. I can collect inserts for the next 2 months until Series 2 comes out and I start over again. Speaking of inserts, he sent 4 Legendary Lineages too. Pretty solid matchups I guess, although Longoria will never be Mike Schmidt, Andre Ethier will never be Duke Snider, Hanley will never be Honus Wagner, and Tommy Hanson will never be Warren Spahn. I'd be amazed if that happens.

Ugh, Peak Performance. What a bland set, and I still need 30 of them! I hope I can just get it done, but if I can't then I'll just not complete it. I do like the Yanks however so Tex and Johnny Mize are cool. He sent me a gold border of Michael Dunn too, numbered out of 2010. He's not even a Yankee anymore, but it's still cool. The last 3 cards he sent were 3 bronze parallels from 2009 Topps 206, Mark Melancon, Johnny Damon, and the Frankenstein at the bottom of the post.

Thanks Tunguska! Your cards will be out tomorrow or Thursday! See Ya!

I don't know why Topps chose a photo
of Lou Gehrig getting kicked in the crotch :(

Does Anyone want free autos and game used?

Vote for me for the Upper Deck awards and you could win the cards in the post under this!!! C'mon a contest hasn't been this slow since the rap off! (no offense mojo and beardy) VOTE 4 ME!!! I am second to last right now, and I want to win! You'll all get in on the prizes no doubt!


Hey guys, Drew back here. I found out yesterday that somebody nominated me for an Upper Deck award. I really appreciate it whoever did it, and I REALLY want to win. I've worked my absolute tail off over the past year or so, and I think my blog has been deserving to win an award like this. In a little over a year now, I have posted almost 550 times, gotten over 60 subscribers, and traded at least 50 times. I enjoy many of the blogs that are nominated, and if you would rather vote for them then go ahead. But, there will be a prize if you do vote for me. Since I already voted, I can't access the results page, so I won't be able to know for sure. But, if you vote for me, leave a comment on this post and you will be in a random, but only if I end up winning. If I don't win, the contest will not take place, unless I just do it for the heck of it. I hope you all understand that for a 13 year old boy to be posting close to every day while trying to play sports and do homework is a tough task, especially when I'm behind. I even hosted the blog awards for you guys, and I try my hardest to entertain you all. So keep that in mind when you do vote, also keep in mind that I will give away many contents out of the boxes they are giving away if I do win, so everyone can get in on the fun. So, the winner of the Random will get these cards:

- 2002 Upper Deck Stars of 89 Jose Canseco jersey
- 2004 Upper Deck All Star Weekend Sam Cassell jersey
- 2008 UD Heroes Rich Harden Jersey /200
- 2008 Absolute Memorabilia Jake Long 3 Color Patch /50
- 2008 Stadium Club Brian Barton RC Auto
- 2009 Piece of History Aaron Cunningham RC Auto
- 2009 Topps Chrome Trevor Crowe Autograph

The winner of the random gets all these cards, and this is a true contest, it won't fold like last years. I don't want to bribe you guys, but I guess that is what I'm doing. So vote if you want to, all the other blogs are deserving too, but keep in mind you could win these if you vote for me.

Here is a link to the voting page:

Go out there and VOTE!!! See Ya!

Monday, March 29, 2010

2010 Topps Cereal Box

Hey guys, Drew back here. I went to the dentists this morning, a few stores, Chilis (pepper in some fun yall), and Modells. At Modells, I got a cereal box of 2010 Topps. Here are my results:

Base: Ask

Inserts for Trade (for inserts I need)
- TOG-15 Ozzie Smith
- HOTG17 Dodgers and Giants Move
- TTT13 Ryan Howard
- PP-11 Mel Ott
- LL24 Gibson/Lincecum

Inserts for Me!
- Mattingly Cards Your Mother Threw Out #CMT-33
- McCovey Turkey Red #TR48
- Brian Roberts When they Were Young #WTWY-BR
- Million Card Giveaway Code (resulted in 1988 Royals Leaders, ugh)

Promised Chrome Refractor
- PC9 Cy Young

Not a bad break I guess. Got 3 inserts I needed, and can probably get some people that need those inserts. The Cy is only for trade for the Rivera, Gehrig, Mantle, or any of the Yankees gold ones. Along with the cereal box, there is a deal at my Modells that if you spend $10+ dollars on Topps cards you get a 3 card mini pack of Yankees Ring Ceremony cards. I wasn't going to buy this until I noticed this deal, and here's what I got out of that pack:

2 Texs????? WTF? I was hoping for a Cano or Swisher if there is one. LMK if you have any for trade for the Tex. What a ripoff.

