Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Set Lists Attacked and Cano Collection Grows

Hey guys, Drew back here, with some mail courtesy of Marissa, a girl that just emailed me a few days ago who had some cards for me, and William, of course, the one guy that never stops sending me cards! We'll start with Marissa, who sent me a care package, of Masterpieces cards and a Cano I needed. She collects Cano too, and it's always cool to see other people's collections to compare. Here is what she found for me.

Here are the cards I needed for my Masterpieces set. A few nice ones, the Mauer is probably my favorite though. I now need 8 more base cards and 21 out of 30 shortprints, check my wantlist to see if you can help me out!

Next are the 2 SP's she included, Warren Spahn and Bob Gibson. I don't know much about Spahn but I really like Bob Gibson, and these are 2 nice cards to add to the set.

Wow. Just wow. The special Cano I needed just happens to be an awesome patch card from 2009 Topps Unique. It's a nice card, but the patch is kinda meh. I like the yellow color, and you can see stitching in the bottom right corner, but what can you expect, it's a Yankees patch! This is a pretty awesome card though, it's numbered to 50 so I'm glad I own 1 of them! Thanks Marissa!

William sent me a birthday gift, as well as a 1 for 1 mini trade. He first started by knocking off 11 cards off my 2010 Allen & Ginter wantlist. Not shown is the Brandon Inge card. My favorite is either the Hunter Pence or Josh Johnson.

If you did the math, then you probably thought I was dumb, but no, the last 2 are both Short Prints, which definitely helps. These SP's are gonna be a pain in the butt to collect but I hope I get them all eventually. I still need about 100,000 Allen & Ginter cards, so again, help is needed, check the list!

The other set I really got help on was 2010 Topps Turkey Red Inserts. He sent me 25 Turkey Reds I needed, 3 doubles in that 25, so 22 total to knock off the wantlist. First are the Series 1 Turkey Reds, which includes Ryan Howard, David Wright, Mark Teixeira, Hank Greenberg, and Babe Ruth. Not a bad bunch. I need 8 Turkey Reds from Series 1 still.

And here are 8 of a bunch of Series 2 Turkey Reds, these being my favorites. My favorite is the Yogi Berra followed by the Derek Jeter. Just 2 awesome cards! 22 more on this set.

And lastly, our mini trade was my Russell Martin jersey from Legendary Cuts, for this Robinson Cano bat card from 2007 Topps 06 Highlights, commemorating Robby's 15 game hitting streak. Robinson is having a great year and it's always nice to add more relics to the collection! Thanks so much for everything William, you're a great friend and an awesome set helper!

Thanks again everyone, and See Ya!


  1. So is the Cano yellow patch from an All-Star jersey? My Giambi white patch must be from something like that, too.

  2. You're welcome, dude. Glad I could find a home for the Cano. I've held on to that one for quite a while. Also, didn't mean for there to be duplicates in the Turkey Reds... I used your want list. Maybe I misread it?

  3. Thanks guys, Joe, yes, it's from the 2006 All Star Game in Pittsburgh


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