Saturday, March 20, 2010

My 2nd Fantasy Team!

Hey guys, Drew back here. Last night I did my draft for fantasy baseball with my school friends. It was a blast as usual and I'm really excited with this team. I had pick 7 of 8 but landed some big players. Here is my roster, and I've made a few moves already, but I'll give you the original roster first:

P.S. The pics are NOT my cards, I wish :)


C: Matt Wieters, BAL

Matt Wieters Authentic Autograph Card

1B: Prince Fielder, MIL

Prince Fielder Authentic Autograph Card

2B: Asdrubal Cabrera, CLE

2007 Topps 52 Asdrubal Cabrera Rookie Card

SS: Troy Tulowitzki, COL

3B: Ryan Zimmerman, WAS

2B/SS: Jose Lopez, SEA

1B/3B: Justin Morneau, MIN

OF 1: Carl Crawford, TB

OF 2: Adam Lind, TOR

OF 3: Andre Either, LAD

OF 4: Hunter Pence, HOU

OF 5: Chris Coghlan, FLA

UTILITY: Hideki Matsui, LAA

Bench 1: Mike Napoli, C, LAA

Bench 2: James Loney, 1B, LAD

Bench 3: Carlos Beltran, OF, NYM


P 1: Felix Hernandez, SEA

P 2: Dan Haren, ARI

P 3: Justin Verlander, DET

P 4: Josh Johnson, FLA

P 5: Ricky Nolasco, FLA

P 6: Matt Garza, TB

P 7: J.A. Happ, PHI

P 8: Brett Anderson, OAK

Closer: Jonathan Broxton, LAD

Ok, so that was my drafted team. I think that my hitting is strong, especially with Prince and Crawford, my 1st 2 picks. I took Felix in the 3rd round, and my pitching is very solid too. I cut Brett Anderson today and picked up Yovani Gallardo, and also cut Beltran to get Dan Uggla. I have no Yanks on this team but still it seems good enough. Pujols was taken first, then A-Rod, then Mauer, then Hanley. What do you think of the team? See Ya!

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  1. Awesome team man, I think youre goin places!


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