Email me @ yanks1996wsc@gmail.com if you see anything I need or you need. See Ya!

TTM #8- A Big Prospect!!!

Hey guys, Drew back here, after running around all day, I just got back to find some bad news in my mailbox. Whitey Ford sent back.... but didn't sign anything and left a price guide. I'm going to assume that he didn't sign because I sent it to his foundation and probably an executive or something opened it up, didn't see money, included a price list and sent it right back. Well, it sucks, but what can you do. On Friday however, I did get a TTM in, of a really good prospect, check it out:

BUSTER POSEY!!! Buster signed the card and sent the index card I sent him unsigned! This looks pretty sharp and Buster is according to MLB.com the 4th ranked prospect in all of baseball. Buster won't be starting this year like Matt Wieters due to Bengie Molina but he will be up in the Majors full time by maybe next year. As I do with many people I get TTM back from, I will try to check on how he's doing every once in a while, not because this holds value, which it doesn't, and I honestly don't care. TTM autos are meant to be personal and NOT sold, and I prefer getting TTMs over buying certified autographs. Good luck Buster and thanks for signing!

By the way, it took 17 days for Posey to respond. I bought a sweet card off eBay last night, and bought some stuff today at Modells that I'll post soon. Also have some Vintage Cards from Pop Popps, mail from foul bunt (AGAIN!!!), and some group break loot from the Troll. So stay tuned if you want to see that stuff, I'll have maybe one of those up tonight! See Ya!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

HUGE Mailday- A Blaster Full O' Jets!

Hey guys, Drew back here. Yesterday I had my friend stay over so I was kinda busy, so I have a little catching up to do. I have stacks of cards waiting to be posted, and one awesome TTM success. We'll start with the biggest stack, from Justin of Is This a Wasteland- No It's Tampa Bay Sports. Justin contacted me a while back letting me know of some 2010 Topps I needed. He sent me a small little stack that I never got to post, and since we are going in order here, here is what was in that group:

Here we have a Jeter WBC card I needed from 09 Topps, the 3 cards I needed from 2010 Topps (Cliff Lee, Vernon Wells, Valverde), a Wade Boggs Legends of the Game with a great pic, a Munson CYMTO I needed, and 2 numbered cards. A Jeter gold parallel from 09 Topps numbered to 2009, and a A-Rod numbered to 399 out of 2009 SP Authentic.

My favorite card in the package however was the one right above, of the Sandman. This is part of the 2010 Target only retro variations things, and it's my 1st so far. I'm hoping to get a few more soon of the Yanks. These are about the size of the 08/09 Goudey minis or the 07 Goudey base cards, and they are very cool retro designs.

So, after he shipped out the 1st bunch, I noticed he was giving away all his football cards basically for each team. I took the Jets away from him, and next thing you know I find a blaster box of 2010 Upper Deck wrapped up in my mailbox, full of Jets and a few Yankees. Take a look at the stacks!

Jeez. I didn't know what was coming! It's payback time no doubt, but before I seek greatful revenge here are a few of my favorites from the never ending stacks of football and some baseball cards!

Since I'm lazy I only picked my most favorite cards for this, and here is the first scan. There's a sweet Finest Chrebet, a Coles rookie, multiple Leon Washington and Nick Mangold rookies, a very nice old school John Riggins in great condition, nice Maynard and Namath inserts from 05 Topps, and a cool Keyshawn. On to group 2...

Justin sent me a bunch of Topps Heritage football including the big highlight of the package coming up soon. This set is nice and I never really saw it. Along with many others, I scanned a Vilma, a John Abraham, and a Curtis Martin here. A couple nice Keyshawn's are in this one and some Curtis Martins.

Next are a few more nice ones from that Heritage set, DeWayne Robertson, a Jet favorite of mine, along with Shaun Ellis and Chad Pennington, another big favorite of mine. The Vilma Press Pass rookie in the Top right is a sweet looking card, and is probably my favorite card of his that I own. On the bottom there is a nice Curtis Martin chrome, a Justin Miller gold Bazooka rookie and 2 beautiful Joe Namaths. The one of Joe Willy in his Alabama uniform is so cool, and I really like it.

