Thursday, June 20, 2013

MAJOR Addition to the Mantle Project!

Hey guys, Drew back here! I have to tell you all, it sure is nice to be back. Sure, I haven't exactly disappeared this year, but I haven't exactly been very active in the community. To kick off a summer filled with adventures and unforgettable experiences, I made quite the purchase from the good folks at Steiner Sports. Steiner has always represented the high end part of our industry in my opinion, as things are typically overpriced but certainly high quality. I saw one of their recent private signings on their website and I couldn't pass this opportunity up. Take a look:
But it wasn't just any Yogi autograph...
Mission accomplished. Yogi Berra has now signed the 42nd autograph on my Mickey Mantle 16x20! This project wouldn't have felt complete if it went without an autograph from perhaps the greatest and undoubtedly the most quoted catcher of all time on it. However, I came in contact with Brandon Herlihy, the guy in charge of Athlete Signings and Send Ins at Steiner, and he gave me a price and helped me out with preparing and mailing the item. Everything came back in one piece, and although it wasn't exactly cheap by any means, it was an opportunity I would have regretted passing up. Berra signed right above Whitey Ford and Bobby Richardson, and it couldn't have gone over any other way. 
I have a lot of plans for this photo over the summer. As it stands I could possibly add at least 6 more autographs to it by the end of August. Having Yogi on it is a huge relief, considering I've now given up my hopes of meeting him due to his health condition. I wish the best for Yogi and thank him for making my picture so much more perfect! (now if only I could get Larsen on it...)

See Ya!


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