Friday, March 5, 2010

Mail from some Sewing Machine Guy

Hey guys, Drew back here. I got 2 MORE packages today, which actually runs the total to 12 not 13. Wow, what a crazy week here at drewscards. Thank you to everyone that sent out stuff to me. In the midst of catching up, here a bunch of cards from Larry the Sewing Machine guy. He's had some 08 Goudey shortprints for me for a while and he asked me if I wanted any of the 2010 Topps cards I needed, which I did. Here is what he sent:

Here are 8 of the 17 2010 Topps cards he sent me, all of them very much needed, so thanks for those!

Next he included the final card I needed for the base set of 2008 Goudey, not including the short prints I'm still chasing! Now I need 11 more cards for 1-230, so that's not bad! Joe Mauer sounds like he's having trouble signing, and the Yanks are probably secretly luring him in!

Speaking of those Short Prints, here are 4 of them that he sent. Winfield, Ozzie, Gaylord, and Killebrew is not a bad bunch! I love the Winfield, and how many times will we see that same picture of Ozzie on cards? We will never know....

Next he sent me a few Yankees. Needed all of them actually. Like I said yesterday, you guys are good at finding holes in my collection! We have a Bernie Upper Deck 92 card, a 93 Gold Mattingly, and a Mantle Home Run History chrome. Sweet!

The other 3 are very nice as well! I need the Cano for the PC, and it's the blue refractor from 08 Topps Chrome. The Joba Dick Perez sketch is sweet and the Posada is a refractor!

Thanks so much Larry, I really appreciate it. Your cards are going out next week! And everyone, please check out his blog, it's a very cool one, and it's not about sewing in any way shape or form! See Ya!

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