Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Swishalicious-ish Mailday

Hey everyone, Drew back here. Just when I post my mail, I get more mail! While it's a pain to post, I still absolutely love to find yellow bubble mailers in the mailbox! Ok, so today, I'm gonna show you some stuff I got from Jeremy (no one's going to read this blog), a package from Mike (BA Benny's Baseball Card Buffet), and one eBay purchase to close it out. We'll start with what Jeremy sent me.

First off some Yankees, including 2 of the Action Packed Yankees of Bobby Murcer and Bobby Richardson. A CC Topps Attax, and 3 2010 Allen & Ginters, 2 for the Yankees collection (Swisher, Joba) and one for the set (Cano).

This is 8 of about 15 1980 Topps cards that Jeremy sent. I thought I had a ton of this set but I actually needed around three quarters of them. This is a nice set, someday I may attempt to collect this whole set.

Next are some cards I needed for my set. William sent me the Billingsley, so it's for trade for another one I need for the set. I just don't wanna look at the Utley though, even though we won, he killed us in that series.

He included a few Jets too, which was cool, can never have enough Jets, I don't have a ton. The Pat Leahy card is really cool and I like the look of the Erik Ainge Future Franchise card. Too bad Score didn't know Mark Sanchez would soon join the team!

Lastly, 3 Shonn Greene cards. I'm really excited to see how this guy does this year, I have a feeling LT won't get much playing time! 3 needed rookies to add to my mini Greene collection, sweet. Thanks so much Jeremy, your cards are going out tomorrow!

From BA Benny, I got this 2005 Bowman Heritage Nick Swisher rookie card, which is a nice addition to the PC! I gotta say though, it's a pretty ugly looking card, the pic is blurry, but whatever, still any Swisher I need is a good Swisher!

In another 1 for 1 trade with him, I landed this 2007 Topps Nick Swisher jersey card. The swatch is green, which adds to the niceness of the card, I'm getting really sick of white/gray swatches all the time. But yeah, another sick Swisher to add. Thanks Mike!!!

And lastly, I picked up this ripped rip card of Nick Swisher from 2010 Allen & Ginter off eBay for $15 shipped. Not a terrible price, wished it was lower, but I figured, it's only numbered to 50, 3/4 of these rips that will land on eBay are going to be unripped, selling for $75 plus. Only a few ripped versions will show up, so I figured the earlier the better. The seller ripped off the ENTIRE back of the card though, so it looks pretty horrible. I did a nice job with my David Ortiz rip card, it stayed in nice shape after the rip and I didn't have to tear off the back of the card. It kinda sucks but what can you do. Nice card to own.

Thanks again everyone, and See Ya!


  1. I like how my name comes up in this post, and I didn't send any of it hahaha. Cool stuff man. 1980 was a good year....

  2. I'm glad you liked the cards. If you ever decide to try for the 1980 set, let me know. I have a bunch that need a home.

  3. 1980...Wow. My Uncle loaded me with probably 1000 of these...If you ever try, email me. I'm tired of this stuff! Haha. Btw, got your cards, I loved the extras needed em all! Thanks!

  4. Awesome guys, still not sure but I'll think about it. I already have the big card in the set so that's a good start. Glad you liked them Cam, thanks again for the trade.


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