Saturday, November 28, 2009

Baseball Card Hall of Fame

Hey guys, Drew back here, I just noticed that last post was my 400th, pretty crazy. My 1 year anniversary is 2 weeks from tomorrow, also ridiculously crazy. Today I fought the stomach bug, and my big plans for this weekend posting wise didn't work out too well. Anyway, this leads to tonight's post, the next induction into the BCHOF, the 8th so far. The Troll got into a contest on the best rookie card of the 80's, so that gave me more possible ideas. Here are a list of some cards I have thought of that should be inducted at some point:

1915 Cracker Jack- Joe Jackson
1916 Sporting News- Babe Ruth RC
1933 Goudey- Napolean Lajoie
1933 Goudey- Lou Gehrig RC
1938 Goudey- Joe DiMaggio RC
1941 Play Ball- Joe DiMaggio RC
1948 Leaf- Jackie Robinson RC
1949 Bowman- Jackie Robinson RC
1953 Topps- Mickey Mantle
1953 Topps- Jackie Robinson
1953 Topps- Satchel Paige RC
1954 Topps- Ted Williams
1954 Topps- Jackie Robinson
1954 Topps- Willie Mays
1954 Topps- Yogi Berra
1954 Topps- Al Kaline RC
1955 Topps- Ted Williams
1955 Topps- Willie Mays
1955 Topps- Duke Snider
1955 Topps- Roberto Clemente RC
1956 Topps- Mickey Mantle
1956 Topps- Jackie Robinson
1956 Topps- Roberto Clemente
1956 Topps- Al Kaline
1957 Topps- Ted Williams
1957 Topps- Don Drysdale RC
1957 Topps- Frank Robinson RC
1958 Topps- Ted Williams
1958 Topps- Mickey Mantle
1959 Topps- Mickey Mantle
1959 Topps- Bob Gibson RC
1960 Topps- Carl Yastrzemski RC
1960 Topps- Mickey Mantle
1962 Topps- Hank Aaron
1962 Topps- Roger Maris
1963 Topps- Mickey Mantle
1963 Topps- Pete Rose RC
1964 Topps- Mickey Mantle
1965 Topps- Hank Aaron
1965 Topps- Mickey Mantle
1968 Topps- Nolan Ryan/Jerry Koosman RC
1969 Topps- Reggie Jackson RC
1970 Topps- Thurman Munson RC
1973 Topps- Mike Schmidt/Ron Cey/John Hilton RC
1974 Topps- Dave Winfield RC
1978 Topps- Eddie Murray RC
1979 Topps- Ozzie Smith RC
1980 Topps- Rickey Henderson RC
1982 Topps- Cal Ripken Jr. RC
1982 Fleer- Cal Ripken Jr. RC
1984 Topps- Don Mattingly RC
1985 Topps- Mark McGwire USA RC

1987 Topps- Bo Jackson RC
1989 Fleer- Bill Ripken F**k Face Error
1993 Topps- Derek Jeter RC
1993 SP- Derek Jeter RC
1994 SP- Alex Rodriguez RC
2001 Upper Deck- Albert Pujols RC
2001 Topps Gallery- Albert Pujols RC
2001 Bowman (or Chrome)- Albert Pujols RC
2001 Topps- Ichiro RC

You guys could probably think up more. Please pick ONE card to make it into the Hall of Fame, it doesn't have to be on the list I just made. Leave me a comment on which card makes it as the 8th card in the Hall of Fame. Remember: The card needs 3 seperate votes from 3 seperate people to make it in. If that fails, a poll will be up with the highest voted cards. See Ya!,%20Satchell.jpg

NolanRyan1968Topps177ROOKIEPSA45.jpg PSA 4.5 $239 image by BlueDevilSportscards


  1. Roy Campanella needs to be in there at some point -- how about '53 Topps?

    Another one I'd like to nominate is 1976 Topps Johnny Bench --that's a great picture!

  2. '89 Ripkin error for sure.

  3. I don't think it should be next, but the 1984 Donruss Mattingly RC should be there instead of Topps.

  4. Hey Drew, the 55 Snider isn't his RC, he was around well before that card came out. I nominate the Clemente from 55.

  5. When is Joe Jackson going to get in there? I am still clinging to the 1915 Cracker Jack Joe Jackson.

  6. I'm going to nominate the 1992 Bowman Mike Piazza RC. This is the top card from one of the most iconic modern day sets. This is one of the few sets where people will chase a second year card from this set over a rookie (in the case of Manny and Pedro to name a couple) since they didn't have any good rookie cards. It's also a sharp looking card. It gets my vote.

  7. I pick the 53 Topps Jackie Robinson.

    I would like to nominate the 71 Topps Thurman Munson for addition to the list for next Time around.

  8. I'm going to sound like William, but Kaline's RC was '54, not '56. Anyway, I vote for the Ryan/Koosman card.


  9. Thanks guys for the input, 2 votes for the Bill Ripken error. Any of you want it in?

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