Wednesday, March 3, 2010

eBay Pickup!

Hey guys, Drew back here, with a very quick post here about the first of 3 cards I bought from eBay, and this is now the 3rd of 7 owed package posts, I want to combine them but haven't had the time. Here is the card:

Card: 2007 Ultimate Collection America's Pastime Autograph #AP-NW Nick Swisher
Price: Around $5 shipped

I really like the design of the card, and Upper Deck did a good job with the sticker, it's perfectly centered and the auto looks sweet. I should be posting my Swisher collection this weekend at some point, I'm getting piled in awesome packages right now so I'm very behind. Still have a ton coming, so, I guess that's it.

Oh wait, almost forgot, sounds like Upper Deck doesn't have to shut down the business after the MLB and them reached an agreement today. I think products such as Goudey and a few other soon expected releases won't be able to be released, so that kinda sucks, and from now on they will need to hide all logos and need permission for everything they use basically. It basically is saying goodbye to Upper Deck without actually saying it. What are they gonna do, take pictures of players at home, mountain biking, hiking, swimming, and playing video games? Oh wait, scratch the video games, they need a license, haha. See Ya!


  1. Haha, that's what everyone want's to see, A-Rod and Girardi on one of those tandem bikes...

  2. They can't even hide the logos. They can't put any pictures on cards of players in uniform after this agreement. They're limited to headshots, street clothes and generic uniforms if they want to continue making baseball cards.

  3. thats a really nice card for under 5 bucks! great deal!


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