Ever wonder what football and motorcycles have in common? If so, ask Laveranues Coles, maybe he knows. The Justin Miller insert is nice, it sucks that we don't have him on the team anymore, he was a beast.

In the small baseball group he included almost an entire team set of 1990 Donruss baseball and I'm not gonna post those but I do really like them. Instead I scanned a few others, including a nice Clemens insert, one of my favorite Riveras, a nice shot with Bernie, Jeter getting hit unfortunately, and on the bottom row, the Cano mini from Goodwin, a Strawberry, and 2 reprints of Hank Bauer and Yogi Berra. With the D-Straw, I would say that is my very first card from 1997 Topps, it's shocking yet I think it's true.

The highlights of this huge pile of cards are these numbered cards and the card below. The left card above is a DaBrickashaw Ferguson rookie card numbered to 2006. Da Brick has finally started to develop and that is a very nice card. The right card above is of Jerricho Cotchery from 2008 Stadium Club football. It's only numbered to 50 and it's the gold photographers proof insert. The picture on this card is really nice, what you expect from this product, and Cotchery is a beast. I've enjoyed watching him the past few years, he's not Larry Fitz or Randy Moss but he is pretty darn good, as a second receiver especially.

The highlight of this package is from that Topps Heritage football set and is an autograph of former Jets fullback B.J. Askew. B.J. has a great signature and it is my first auto of his. The sticker is crooked and drives me crazy but I like this card a lot and it fits well in my collection. This especially helps because I've seriously considered trying to get an autograph of as many Jets and former Jets as possible, since only a few will cost a lot (Revis, Sanchez, and of course Namath), and now I won't have to hunt down B.J. Askew.

Thanks SO much Justin and everyone please make sure to check out his blog, and you should try to see if your team is available for an amazing PC upgrade at his blog like mine! See Ya!

Friday, March 26, 2010

When A-Rods Collide...

Hey guys, Drew back here, and I am off ALL next week! WOOOOOO!!!! I'm really happy, and I also know that I can't slouch here because I have piles of cards just waiting to be posted. Let's start things off with some A-Rod and others. Dad picked these up for me for $10 last weekend and I swear he is more addicted to the hobby than I am! It's crazy how much he gets for me, and I really appreciate everything if you're reading. This is what it looks like when MANY 1990's A-Rod inserts collide:

The 90's seemed so confusing. I'm curious to know if these are inserts anyway, due to the crazy base designs. It's all a blur, but there were some sweet looking cards back then and that's all I care about.

Here's just a few more, just horizontal ones. I have a pet peeve of scanning horizontal and vertical cards in seperate scans. I have several pet peeves, but I can't get into that now.

The "highlight" of this crazy assortment of A-Rod is this one portraying the old school Upper Deck designs. It's numbered to only 4000 copies! Now that is one limited card! Why not just put 0000000001/a lot on the back of the card! It's a really nice card but serial numbering was pretty pointless in the 90's. I basically ignore it. There were also a few more cards in this lot and here they are:

So I got lazy in this scan with the crookedness. Don't mind me being tired. So there are some Musial's, some Reggie's, a Cone and 4 Mickey Mantles. Nice! I've never seen the picture that is on the 3 Mantle cards, but it's nice. I wish we had more pictures of players, many guys are sick and tired of seeing that Ichiro pose over and over again ya know? It was pretty funny, the Cone was stuck inside the penny sleeve so I had to tug it to get it out. Thank god for chrome!

Last are 2 more numbered cards. I'll start with Coney. It's from 1998 Topps Gallery I believe, and it's some sort of parallel numbered to... 125! That's pretty low I'd say. It's got a canvas feel to it similar to Masterpieces and is a nice card overall. Next is a 1998 Diamond King Andy Pettitte I believe. Or is that David Ortiz? I think the skin tone is just a little dark here, and it's kinda creepy looking. Don't get me wrong the design is nice and the picture would be nice, but Donruss, Andy's face is almost pure white!!! This is numbered to only 10,000 copies! Lovely.

