Saturday, March 13, 2010

First Million Card Giveaway Trade!

Hey guys, Drew back here. I scanned my Swisher PC today and should have that posted today or tomorrow, and it's small compared to Cano but yet nice. Anyway, I made a trade offer a while back for a card, offering Mike Andrews and Mike Schmidt for it. I completely forgot about it until I noticed the trader accepted it and it was in my library. And, yeah, I traded a Hall of Famer, but it was worth it. I did this on the Million Card Giveaway site, and my first trade landed me:

I'm so getting this shipped to me. Time to make some more offers, See Ya!


  1. I've made a bunch of offers, only one accepted.

    Meanwhile, people are offering me stuff I don't care for -- Yankees and Giants -- for my good Giveaway cards.

  2. I traded Ozzie Smith for Mark Lemke, so don't sweat the Sparky.

  3. That card rules! Was it an 87 topps schmidt?

  4. Ah, you owned that deal big time then. Nice.

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