Saturday, November 21, 2009

Play at the Plate Mail

Hey guys, long time no see, I've been extremely busy lately, no time to post, I signed up for winter track to get in shape for baseball season, and I've been dealing with some sore legs, and an annoying cold (5 since school started, and swine!). Track has been fun, although I never have liked running. My friend is running with me so it's getting fun, running through our trail in the woods is awesome. My dad is out in the middle of the woods right now, and I'm gonna go play Rockband with my sister in a few minutes, but I figured I'd show you some stuff I received (on Tuesday) from Brian, the Play at the Plate. I asked for them and sent them, bing bang boom. Thanks Brian for the stuff, I'll look to find you some stuff soon!

By the way, congrats to Joe (Priceless Pursuit) for getting the last trivia question right! Frank Crosetti is the all time leader in games in the World Series (in uniform). He played a total of 29 World Series games with the Yanks, and 93 games as a coach, adding up to 122 World Series in uniform games! Yogi Berra is 2nd all time, with 119 total games, so you guys were very very close to getting it right. Hopefully Grandpa Roy got you this time! Congrats Joe, you'll get a point added to the leaderboard, good job! Go Yanks! See Ya!

Last thing I promise, I won the Yanks 27 Card World Series set on Beckett's Free Stuff Friday yesterday, can't wait to get it!

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