Sunday, August 1, 2010

2007 Sweet Spot Classic Box Break

2007 Upper Deck Sweet Spot Classic Baseball Hobby Tin/Box - Click Image to Close

Hey guys, Drew back here, with Box 3 of 4 Birthday breaks! First, the product content.

2 Base Cards #ed/575 per box
2 Game Used Memorabilia Cards per box
1 Sweet Spot Signature Card per box
1 Cut Auto Per Case
1 Patch Card Per Case

Ok, so what did I get in this 5 card gamble?


Base /575
Gus Zernial
Bob Horner

2 lower level players, yay.

Fred McGriff

Nothing spectacular when you look at the checklist.

Dennis Eckersley

Well, at least we got a Hall of Famer.

And what's this? No Sweet Spot? Ok, it was a redemption card for a Harold Baines autograph, again, one of the weaker ones on the checklist, and when I typed it into the Upper Deck website it said it was expired. I talked to Upper Deck about it and they're going to send me a replacement, hopefully something worthy, because that box was garbage! I guess not every box has a Ruth auto :(

Ok, time for grading! Should be interesting....

Design: Very nice cards, I've liked them all along. I own many cards from the memorabilia set and they all look nice together. The Sweet Spots always look great, but it looks like I might not be able to even have one, which is ridiculous. If you can tell, I'm extremely tired today, didn't get much sleep at my sleepover party. At least the product has a nice design and the cards look good even if you don't hit anything good. Design Grade: B+

Price: 5 cards for $65-90? What's wrong with our world? I mean, this is just a ridiculous gamble, because if you don't hit, it's very frustrating. I don't think I would really buy this again, it's a fun break as long as you don't hit a downer box like what I had to suffer, but it's taking too much of a chance. Price Grade: C-

Hits: In this semi-high end like product, it's all about the hits, and I guess not the hits, but the hit. Unfortunately, the hit we had couldn't make it to the box in time and expired before I could get it. There is great potential in this set to hit some nice cards, and most of the boxes have a HOF type player as the auto. I'm trying to judge by the 500,000 breaks of it I've seen on YouTube. Again, our box was pretty much garbage, but we did hit an Eckersley jersey, which was the "hit" of the 4 cards. We'll see how worth it this box really is once we get our replacement. Hits Grade: B

Overall: Our box was one of the worst boxes I've ever seen of this product, and considering how much I have seen, that's not good. We've had some great boxes (one is coming), and some tough boxes. And... as far as redemptions go, they're a pain in the neck for collectors to have to anxiously wait to get their card. The companies really think that we enjoy not seeing our cards when we were supposed to. Whatever floats your boat I guess. Judging by the typical box of 2007 Sweet Spot Classic, it's a hit, but for me, it was a complete miss. I'll give my box a D, and the product in general a C. Overall Grade: C

Well, there you have it, not all boxes can be a good. Let's see a nice Yankee replacement soon! See Ya!


  1. When Baines and McGriff make the Hall-of-Fame, you will like this box much more. Having grown up in the 80's, those two guys were 2 of the most feared sluggers of the era. They're kind of like the Vlad, Magglio, or the Chipper of the day. Not the best, but certainly hall worthy.

  2. Yeah, I'll admit they were good players, but not nearly as good as majority of the rest of the checklist.


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