Thanks again Dad and I'll check yall later! See Ya!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Mail from Sports Card Forum

Hey guys, Drew back here. Sorry about all the mail posts lately, I'm behind and I've gotten a ton lately. I should be ahead after the weekend though, so that's good. I know you probably are getting a bit tired of all this, but I'm assuring you that one of those trading dead spots will be coming soon to a theater near me so the regular card news topic posts will be back. Anyway, I got a package from the Sports Card Forum, my 11th deal on the site now, and I'm impressed. Many of the Forum guys tend to be jerks but I kinda find that more on the Blowout Forum. Either way, they're both excellent trading sites, and that's why I'm on them both. Here is what I got this time:

First just a few random extras, nothing much here except for the fact that I needed the A-Rod/Jeter/Cano for the Cano PC. I have it in my 08 Heroes complete set but I did need a second for the PC, so that's cool.

And... my obsession with guys I meet's tiny pieces of jersey continue. I really enjoy meeting players, and it makes me respect them more, which is what has happened with Mattingly, Al Oliver, Dave Parker, and Bill Madlock. That is why they all deserve a spot on my PC list. John Montefusco is nice too so I may attempt to get something of his as well. Anyway, that is a 2007 Sweet Spot Classic Dave Parker relic. I really like this relic set and have about 5 now, and here's another one in it...

REGGIE! REGGIE! REGGIE! This is my 1st jersey piece of his and although I'd prefer him in pinstripes this is a sweet card and I'm happy to own it. These 2 relics ain't going nowhere!!!

Thanks SCF dude! And before I go, I wanted to give the Troll a quick shoutout. Well, he doesn't need much of a shoutout anymore as he just surpassed 100 followers, but he is running a contest with some sick prizes, and I hope you all can check it out. All you have to do is leave a comment with your name, be subscribed, and have him on your blog roll if you have a blog. That's it. I'm not showing you anything here, so I guess you'll just have to go to his blog to find out...

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Some Recent Mailbox Love

Hey guys, Drew back here. I am starting to fall a little behind but I'm in decent shape right now. By the way, I got an RTS from Phil Coke yesterday, wrong address, my bad. I'll try him again during the season. Anyway, got 3 packages to share with you, the first is courtesy of William from foul bunt. This guy is one of the best guys I've met on this blog journey, he and I have made several trades and have talked quite a bit through email. He invited me into his fantasy team and sent me an extremely long email about not making the team. He sent me some cards out of kindness and I got them yesterday. Here they are:

Here we have some nice oddballs from 1995 of Whitey Ford and Reggie Jackson. Never seen them before and they look cool. Next is a cool looking hologram followed by a 1990 Fleer Dave Winfield. I love the shot on that card and is a favorite in my Winfield catalog. On the bottom row, we have a 2009 Unique Teixeira, I have the red parallel and now the base as well. Lastly, 3 2010 Upper Decks, a Melky base, a Burnett Biography, and a Cano biography that I needed for the PC.

In this group we have 2 1990 Topps, Winfield and Bucky Dent, and 3 1986 All Stars, Winfield, Mattingly, and Guidry. I needed the Mattingly so that's awesome. The last one in this group was a 1990 Score Bernie rookie card. This is a nice shot though I would've preferred a braces shot, it cracks me up to see him in braces when he was a rookie. That is a nice card no doubt!

And finally, here are a bunch of 1998 Topps from a recent break. I don't think I had one single card from this set beforehand, so a chunk of Yanks is nice. The Pettitte is my favorite with the Tino and Jeter at a close second.

Thanks so much William! On to the next one...

Another Sports Card Forum trade! This one landing me a few Kleckos and Namaths, as well as a few Mattinglys. The upper left Namath is my favorite of the bunch, the picture is amazing! I also like the Post Mattingly. Thanks SCF dude!

And since I should be going to bed and in a rush, here's the last package I'll show ya, a very special one from today.

Yep, that is a 2009 Topps Tribute jersey card of Whitey Ford. I know you're oooowing and aaahing at it right now so I'll let you look at it for a sec.

Ok, there. Now read. I got this for $7.00 plus $3.00 shipping on eBay. 10 bucks for a Whitey Ford jersey /99 from a $50 per pack product? Crazy, but true. This is a sweet card to add to the collection and I'm glad to have it. There is a small hint of a pinstripe too so that's a bonus!

All right, going to bed now zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz........ See Ya!

2010 Topps Finest is Out!

Hey guys, just discovered that 2010 Topps Finest has found it's way on to the bay today! You can check them out here! Here are a few examples:

See Ya!

First Break link here courtesy of chri5784